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Chloe (2009)
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Last night's review, 2 June 2009

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Saw CHLOE last night. I love all of Atom Egoyan's films and this was no exception. We were warned going in that the movie was going to be sexually graphic. While this movie was highly erotic it was done extremely tastefully. Other directors would have gone more and cheapened it. Toward the end I was afraid we were heading for another Fatal Attraction but fortunately did not go that way. This was Julianne Moore's movie, no doubt, and I am rather surprised at the amount of nudity she showed. And Amanda Seyfried was HOT! Liam Neeson is almost a footnote in this film but he shows what a professional he is to do a film of this type after his family tragedy. I think this was the most erotic movie Egoyan's done since Exotica. Highly recommended.

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What a piece of . . ., 19 July 2007

This movie sucked. I cannot say anything good about this Finlandia movie. If the style was not done intentionally the director, Aki Kaurismaki, needs to be prevented from ever making another film in his life. And if his kids ever want to make a movie they should be prevented as well just on the principle of who their father is. All through this, thankfully, short movie I kept wondering if this was being done on purpose. It wasn't sure if he wasn't trying to be funny. I'm almost interested in finding a few other Finnish movies to see if this is the norm. I've heard that Finland has the most depressed people with the highest suicide rate. Watch this movie and you'll want to kill yourself too.

Knocked Up (2007)
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Funny, yes. Hysterical, no, 31 May 2007

This is the ultimate date- chick-flick movie. Every woman in the audience ate this film up. Any movie with a pregnant woman in it for that matter. The director Michael Apatow took a big chance by putting a lot social commentary about the men's lives. I'm surprised at a few of the other scenes that he included. First it was unnecessary to show Heigel's fake vagina with a baby coming out. Second, I see that nepotism is alive and well with him putting his two little girls in the movie. Third, there's an interesting (yet totally irrelevant) scene of Heigel and Mann trying to get into a club by ignoring the line and getting put down for it. In the end the director wimps out and apologizes for the snub. Naturally at the end of the movie a baby gets born and everything is all right with the world. Give me a break! This doesn't happen anywhere. By the time the credits rolled I was ready to kill myself.

Bug (2006)
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Brilliant but disturbing, 30 May 2007

Sorry but I consider this a well crafted thriller based on an award-winning stage play. Yes, I found it extremely difficult to watch and even considered leaving. But there is no denying that Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon deserve Academy awards for acting in this film. For all you horror fans out there - this was not a movie about giant killer bugs and if you movie-goers show up at a theater with no idea what you are about to see, that is your problem. Don't blame the studios. Have you never seen a trailer before? Don't you watch TV or read the newspaper or magazines. There is plenty of publicity out there to educate the public about what an upcoming movie is about. In closing I would like to go on record for all of you Alfred Hitchcock worshiping fans - Hitchcock was a hack. Yes, he did indeed create a couple of good films. But on a whole his films were rather mediocre with endings that went no where. If he were new on the scene today he would never make it.