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The Big One (1997)
Michael Moore rocks
4 July 2000
Michael may be pilloried by the Conservative establishment as a hypocrite, by the fact remains he is one of the most eloquent champions of the American working class. The Big one is just one in a long line of his documentaries that highlight the gross corruption that exists within the American Corporate culture, so much of which has permeated the rest of the world. He makes you laugh at the bad guys, which in itself cannot be a bad thing.
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U-571 (2000)
7 June 2000
Never have I witnessed such a perverse example of rewriting history. Hollywood producers must ask themselves what they are trying to achieve by inflating American egos in this way? Fabricating history in movies for national glorification is something the Nazis did. Boycott this film. It's crude, it's cheap and it's immoral.
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What's so bad about it?
21 August 1999
This Bond has a lot of sentimental value for me, I remember first seeing it in 1985 while on a family holiday when I was eight years old and thought it was great.

Seeing it now, it's easy to see why people don't like it. Tanya Roberts and Grace Jones can't act, the atmosphere of the film is much bleaker than usual. But, what the hell, the story is highly original and exciting, bringing James Bond into the computer age. The stunt scenes are stupendous, especially the jump from the Eiffel Tower. The incidental music is undoubtedly among the best of the Bond's.

It has all the makings of a classic Bond Movie and this shows through. If they could just improve the script and re-cast the female parts(give Fiona Fullerton the lead), then it would be a classic Bond. Why is it that these minor flaws lead to it being condemned along the lines of "The worst Bond ever made" etc.?
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Octopussy (1983)
Better than '90's Bonds
14 August 1999
Watching this movie on Scottish TV 007 Heaven season brings back happy memories of when I first saw it during my childhood. The Cold War, atomic bomb setting looks dated but certainly has the making of a great thriller story. The locations are probably the most exotic of all the bonds. While it may not be out-standing as films generally go, it is one of the best Bonds. The auction and back gammon scenes are among the most gripping I've seen outside of the early JB's.

When you look at the 80's James Bonds, there seems to be something about them that has been lost in the recent Pierce Brosnan ones. Back in the 80's James Bond was outstanding British in its style. Now, it is clearly made with the Americans in mind. I think what is missing is probably the traditional ingredients of a spy thriller that have been replaced by the mundane pedestrian Hollywood action/adventure styles of the most recent ones.
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Could have been funny.....
13 August 1999
Hey this is supposed to be a comedy, right? Well it only raised about three laughs in the cinema. It had the potential to be funny but it just wasn't.

This from the director of Men in Black too? Basically the problem was he shot a script that wasn't ready. Some of the lines in it were so lame. There were a lot of moments when it could have been really hilarious but the dialogue spoiled it.

Also, it became exceedingly slow going and boring. I fell asleep in the middle of it and missed much of Salma Hayek. I was not alone as the people I was in the cinema with started to leave right at the queue for the end (when the villain is disposed with)

Revise the script and it will be funny. Edit out the dodgy bits about sex and you could make it a children's movie.
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Titanic (1997)
Good for Titanic buffs but a missed opportunity
1 August 1999
Everyone seems to give either high praise or damnation to this film. Well, I enjoyed it thoroughly and have now seen it six times over the last fifteen months. Basically the good thing about it that it faithfully recreates the "Titanic" and if you've been obsessed, sorry, fascinated by the Titanic for a long time you'll be in a nostalgic heaven. The problems with it originate purely from the fiction part of it. My mother watched it recently for the first time and thought what I thought: the script is diabolically lame! She just about threw up at the scene 'Cal: *Holding up expensive diamond* "I've got my security" Lovejoy: *showing gun in bravado way* "So do I"'

It represents a big missed opportunity on James Cameron's part. A movie made on this scale could surely be vying to compete with Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane in terms of artistic quality, but it seems that all that matters is size. Instead, the plot only competes with with your average cheap romance novel and a typical hollywood churned out action/adventure movie.

If you're disappointed with the history, you should see the JC Titanic Explorer CD-Rom as it fills in many gaps and contains many scenes cut from the movie which will make the Director's cut very worthwhile. They could re-make it perhaps if they havn't dismantled the sets and make the necessary improvements.

But, all round, it's great watching it.
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