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Worth seeing for Lena, 10 February 2004

While "Gods...II" is not quite as hilarious as the first, it is still well worth seeing, especially for the performance of the lovely Lena Farugia. Two questions will come to mind. "Why haven't we seen her before?" and "Why haven't we seen her since?" Lena Farugia is an American born, New York trained actress living and working in South Africa, with experience as a writer and producer in television. I don't know if she did her own stunts in the movie, but if not, that was one beautiful stunt double!

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Outstanding in Spanish, however..., 18 July 2003

I have seen several Almodovar films and this is far and away my favorite. The acting is marvelous in the original Spanish, especially Maria Barranco as Candela, and a young Antonio Banderas in his pre-US fame days. However, if you obtain the DVD version of this movie, resist the temptation to use the English-dubbed soundtrack. Sadly, the English version is just not funny. The readings are flat and uninspired, and the translation is not always accurate; too literal in some cases, just missing the point in others. It appears that the English dialog was written more for a close match with the lip movements than for precise translation. Instead, use the Castilian Spanish audio track and savor the beautiful performances. If you don't understand the language, read the English subtitles, which are more appropriately translated, and still enjoy the original.

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I thought it was hilarious, 21 May 2003

Some reviewers panned this movie rather severely, but my wife and I thought it was hilarious. Arkin is great, no matter what accent he is using. I especially like Lalo Schifrin's wonderful score. We still occasionally roll the tape and enjoy it again. From some of the comments I have read, I can only gather that the writers confused this picture with the much less entertaining "Stitches", released the same year.

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I Was There, 6 May 2003

Others have commented that "Leave It To Beaver" was not a true reflection of American life. Maybe they were not there. I was. When the series opened in 1957, I was seven years old, an exact contemporary of the Beaver character. I loved the show from the first episode. I used it as a forecaster of what I could expect to happen to me in the coming week. While I had no older brother, my other experiences were quite similar. There were in my class at school a "Larry Mundello", a "Judy Hensler", and many other characters who led me into mischief, then scattered, leaving me holding the bag. I remember the baby alligator ads in comic books, publishing a neighborhood newspaper (one issue), and getting caught climbing things I shouldn't have. My father went to the office, my mother tended to the housekeeping. Maybe my life wasn't typical, but it sure was real to me, and I relive it every evening with reruns of "Leave It To Beaver."

Coincidence?, 25 January 2003

This is a watchable and enjoyable film, but could it be coincidence that after portraying astronaut Jim Lovell in the movie Apollo 13 (with characters Fred Haise and Ken Mattingly) Tom Hanks wrote a screenplay with main characters named Haise and Mattingly? Interesting.

Good movie, great score!, 1 June 2002

I saw this one today and enjoyed it. The chase scenes would make great Las Vegas-style motion rides. Yoda was a real kick. And, as always, John Williams' magnificent score would alone be worth the price of admission. I sat through to the end of the credits just to hear it all.

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Kate Beckinsale makes it worth seeing, 11 November 2001

I only had a passing familiarity with the works of Lewis Carroll, (I had a children's book of Alice in Wonderland and gave a reading of Jabberwocky for my tenth grade English class) so I couldn't comment very authoritatively on the literary significance of this movie. I can say I thought some of the readings were very good...Humpty-Dumpty and the White Knight for instance. But I especially liked Kate Beckinsale's performance. She is very beautiful and talented, and by herself would make the picture worth watching.

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Exactly right., 3 May 2001

As an insider in the TV business, I loved this show. It was exactly right. I'm sorry it went away so quickly...I hope TV Land gets it (along with the six original "Police Squad" episodes) and offers it in their Museum of Television History.