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Dumb, dumb da dumb dumb, 5 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Possible Spoilers!!

Okay, on the one hand it is a passable action adventure, provided you only pay matinee prices. That leaves the other hand, which has the burden of holding all that is wrong with the movie story-wise. There are so many points where you, the audience member will want to shake your head and say "What?" or possibly "Why?" and most definitely "Huh???" The characters are annoying (the ones who live, which are easy to pick out...the names above the title and of course the kid.) The rest are quickly dispatched Star Trek Style. The remaining ones, plunging through the dino-laden jungle like an especially loud herd of elephants, made me want to yell "SHUT UP!" if only they could have heard me. Unfortunately, no helpful dinosaur showed up to eat them as I wished. Which is surprising considering the never-ending supply of dinosaurs on the island.

Many things do not make sense in this film, from the relative durability of structures (the dinosaur retaining fences do not hold, but the Spinosaurus is put off by a half-demolished hut...) to the raptors so intelligent they can count their eggs, figure out some are missing and pinpoint the location of the thief, but never quite manage to outwit the supposedly smarter humans (except for the aforementioned appetizer people.) And the ending was soooooo lame. I don't need to reveal it but boy was it unbelievable. Too easy, like they just gave up on the story and decided to end the movie. I could never tell what the time of day was, it seemed to switch from morning to afternoon, to morning and then to night all in about 15 minutes of screen time. Many more items could be mentioned, but they can be summed up as lazy screenwriting.

For the record, I liked Jurassic Park (the original) very much and this doesn't hold a candle to that flick. I liked the dinosaur effects in all three movies, but although they should have been better in this film they weren't. Maybe more dinosaur sequences would have improved the story. My three year old son was unfazed by the dino fight scenes, they weren't that scary. I was startled many times by the exceptionally loud noises, but not the menacing dinosaurs. I wish it would have been a better story, but have pretty much come to expect this state of affairs in Hollywood today. Too bad for us.

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Forced and flat, 23 June 2000

I really wanted to love this movie. I did love Vincent Perez, who always imbues his characters with smoldering good looks and charm and fine character. But there was no motivation for their romance, other than the fact that he was a man and she was a woman, and the movie was a love story. We never see why he falls for her, especially since he is rarely in the house with her. More chemistry is generated between Lavelle and her friends, and between herself and the family she takes care of. And the ending, without giving it away, made the movie kind of pointless. Rent it for Vincent, not the story.

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Engaging and delightful!, 17 June 2000

This movie is all you could hope for in summer film fare. It had action, suspense, romance and a large helping of comedy. I was predisposed to love the movie, being a great fan of Wallace and Gromit, and the movie lived up to those other award-winning works. The movie works on every level, and was fun for all ages viewing it. Even my husband, who disdains children's movies, was truly enjoying himself. Needless to say, the children loved it, despite one rather gruesome off-screen moment, but that seemed not to matter too much. All in all, I can't recommend this movie too highly, it was incredibly entertaining and well-done.

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Not *necessarily* for teenagers, 18 December 1999

You don't have to be an angst-ridden teen now to appreciate

this gem of a television program. Chances are, if you are

older, this show will bring back a multitude of repressed

memories from high school, especially if 'the best years of

your life' were as awkward and painful as those of the kids on

this show. I love this smart, funny and poignant show better than

anything on tv right now, and I'm in my early 30's. I was lead

characters Lindsey's age at about the time the show is set, in

about the same place as the show is set, and I can tell you, you

will not find a more accurate portrayal of the heartache and joy

associated with that age anywhere on television. The producers, writers and cast have perfectly captured the

realistic feel of being a high-schooler without sacrificing any

of the comedic or entertaining moments. It's the only show both

my husband and I agree to watch, so it must have a lot going for

it. Unfortunately, it has already been put on hiatus once, and

is on NBC, the network that last year weighed its sitcom lineup

and decided "Veronica's Closet" was a keeper and "Newsradio" had

to go. If you see this show (it comes back Mondays in January)

and you agree it is amazing, write to NBC and tell them so.

Check out their website for info. Any fans of MST3K should know that one of the writers

started out on that show, and that Trace Beaulieu (Dr.

Forrester) and Joel Hodgson (Joel!!) are scheduled to appear in

upcoming episodes. What more could you want from a show?!?

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Sorely missed among discriminating tv viewers, like me., 18 December 1999

So far, every opinion expressed about this show has been

accurate and well-put, but I would like to add my comments to

posterity. This was the greatest sitcom I have ever seen. I

started watching it from the beginning, because I heard my

favorite Kid in the Hall (Dave Foley) would be starring in it.

I soon found out, to my utter delight, that the rest of the cast

was equally worth watching. Factor in the brilliant writing,

and you have a television masterpiece that will be impossible to

duplicate. I am still gravely disappointed that NBC didn't have

the intelligence to keep it on the air. Not surprised though,

considering how badly they treated the show while it was on the

air. They changed the show's timeslot so often I could only

conclude that their plan was to keep as many viewers as possible

from seeing it. However, I kept checking my local listings so I would not

miss an episode. It is impossible to catalog every hilarious

moment, but a few would be Matthew's birthday present to

Catherine, Jimmy's You Can't Do that on Television string of

practical jokes, Matthew trying to get his job back after being

let go, Catherine teaching Bill 'street slang' and Lisa and Beth

discussing the definition of various synonyms of 'pretty' (Lisa:

Sexy? Beth: Pretty and easy. Lisa: Striking? Beth: Pretty with

a big nose. Lisa: Exotic? Beth: Ugly.)

And although the last season was obviously the worse for having

lost Phil Hartman (one of the few times I have actually cared

about the death of a celebrity) there still were some great

shows. The rest of the stellar cast, including Stephen Root and

Vicki Lewis gave fine performances. The writing was still as

good as ever, particularly with the Johnny Johnson arc. And the

last moment of the last show was fall-off-the-chair hilarious,

especially in light of the fact that it was the last show. In

fact they made two other 'series finale' kind of shows due to

the fact that NBC waited until the last minute to commit to

renewing the show (NewsRadio in Space and the retrospectively

poignant 'Titanic' takeoff that was Phil Hartman's last

episode.) This show will always be one the best of television

programs ever made, and I will be watching the reruns for as

long as I can. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making this


Gor II (1988)
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Tubular Boobular Joy!, 22 September 1999

No, not really. Possibly the most disturbing "buffalo shot" in cinematic history (the poor dwarf in the bearskin diaper bares all as he climbs down a building face.) Obviously I've only seen the MST version, but even that was hard going. It made for quite a funny episode, though. If it ever comes out on home video, check it out. Just avert your eyes when you see the dangling dwarf. ..

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Ten good years..., 15 September 1999

And we should be happy for that. However, I will miss getting a weekly fix of MST the way a diabetic will miss insulin. MST has spoiled me for other television programs. Can you name one episode of "Suddenly Susan" or "Jesse" or even "Frasier" that has such a wealth of intelligent writing? For me, only the also cancelled "NewsRadio" even came close. Now only "The Simpsons" and maybe "Futurama" keep television comedy from being non-stop mediocrity. Kudos to the Brains for putting out such a masterpiece for ten years with no reduction in quality. They kept getting better and better every year. I wish I had taped more of the episodes on comedy central when I had the chance. You never know what you have until it is gone. Time to start purchasing the videos!

Truly execrable!!, 15 September 1999

Wow, this film isn't at the bottom of the bottom 100??

Unbelievable. Anyway, what a testament to the power of MST3K that so many of the films they riffed appear on that hallowed list. Torgo rules!

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TOR-CHAH!!!, 15 September 1999

I always liked this film best of all that were skewered for Mystery Science Theatre 3000. They had a lot of fun with it, and it comes across while watching the program. I guess the movie is more earnest than most. You can tell the filmmaker at least tried to put out a good sci-fi flick. Still, I doubt i would watch it except through the MST filter.

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Truffaut has created the most wonderful character..., 15 September 1999
10/10 Antoine Doinel. Of course it is acknowledged that he is in large part Truffaut himself, but the translation to film is perfection. This is also in large part to the actor Jean-Pierre Leaud, who plays the character as love-starved but never self-pitying. My heart broke to see him neglected by his mother.

Together Truffaut and Leaud have, without sentimentality or preachy moralizing made this a character to love. I breathlessly watched him stumble through life, taking two steps back for every forward one. Until the heart-stopping final scene, which is beautiful in its simplicity, when despair turns to hope. Absolutely brilliant.