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A movie that makes you think, 27 November 2000

Les Muses Orphelines is a well adapted play from the author who also gave us Lilies (which has also been adapted and is a must see movie). Les Muses Orphelines made me think about life and family. If you want to have children or if you have children, I think that there's a lesson to take from this movie. Over all, the story is surprising in a way and very well acted. Most important, the movie teaches you important things on life, which is very rare these days !

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A cult movie for some..., 29 December 1999

I saw this movie when I was quite young, and I've always like it! It's very funny and Aldo Maccione is hilarious!! But a few months ago, when I watched it (a lot of time had pass till the last time I saw it) I understood the plot for the first time! Guess I was too young when I was watching it!! But this movie is definitively a cult film in my family!!!

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I could not have grow up without Degrassi!, 6 November 1999

I saw Degrassi for the first time when I was a little kid and my brother was in his teen years. Then when I entered in my teen years, I spent them watching Degrassi! I never saw a show like this one. When I was young, I used to think it was a real school with real kids, and they were just all actors... No other show fooled me like this!!! And I'm so happy that there are re-runs on CBC!!!

"It was great when it all began ..., 10 September 1999

I was a regular Frankie Fan..." Who isn't ? I saw this movie last Halloween for the first time... I was home, sick, and it was playing on t.v. Since then, I can't stop watching it!!!! "Don't dream it, be it!" has become my motto in life!! Even if I've never seen it in a movie theatre, I really am in another world when I watch it!!! It's really the best film cult that exists. And the music ... you can't stop singing while you're watching the movie. I recommand this movie to everybody, because I think any personnality can be hook on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"!!!

Hair (1979)
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One of the most powerful ending!!, 4 September 1999

The first time I saw "Hair", I thought that the movie was slow, and it was getting nowhere. But the music was good, and I knew this was a classic, so I kept watching. When you get to the end of the movie, everything changes. You cannot do anything else but cry!!! Then, when they sing "let the sun shine", you're hooked to the movie forever!!!!

"Earth 2" (1994)
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What went wrong ?, 4 September 1999

I saw all the episodes of "Earth 2", and I was sad to see that the end... well, there was no end!!!! They put a lot of money on special effects, but the stunts were really bad! And the creatures, the worst costumes I've ever seen!!! But the serie had some pretty good actors, hopefully!!