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Excellent movie with a great sense of humour, 19 January 2002

Well made Danish comedy with an ironic and sarcastic twist of social realism. The movies in this series are probably the best danish comedies ever made, they are not annoying as several of the older Danish comedies and the humour is intelligent and peculiar.

In my opinion one of the best Olsenbanden movies made. As the other earlier Olsenbanden movies, this one has supreme acting from Sprogøe, Grundwald, Bundgaard and Walther. On top of this comes what I believe is Arthur Jensens best part ever as the petty-thief Kongen, with high ambitions and a snobbish attitude. I never liked Poul Reichardt much and I don´t find him convincing in this movie either playing the part as Knaegten, the partner of Kongen.

What makes this Olsenbanden movie exceptional is the brilliant script. The fact that Egon Olsen (Sprogoee) has found a worthy advisory in Kongen carries this movie through very well - much better than some of the later movies in the series.

So 8/10 from me for some good entertainment