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The Best, 19 October 1999

Anyone who trashes this show misses the entire concept. It wasn't about making the best drawings, or having the greatest music, or even phenominal action, it was about fun. If you watch this show from a child's perspective, you would understand that this is about friendship and teamwork and just having fun and living because you can. I would watch this show with my friends and then go out and be the Voltron Force. But the cartoons that are on now just can't get the idea. Stupidity isn't what a great cartoon is about. Voltron was designed so that little kids could understand it, and when it gets tampered with (Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, to name a few) it just ruins the original. Cartoon designers see these classics as ways of making a profit without having to think about it. But Voltron is the best, and will always be the best.

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Oh the horror......., 19 October 1999

This movie stinks majorly. The only reason I gave it a 3 was because the graphics were semi charming. It's total disregard for a plot and the lack of even insubstantial surface character development made it seem like just a bunch of nice drawings. This is by far THE worse anime that came out of Japan. I can't believe they actually put their names on this garbage. What a rip off selling this thing for $20. If you haven't seen this don't bother. If you have, I pity you.

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Truly Amazing, 19 October 1999

I remember when I was growing up watching Thundercats after school with friends. Then right after we would go outside and pretend that WE were the Thundercats. This was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I just wish they had things like this now, instead of those stupid shows like Dexter's Labrotory, or Cow and Chicken. Thundercats had class and spark, but the new cartoons are way too stupid. Thundercats was back in a time when things on t.v. meant something instead of ratings and money. This was a truly imaginative show.

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Great Film, 4 October 1999

This is a great anime simply because it brought new elements to anime. A vampiel (half vampire half human, kinda like Blade, only ten times better) rejects his vampirism to hunt the bloodsuckers. When he comes to a small village a girl tries to steal his sword, but he just does his little magic trick and continues riding. He then finds out about the vampire that bit her and decides to help her. Count Lee is old and powerful, but D is the only son of Dracula, the first vampire. We never find out if D killed his father, but it's a good bet he did. Personally I think this film spawned the Blade character found in marvel comic books. Only D is much better. The anime isn't top rate by any means compared to what we have now, but during it's time it was fantastic. It's a must see for any Anime fan.

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One thing, 4 October 1999

I have only one thing to say. This movie was HORRIBLE! It completely took what we were told by the first and turned it inside out. I hated this movie, and I suggest that it should be banned forever from any video rental store. I bought it before I saw it, and Now I can't get rid of the da*n thing. This sucked. Don't see it. I beg of you.

Truly amazing, 4 October 1999

An excellent new film addition for an old genre. A second angel war in heaven over us little humans. Gabriel, played by Christopher Walken, is on a mission and wants nothing less than the destruction of mankind. Walken is awesome as this "good" "bad" angel. Eric Stolz is very good as Simon, lending a very real feel to the character. Vigo Mortenson makes satan seem almost nice. Almost. But he does add to already substansial creepiness of this movie. And who can forget Jeff Cadiente as Uziel? His short but very energized part of this movie couldn't have been done better. I haven't seen a death scene as bloody or gory in a long time. I really think he could have survived if not for that car turning him into an angel sandwich with the wall. Overall a must see for any film buff.

The Prophecy II (1998) (V)
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So below standard, 4 October 1999

The Prophecy II was an ok movie but it lacked a certain quality the first had. I mean, the first one was so much better there is no comparison. Christopher Walken comes back to play Gabriel, but that and a few humorous sections were all that was good about this film. The ending was the best part. Too bad you have to watch the whole thing to get to it. If you've seen and liked the first, then I recommend watching this one, but don't have too high of expectations.

I have but one thing, 4 October 1999

At least this one didn't try to bring Ramirez back to life. Nor were there any aliens trying to kill Connor. Better than the second, but still horrible. If the 2nd and 3rd weren't sequels to the original, then maybe they could be watchable. As it is, just see the original.

Gunnm (1993) (V)
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Excellent, but short, 1 October 1999

I've seen this anime and I must admit I was surprised at the quality. Few other films come close to it's level. The only drawback is the fact that it just seems to drop the end, as if there was a series that was never made. A wonderful film about machines trying blend into a society, even a society as desolate as theirs, are cast out because they are different. The main point of the anime was the main character finding out who she is and what she is. And the road to the top is not always an easy or safe path. THis is a must see for anyone who likes anime. Not only is the story good, it has phenominal artwork.

The old Zorro gets a major overhaul, 13 July 1999

This movie was excellent in that it brought a classic but not so remembered hero back into the light. It also shed a little light on Zorro's crusade to rid California of the Spaniards. Like many people of my generation, the old Zorro held little appeal because I knew nothing about him. This new daring and dashing Zorro really got the adrenaline going.