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I really loved the movie, but...., 12 August 1999

TO START WITH THE GOOD.... It was a complex, warm and exciting movie; with heart and soul. Leelee was very good in playing Joan, and was EXCELENTLY supported by; Peter Strauss, Cliff Saunders, and most of all; Chad Willet. The others where good, but those three stand out most. The movie is nothing short of brilliant, I was very impressed by it, it really deserved to be in theaters. I have a feeling the upcoming Joan of Arc movie won't be as good. The costumes were great, and so was the script. Leelee really deserves credit for bringing Joan to life.

BUT FOR THE BAD..... The first thing that stood out as strange was Charles' personality, he was waaaaay too phoney, and snobby, a young man back then would have not acted like that. Leelee very good, not excellent, at times she was too "hollywood" too. And I must say Leelee was poorly supported by Jaqueline Bisset, as the credits roled, he name was after Willet's, I expected her to be in the movie more, Saunders should have tooken her place. Leelee didn't really look like the real Joan, it's explained in the Church records and in the military portrait of her, she had slightly crimbed hair, and had a long, straight nose.

Out of all the characters, Jean de Metz(Willet), was the ONLY person I could recognize before they said his name. It's been explained his hair was the same, eye color, and height. I am a Joan expert, believe me, so you're probably thinking I could have recognized him by the way they met, well I didn't, because they didn't actually meet like that....When Joan was wandering around Vaucoulers, Jean came up to her, and asked her about the romours of her being the Maid, he said, while kissing her hand,"My dear, what are you doing in a place like this? Will you save us all, or must we all become English?". And Joan didn't actually cut her hair, Jean did it for her. JEAN taught her skill of warfare, and HE was HER squire, Betrand was Jean's squire at one's all a kafoffle, and confusing. Anyway, even though most of the fact in the movie was fact, Joan actually didn't get shot in the shoulder, she was shot in the breast. And only her brothers Jean, Louis, and Pierre were with her.

But the movie was great and I totally enjoyed it, I give it 10 out of 10.

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We must recognize the other characters too...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 9 August 1999

The movie was AWESOME!!! ALL-the-way for sure, Leelee was great, and so was Neil Patrick Harris. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER GUYS??

We should admire the other characters too!! Other wise than Joan, my other favourite character that stood out to me was Jean de Novolompont, a.k.a. Jean de Metz, or Jean DeMetz. And what about Betrand de Poulongey? Those two men (Jean a little more) were crucial to her saga, without Jean, she would have not really had a chance to be trained, he was one of the first to believe her..... okay this part is not in the movie but it should have been...

Jean spread the word around the word around the town about Joan, believing she was really chosen by God, he was convinced she was a living saint saying to Betrand,"She's a saint I tell you, a real saint!" that is something he REALLY said. And what about the very famous lines those two spoke: Jean: "My dear, what are you doing in a manly place like this, will you become the Maid, or must we all become English?" Then the other very well known line when he told Joan he was going to go to Chinon with her, he asked her when they should go.. Joan: "Better today than tomorrow, better tomorrow than later!!"

But not to worry, I absolutely loved the movie, and Ebert should give it 1 thumb up, or thumbs up, or whatever he does now. And a total 10!! I have a feeling that the movie coming in November won't be as great.

"Madison" (1993)
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main things about it, 5 August 1999

I think the show is pretty serious. But at the same time it's not enough. And then again it's too t.v. magical, but then if you think about it, it isn't. But I very much doubt that highschool students would experience such heavy stuff. I mean, I'm in high school and my life is farthest from what they show. Then again, it's t.v. and you can't argue with that fact. Besides, when are they going to graduate? Some characters there are totally normal, but some are so far off being teen that you would think they're in their late twenties. Example: Sheri's pregnancy; it was too stereotype, the real father staying, they get married, come on it's the 90's for crying out loud! I know as a fact it happens, but most fathers leave, and being different races makes a difference too, I am not racist at all, at ALL! But my cousin's father left my aunt mostly because of race, so it does matter! But, when Tom, threw rocks at Tia's window doing that Romeo and Juliet thingy, that was totally realistic, believe me, I should know. But when Tom beat that guy up, you know, what's-his-name, um, the guy who goes to therapy? Well anyway, when he beat him up because he was with his ex-girlfriend, that was a little out of hand, but it's more likely than RJ falling for an older woman and staying with her. But out of all, I really like the show, though I'm a major critic. If I were to rate the actors here it is (in character names): Kevin: *** Sheri: ** Tia: *** Derek: *** Tom: **** Carol: **** RJ: *** Penny: **** and the rest of the cast: ***

acting, 5 August 1999

I honestly was very impressed by Joan of Arc. I had always been the saint's fan, but this movie really pulled out her shaded biography. Leelee was great as Joan, I couldn't think of any other person to be her, honestly. The other actor I favoured from the rest was Chad Willet. Wow. That acting of his could really take him places. But I've heard that the character he played; Jean de Metz, didn't stay for her death, but I've read five books about her, two of the three don't even say what happens to him, and the other three say he DID. So I believe that.

"Madison" (1993)
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The actors, 29 July 1999

Madison is really cool, and so are the actors. My favourite characters are Penny, Carol, and my ultamite fav, Tom!! There are a lot of people, so I don't exactly remember them all. I like the show because, It gives a sense of real life. Hey, Chad, WE (as in your fan club) LOVE YOU!!!