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This show is not that bad..., 16 September 2005

I will agree that the end of the two-hour pilot (which I sense that the last reviewer only saw the first half of) was a bit lame, but I think that this show has some possibilities... but only if they accept the limitations of a one-trick-pony show. Unlike the X-Files, this show doesn't seem to have the potential to broaden its fundamental premise, or explore alternatives to the show's main narrative. Now, I could be wrong, and the producers may well intend that each season (much like Buffy) contains some kind of apocalyptic arc that will be developed and resolved, leaving room for the next apocalypse to creep up... or perhaps the Threshold team will be encountering multiple apocalypses at once and running parallel story lines (this would seem to be a bit harder to do)... I must say that the pilot did not inspire a sense that the creators of the show recognized the limitations that they have imposed on themselves, and thus will likely self-destruct by mid-season... As I have pointed out before, the only successful formulae for sci-fi/fantasy shows are demonstrated by the Twilight Zone (single shots, no continuity), Buffy (single season continuity with some running themes), and the X- Files (multi-season continuity, but with individual show plot diversity). This show, sadly, does not appear to embrace ANY of these formulae and so, regardless of the writing, the interest, or the acting... it will unlikely maintain a solid fan base (especially on Friday night... darn, I just realized I missed the new Battlestar Galactica!). Hopefully the creators will recognize these limitations and work to ameliorate them, because I think that the cast, the writing, the special affects, and the 'feel' of the show are worth attempting to preserve... however, they won't be able to pull of a weekly chronology of a single alien invasion for multiple seasons with no side-stories...

The concept of the Threshold Group seems to be open to multiple plot options and a flexible story system, but I am concerned after seeing the pilot that the creators may focus too much on this single alien threat and tread water until cancellation...

In other words, decent enough show... hope the guys making it don't muck it up.

"Bones" (2005)
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Well, I gave David Boreanaz the benefit of the doubt..., 13 September 2005

I personally did NOT care much for this show... I didn't care about the characters, the crime was lame, and the resolution contained no pay off... however, I also hate all the CSIs, most of the Law and Orders, and nearly every other procedural crime drama that involves 'characters' (I don't watch the show for characters, I watch it for the crimes... duh!)... but I am, apparently, in a minority as all the shows I just mentioned are immensely popular, so I figure this show has a 50/50 chance of success... it might be just enough to tantalize the bored housewives and forensics geeks that it was clearly designed to appeal to... it didn't do much for me, though... so I will leave a more specific review to more capable (and interested) hands.

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Not too shabby..., 13 September 2005

It kind of reminds me of the first season of the X-Files (the sloppy writing, awkward acting, etc.), but in a good way. I think that if the WB gives the show a chance, it could develop into something worthwhile... the acting was decent... good visuals... the writing needs to be a bit crisper, and they should probably not rely too heavily on 'stock' monsters (i.e. the Lady in White in the first episode)... they should aim to make each creature they encounter unique (or to take a unique spin on an old idea, again like the X-Files)...

If they manage to get few seasons under their belt, I am sure that there is some 'conspiracy' or 'mythology' that will develop in the various stories, but here is where the main problem lies... if this is to be an X-Files clone (and I have no real problem with that, per se), it needs to have a strong hook and the problem with supernatural themed shows is that such hooks tend to boil down to a sort of manichaean battle between the forces of Good and the forces of Darkness... whereas, in the X-Files, an alien invasion is something that could, conceivably, be affected by human actions in a meaningful way, such supernatural struggles between God and Satan (or whatever the show is going to call them) really leave the characters in a lurch... the show will either embrace some kind of religious theme (which would be cool, but unlikely), or it will aim toward some kind of Apocalypse... if the creators are smart, they will aim for a more Buffy-style story arc with lots of little Apocalypses leading up to something major... and perhaps introduce some extraneous characters (to be killed off at opportune times, of course)... otherwise, it runs the danger of becoming another Millennium, which would be a very bad thing (sad that so much creative energy went into such a mediocre show).

Anyway, getting back to Supernatural... the show has promise... it could build some kind of fan base if given an opportunity (although, I am not sure that The Gilmore Girls is exactly the right lead in... maybe Smallville or something... grab that teen and geek audience)... I am not sure that the Gilmore Girls audience will stick around, and I am not sure the buzz is good enough for people to jump over from other channels just to see it. I will definitely watch the next few episodes, but I have a measured expectation of the shows potential... it will definitely need to pick up from the pilot, which was OK, but not fantastic.

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I forgot that this show even existed!!!, 4 January 2002

On the one hand, I forgot that this show even existed, but on the other hand I cannot believe that I am the first person to comment on it...

Bakshi was absolutely brilliant and created what (probably) the best satire of the superhero genre ever attempted. I remember this show to be amazingly humorous and insightful (and more than a bit goofy). I hope that Rhino picks these up and puts them out like they have all the other old kids' shows.

A great memory... I love IMDB...

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Good Lord!! I know these people..., 4 January 2002

Well, maybe not these people in particular, but people very much like them. The ones who spent way too much time smoking dope and dreaming, and not enough time developing any sort of understanding of the things they claim to love. Uggghh.

This movie was, at times, painful to watch, because I really do know people like this, and I understand their frustrations; however, their frustrations are all self-made and it is sometimes difficult to empathize. In fact, most often you end up holding these people in contempt (or at least I do) and that may not be entirely fair.

As Ed Wood showed us, it is possible to love film without really understanding it; more often than not, though, these people are simply dodging reality by occupying themselves with pipe-dreams.

I felt that American Movie did a great job of portraying the life of such a person accurately... it was sometimes funny, but always tempered by a certain desperation.

See this movie, it was great film-making... but don't assume it will be the laugh riot that you may have heard about... it is a bit more serious than that.

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Cool Show..., 4 January 2002

I really loved this show when I was kid, because it exposed me to all kinds of genres of story... pirates, musketeers, etc. It is a great all-around show and I hope that Cartoon Network brings it back more often in re-runs (I have seen it on Saturday Morning Flashback with my step-son several times).

I wish that there were more shows like this one the air for kids... innocuous little adventure shows with a certain innocence to them.

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I loved this show when I was little..., 4 January 2002

The problem with comic books today, is that they are waaayy too sophisticated for most kids to comprehend... I read Spiderman when I was 6 and 7 years old (I read it when I was older as well, but I will get to that) and I could follow the stories to some exent, but mostly I read it because the cartoon was soooo cool (much cooler than any later Spiderman incarnations)... the animation was quirky, the voices were very Shatnerian (I think I just invented a word, and I will now use it frequently), but it was fun and it made sense to a young mind.

Now, don't get me wrong about comic books, I really appreciated the more sophisticated stories when I was a teenager, but I have no idea how the medium will gain new fans when you cannot hope to get involved with them until you are at least a teenager (when such things are uncool)... and a lot of the material is too intense for young eyes anyway... maybe a line of comics for younger fans would be good. I dunno, but I feel bad that my kid will likely not have comic book heroes in his life to any meaningful degree... I just wish that cool shows like Bakshi's Spiderman were still on the air to fill in the gaps.

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A nice film, but now overshadowed..., 4 January 2002

Well, finally it has been done... LOTR is on the big screen and will be completed; however, I have always been a fan of Bakshi and his vision of Middle Earth (in fact, I get the feeling that Jackson is as well). It was a noble effort, but, in the end, it failed in many ways.

I really do like it, and I am happy to see that the film has been released on DVD, but all the same it cannot compete with Jackson's vision of Tolkien's books.

I would still advise people to go and rent it (or buy it), especially if you have kids who want to see it (Jackson's versions is a bit too intense for many younger kids), because it is still enchanting and wonderful (although a bit dark in some places).

You can always rent Return of the King to fill in the end for young viewers.

For us older viewers, though, rent it for the pure joy of the animation... it was truly beautiful and still holds up in many ways. Bakshi clearly loved the story and had a strong vision for the look of the film.

If you have not seen it, check it out...

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Great Film..., 4 January 2002

Man, I really enjoyed this, if only for Fred Willard's commentary at the dog show. There are some dead spots and some gags that don't work, but overall the film works very well. When I was younger, my parents bred dogs and the people that I met at those shows were not significantly less bizarre that the freaks at this show, I can assure you.

I enjoyed this film for its artistry and for its commentary about how we tend to take frivolous things far too seriously... I enjoyed the acting for its accuracy (most of the accents were flawless) and its subtlety (I loved the way each person walked their dogs)...

Rent this film if you have any appreciation for the strangeness of human existence.

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Not as good as the original, but OK, 7 August 2001

Now, I am not a huge fan of this film, but I think that Tobe Hooper

has brought about a pleasant re-imagining of the original film with

updated special effects... the main problem is that this film is a bit

too graphic for the child audience at which it is aimed. I respect

Hooper's odd desire to make a sci-fi film for kids, but I think that he

compromised this vision by aiming the action scenes at older

kids... the only people I think that will really like this movie are

those who saw the original film as children and loved it, and those

older kids who are really into special effects and can ignore the

lame acting and plot...

Aside from that, I think that most older kids will find this film to be

lame and most younger kids would be too scared by the aliens

and some of the violence... overall, I would recommend showing

your younger kids the original film (as I think that it really plays to

the fears of children in a non-threatening manner) and maybe

turning them onto this film when they get a bit older... as a sort of

initiation into more sophisticated action/horror films.

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