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funny and brilliant, 19 July 1999

This is the best silent comedy short i've ever seen,and it was made by Harold Lloyd, probably the best of the silent comics.The best parts are when Lloyd, thinking he's lost his girl to another man, tries to kill himself,with funny results.

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The worst Candyman movie so far, but still pretty good, 11 July 1999

"Day of the Dead", the 3rd of the Candyman movies, is really just the first two movies put together. Sometimes the special effects look kinda cheap. But you have to remember the movie didn't cost that much and was shot in three weeks.Tony Todd is good as Candyman and seems even more evil than he was in the last two movies.Even though the movie is less scary than the other two, Todd himself is still as frightening as before.The movies story is good, probably one the best ever in a horror movie."Day of the Dead" isn't on level with "Farewell to the Flesh",and it sure doesn't stand up to the original"Candyman", but nevertheless its worth watching.