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Great horror, 20 November 1999

A great horror-movie with a frightening atmosphere. I remember that I first saw this movie when I was 13 years old (before it was banned on video in my country) and thought it was a very scary movie. I have also seen it as an adult and I think it's still a great horror-movie. This movie was not so violent as many said, but it was pretty grotesque, and that is one of the reasons why it's so great. 10 out of 10

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Not very entertaining, 20 November 1999

I can't understand why anyone like this movie, it's sick, confusing and boring at the same time. I saw this on TV for about 2 month's ago and I must say that the only thing that I learned about it was the weird mentality of the people who lives in the Balkans. I just can't understand why they worship this mentality in movies. I have read most of the previous comments and I found that most of the people who liked this movie is from Eastern-Europe. The same people (not all) who protested against NATO's involvement in Kosovo & Bosnia. But it seams that this two missions finally ended most of the cruelties in this region. You should think about that ! I will also say that I mostly agree with Jochen Metzger's comment.

This movie gets 2 out of 10 from me.

"Cheers" (1982)
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Just.... GREAT, 18 November 1999

Great. The best part of the series were when Diane was part of the team, but Kirsty Alley is not bad. The best episode is not easy to decide, but I think perhaps the one were Carla have a thanksgiving-part in her home (the one where they throw food on each other) Not much more to say really, but to agree with the comments before me.

I also recommend M*A*S*H who has some of the same spirit as this one.

My Favourite Of All Time, 17 November 1999

Simply the best. This movie have combined action, adventure, horror & comedy on a magnificent way. Everything in this movie works, the actors, plot and effects is great, and I could also feel a magic touch in this great adventure movie (something you seldom finds in other movies). Highly recommended.

The sequels was good, but not so good as this one.

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Very overrated, 17 November 1999

This must be one of the most overrated movies from the 90's. I just can't understand why this movie got so many Oscars, and was so popular on cinema. The movie was made in a prof. way, but the whole thing falls a part when it's so extremely dull. This movie had been dull even if it had lasted only 90 minutes. And the facts that it's least 3 hours does not make it any better. No nerve in this one. ----------(4 out of 10 from me)

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Best of the Best, 11 November 1999

This Bond-movie is just great. I have seen it many times (both on cinema and video). Everything seams to work here. Plot, acting, action-scenes & the humor really hit the target this time. It's funny and exciting at the same time, and I think I never have seen more fantastic action-scenes in any other movie like in this one. (Especially the ski-scene) ------ A must to see.

(9 out of 10) & (10 out of 10 as a Bond-film)

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Bond is dead, 11 November 1999

OK, it's not that bad. Acting, plot and effects are good, but I miss the Bond I saw in the 80's. The 3 last bond-films (Tomorrow never dies, Goldeneye & License to kill) have moved to far from the books and I consider them as good action movies (except Goldeneye who was trash), but not very good Bond-films.

My favorite Bond-films are 1. For your eyes only (1981), 2. The Spy who loved me (1977), 3. Goldfinger, 4. The Living daylight (the last Bond-film), 5. Live and let die, 6. Octopussy, 7. You only live twice, 8. Thunderball. I wish they would make the Bond-movies more like this ones, but they probable won't. Tomorrow... get 5 out of 10 from me.

Dracula (1992)
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Trash, 11 November 1999

One of the most overrated movies of the 90's. The actors are OK, but the rest of the film really stinks. It's far more depressing than scary. What's the point with a horror-movie with a huge budget and A-grade actors if that's is the most important in the movie. The point with a horror-movie is no.1 the story and the atmosphere & no.2 the actors. Why cant this great directors stick to their drama-projects as they usually do. And it's typical that this type of horror-movies get great review in the newspapers.

I rather watch a grade-z horror-movie from the 70's. I don't think many horror-fans liked this one.

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Not trash, but not far away, 11 November 1999

Clearly the worst Bond-movie. Nothing seams to work here. The movie never manages to take of. It's boring from beginning to end, and the hole film seams to fall apart. Even the action-scenes is dull. One of the few positive moment in this film is when the American sheriff (from Live and let die) meets Bond in Thailand. (4 out of 10) & (1 out of 10 as a Bond-movie)

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One of those great "Action-war" movies, 10 November 1999

An entertaining action-war movie. I remember i bought this movie the in a video-store back in 1986-87. It was an old English video-version from the early 80's (from that time when video-stores in my country imported video-movies direct from England without giving them subtitles)

The movie have some similarity's with "The Dirty Dozen" and it's obvious that the film-makers got much inspiration from this great hit from the 60's. Acting and plot is not the greatest in history, but it's still a very exiting film. Not so much indifferent action-scenes here, like there are in many other movies of this type.

8 out of 10

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