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Young Adam (2003)
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very bad, 15 March 2004

I have seen many movies, and I think this is one of the worst. I have never walked out of a movie, and I walked out of this one last night. I wanted to like it because of the wonderful actors in it and I generally appreciate British film. I kept wanting it to get better, and it never did. The story could be interesting, if there was more of it. There is a lack of much dialogue at all, so I didn't really understand the main characters. The flashback sequences were quite confusing and misleading. I left after the custard/rape scene because I just couldn't handle any more. If you like soft-core porn, then this movie is for you. Out of the hour and fifteen minutes I saw, about 45 minutes of that was sex. I exagerrate SLIGHTLY. I will admit, there were a few shots that struck me as being beautifully shot. I think the cinematography is the best part of the film. It isn't good enough to save it, though.

Duets (2000)
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terrible, horrible, 21 January 2004

You would think that with this cast, you couldn't go wrong. Think again. This movie is AWFUL and I cannot recommend it. It is a muddled mess that never becomes clear. The singing is not worth it. The acting is definitely not worth it. It is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I have seen a good number of them. If you want to see Gwyneth Paltrow in a good film, check out "Emma". To see Andre Braugher in top form, watch "Homicide: Life on the Street". Watching this film just isn't worth your time, I promise.

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freaked me out, 18 November 2003

We watched this film in Spanish class when I was in high school. I have seen quite a number of films since then, yet this one is ingrained in my memory because it FREAKED ME OUT. It is obviously by Garcia-Marquez, since it is such a twisted story.

Maria is a runaway bride. She was supposed to marry Hector a while ago, but left him at the altar. Months later, she shows up in a wedding dress after leaving yet another man at the altar and she and Hector start their romance back up again. Hector is a magician and she helps him with his act. Then one day, they split up in their two vans and he takes the tollway and she the freeway. Her van (with all the animals in it from the act) breaks down and she can't figure out what to do. A bus drives up and she asks if they can take her to a place that has a phone. She talks about all the animals in her van and how she needs to call Hector and tell him. The bus takes her to an institution where she walks around muttering, "I just needed to use the phone" and Hector thinks she has just left him again, since it's part of her nature.

I won't tell you how it ends, but let me just say that it is one of the reasons I'm glad to have a cell phone. It just goes to show you - you should always take the tollroad, otherwise you'll end up in an asylum.

Seriously, though - it is a BIZARRE film and is a bit on the campy side. If you like reading Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, then you might like this film. Otherwise, I can't recommend it.

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simple and moving, 17 November 2003

I think this movie is the best Thanksgiving movie I've seen. It takes place all on Thanksgiving Day and tells the story of April, who is preparing Thanksgiving dinner for her family. While we view her entertaining attempts at fixing a typical meal, we get to see her family's trip to New York. This meal is such a big deal to April because her mother is very sick, and they have never gotten along. I love the simplicity of this film, and the writing is wonderful. All the actors are great, but I was especially impressed by Katie Holmes and Patricia Clarkson's performances. Because of the honesty of their acting, you really feel the chasm between them and their exasperation with each other is evident.

The only negative aspect (and it isn't that bad) to this film is the shakiness of the camera shots (mostly obvious in the outdoor scenes of the family). This lends itself to creating the feeling of watching a home video. I don't know if it was meant to, but it works.

'Pieces of April' is worth seeing in the theatre, but if it doesn't come to your town, check it out on DVD ASAP. This is one of the best movies I've seen this year. I got choked up a bit, but I laughed a whole lot. I can't recommend it enough.

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Day-Lewis is breathtaking., 13 January 2003

This was my first Scorcese film, I have to admit. Because of what I had heard about this film, I wasn't too hyped up about seeing it. However, since I am huge Daniel Day-Lewis fan, I went to see it anyway. It was so much better than I thought it would be. It is not great film-making, but it is a whole sight better than a lot of the crap Hollywood has been putting out lately. I actually got very involved in the characters and the plot until the end which I won't go into too much detail about, but is way too confusing. I think I got the point of the film, but I am not really sure.

Some of the special effects were extremely cheesy, especially one shot where a man is cut by another's knife and blood spurts out his side. Perhaps if I hadn't been watching bits from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" the day before I wouldn't have giggled at that part, but it really is laughable. Basically, the fight scenes are corny, but they aren't the majority of the film, so you can deal with them.

Either way, you have to see this film if you are a Day-Lewis fan. He owns it. Leonardo DiCaprio is good, and Jim Broadbent is very believable as a New York politician, but they can't hold a candle to Day-Lewis. You believe that he really lost an eye, you see his respect for the only man he killed worth remembering, and his anger at being lied to. He is just perfect for this role, and is definitely the best thing about the film.

Also, I found the music entrancing. There is music throughout the film, and the songs chosen are so wonderful. Well, the U2 song at the end didn't do much for me, but the Civil War-era music placed throughout just fits in amazingly well. I loved the scene of the men boxing with a hammer-dulcimer player in the room.

So while I think this film is far from the best of the year, it is good, and worth seeing for Daniel Day-Lewis amazing performance as Bill "the Butcher".

Chicago (2002)
Richard Gere can sing?, 13 January 2003

Things I learned from Chicago, one of the best films of 2002:

1) Not only is Catherine Zeta-Jones a marvelous dancer, but she can sing, too! She is terrific as Velma.

2) Yes, Richard Gere can sing, and he can dance. Although his singing style is a bit nasal and he seems to adopt a British accent when he sings, he does a great job, especially in the "They Both Reached for the Gun" number. And "Razzle Dazzle" ain't bad, either.

3) While Renee Zellweger isn't the world's greatest dancer (she looked a bit shoddy in comparison to Zeta-Jones), her voice is amazing! She gives Roxie a believable vulnerability, even when she is giving her best lies.

4) The supporting roles almost steal the show. Queen Latifah's number gave me goose-bumps, and John C. Reilly was so pitiful as Amos that you have to feel sorry for him.

There was no one in this film whose singing made me cringe (and I do cringe easily). It is a beautiful film, with great costumes (mostly lingerie, it seemed) and amazing acting AND singing. I strongly recommend it to any fan of musicals. I will say if you liked "Cabaret", you will probably enjoy this film, since they both use the "stream-of-conciousness" plan for inserting the musical numbers. I don't think this film will disappoint you.

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almost makes me want to be a Republican., 10 January 2003

I discovered this film a few years ago when TCM did a month of movies not available on video. And how sad that this was one of them! It is such a charming film. I didn't really care much for Ronald Reagan or Eleanor Parker before I saw this film, but after seeing it I tried to find out more about Ms. Parker. She is perfect in the role of Sally, an actress very serious about her profession. Her naivete is a bit too strong, but you love her anyway. Eve Arden is perfect (as always) as Olive, Sally's fellow actress who mistakenly made two dates for the weekend. Ronald Reagan plays Bill, a soldier home on short leave who falls for Sally and all her faults. This movie isn't award-winning or anything, but it is good. It is a nice little film about love, breakfast and having people sleep over. It seems a bit risque for the 40s! If you love romantic comedies, I strongly recommend this one. I just love it, even with Reagan in it (and he isn't bad, either). Watch out for it on TCM or hope it comes out on video soon!

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wonderful, 7 November 2002

This film is well-done and beautifully shot. It is a great romantic film, yet full of wit and difficult situations. I saw it once and knew I had to buy it! The music is great, also. I think any fan of great film will appreciate this one.

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great fun, 9 September 2002

This movie was my first Barbara Stanwyck experience, so I perhaps enjoy it for more sentimental reasons than most. However, it is a terrific screwball comedy. Where else do you get Eric Blore (being his wonderful self), a talking dog, and Barbara Stanwyck wearing a boxing glove? I strongly recommend it to any Stanwyck fan. It is quite humorous and enjoyable. It's a cute little film and one of my all-time favorite comedies.

a terrific sequel, 5 August 2002

I just saw the area premiere for this film in Austin last night. It is so well done, and the special effects are amazing! I don't know if I'd say it is better than the original, but it is certainly just as great. The kids have grown up a smidge, and the actors who play them still have their characters down pat. I am a picky film viewer, but I must say that there is nothing bad about this film. The music is great, the acting is well-done, the dialogue is witty and there are a few surprises thrown in. I strongly recommend it to any fan of Rodriguez, since he was so intricately involved in anything that had to do with this film. He calls it his "home movie". If you liked "Spy Kids", you have to see this sequel.

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