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Hilarious!, 13 June 2002

When I first saw the previews for the show, I scoffed and thought that it was such a lame concept. But after catching a few shows, I became hooked. This show is absolutely hilarious! I laughed until tears ran down my face. I hope this show sticks around. I love it! I'm glad I decided to actually tune in!

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Just... okay., 18 November 2000

When I was younger, I enjoyed this series. But watching it now in syndication, I can only speculate as to WHY I watched this show!

The best character was Dana, played by Stacey Keenan. She was a very talented actress, as was Al, played by Christine Lakin. The rest were okay. I did not really care for the character of Cody, which I suppose was soured by all the things that the actor had done in real life.

Before moving to CBS, the show wasn't that bad. But then it went completely downhill, trying to adhere to all the other trendy sitcoms out there. Back then, I liked Bronson Pichot, but his character, Jean-Claude, was annoying and added nothing to the show, which just became overcrowded with unnecessary filler characters.

All in all, it's just an updated version of the Brady Bunch.