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The Fog (1980)
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Scary., 5 August 1999

I saw this on television a couple of Halloween's ago, and I was very frightened. John Carpenter does it again. From the very opening where a sailor tells kids the tale of a lost ship around a camp fire, to the dreaded ending, it keeps you locked onto the screen. The music yet again sets the mood (just as it did in Halloween), and is very creepy and sends tingles down your spine. I like how the movie immediately opens with a creepy, atmospheric scene and doesn't bother explaining why these things are happening or how, and THEN the suspense comes. No, this movie opens with suspense, and ends with suspense. And the ending is very dreadful, yet a good ending nonetheless. I like how five sequels didn't follow this, and it just leaves it to your imagination on what else happens after the ending. I recommend this film! ***** out of *****.

Thrilling, Surprising, Shocking!, 4 August 1999

This is definitely the surprise hit of the summer. It has chills, thrills, good scares, good suspense, and a sense of claustrophobia and the feeling of no-turning-back. Yeah, you can't help but think of Jaws when you see this, but simply because both are shark movies. Deep Blue Sea is far different than Jaws, and far more scarier and thrilling. The movie is about a doctor (Saffron Burrows, played very well) who uses sharks to increase their brain size to create a pill to cure Alzheimers. Well, long story short, the sharks (three test sharks in all) escape and wreak revenge on the doctor and her co-workers. Throughout the movie, there are plenty of good and fresh scares, good kill scenes, and great action. Great acting all around. And to not spoil anything, expect the unexpected. There were a few surprising and unexpected scenes that keep the movie fresh and make you stick with it to the end. **** out of *****.

Very entertaining., 4 August 1999

I recently rented this, and I really enjoyed it. Roger Kumble did an exceptional job writing and directing this, and the result was fantastic. This is an excellent modern adaption of the 1782 French novel in which I cannot spell much less pronounce. But out of all the movies that have followed the novel, this one is the absolute best. Great performances all around. Sarah Michelle Gellar (one of my fave actresses) does a great job, as usual. Newcomer Selma Blair is surprisingly good playing the innocent and naive Cecile. Reese Witherspoon is also very good, especially with a character that wasn't that much explored. But I think I give extra props to Ryan Phillippe. He is wickedly funny, yet very cruel and malicious, yet very much in love with Reese's character. You can definitely tell he is having fun with the character, and this may be the best performance he has given in his career yet. Now, some people didn't like the change of the movie toward the end when the beginning was about cruel, cruel teens doing cruel, cruel things to innocent people, and toward the end it changes to a supposed "sappy romantic drama." Well, I wouldn't call it a "sappy romantic drama", but I do like the transition, it plays very well. And the sex scene between Ryan and Reese has got to be one of the most love-filled, caring sex scenes ever displayed on screen. I mean, it is not there to be erotic, or just for the audiences pleasure. Roger Kumble respected that sex scene because it shows the love the two characters suddenly feel for each other. And the end is one of the best, most saddening endings I have seen in a movie yet. I really, truly felt sorry for both Kathryn and Sebastian at the end. Go see this movie the way it is, do not watch it expecting anything. Just watch it as it is, have fun with it. ***** out of *****.

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Cute., 3 August 1999

As a big fan of the Nickelodeon television show, "The Rugrats", I was really itching to see this when I first heard they were making a movie, and I am a teenager, too. I was there opening weekend, and lemme tell ya, you don't have to be a toddler to love animated movies. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. There was very good animation, a good little story, upbeat and catchy songs as well as lyrics, and the action will keep the little ones entertained. ***** out of *****.

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Silly., 3 August 1999

I saw this movie recently on television, and, to keep it short and sweet, it wasn't very entertaining. If you want to get the least bit entertainment out of this movie, fast-forward toward the end when the final showdown between Jamie Lee Curtis and the killer. But in the rest of the movie, there is no suspense, no good acting ('cept Jamie Lee), dull and goofy sound effects. But the end is the best part. It has the one thing that the whole movie should have. Suspense. And the particular costume that the killer wears at the end is scary when the side of the mask is bloodied, and you can see the silhouette in the dim light when he is after JLH. That was a pretty creepy part, but unfortunately, the only creepy part. ** out of *****.

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Boring., 2 August 1999

That's really the only word that describes this little known flick. About a woman who's in with the mob, in which they threatened to kidnap her daughter, and the woman is also involved with some police officer. Watch out for Sarah Michelle Gellar in the role of the daughter, which is the only good thing about this movie. * out of *****.

Payback (1999/I)
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It's okay. . ., 27 July 1999

I just recently rented this film, expecting to see slam bang action. Well, I did get the slam bang action. . .only, very little of it and towards the end. I found this movie to be very boring, slow moving, but well-acted. Rent it only for the stellar performances by everyone. ** out of *****.

The Net (1995)
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Very good., 22 July 1999

Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses, and she does a very good job, as usual. The Net is suspenseful all the way through, and you are literally rooting for Sandra to kick the bad guys' bootwah! And kick some bootwah she does do! It had me on the edge of my seat in the theaters, and I immediately bought it when it came out on video. A very good movie. Wait. . .what's this thing at the bottom right corner of my screen. . .maybe I should click it. . .No! Don't click the thingy at the bottom right corner of the. . .! **** out of *****.

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Nothing special., 21 July 1999

After I was scared to death by the first Nightmare movie, I rented this with high hopes, even though Wes Craven had no part of it. And let me tell you, it really showed that Wes had no part of it. I was disappointed. The acting isn't anything to look at, the characters are two dimensional, and the FX aren't all that great either. Although there are some suspenseful scenes (one where Lisa is trapped inside the house with Freddy), that is not enough to save this movie. ** out of *****.

Definitely a classic!, 21 July 1999

A Nightmare on Elm Street was the very first horror movie I ever saw in my life. I was about four years old when I saw a couple of the Nightmare movies, and I only had remembered a few scenes from each of the movies. So, I rented the first one just a couple days ago, and was chilled to the bone. Despite a little bad acting, the movie really worked into scaring me. Heather Lagenkamp is great, and is one of the best horror herions in my book. And Wes Craven does a really good writing and directing job, like usual. Even though throughout the movie there are many jump scare scenes, this movie really is effectively scary. Think about it. Wes Craven has created a monster that attacks in your most vulnerable state: your sleep. That was enough to freak me out. Definitely a classic, especially since most of the sequels sucked (except for part seven). **** out of *****. "What ever you do, don't fall asleep."

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