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It's a Chris Nolan film. All style, but no substance., 19 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As you can probably ascertain from my title sentence, I am not a fan of Mr Nolan. However I don't have any bias prior to watching his films, in fact quite the opposite, I want to like his films, as I really like his ideas and concepts, which is why it's such a shame he never delivers.

I also seem to be in a minority with my views as his films seem to have mass appeal, certainly if you look at money they make, but so far, they have all left me cold.

Interstellar, TDK and Inception all have similar flaws: On the positive side, they are all really cinematic, stylish and well filmed. They all have really atmospheric music and nice special effects.

On the negative side, the plots are terrible and make no sense. The dialog is flat and unrealistic, there is no charisma or charm in the films, they are functional and soulless and they lack any real depth or meaning. The characters tend to be robotic and cold, not warm or humorous.

The problem is when you put these two elements together you basically get high expectations that something great is going to happen, but ultimately nothing does, so it becomes a major let down.

On to Interstellar specifically (warning spoilers a plenty): The first hour of the film, was very boring, and very silly. The Earth is running out of food, so people still plant huge fields of crops, which they destroy when driving through them for no good reason. They have completely automated the process of farming crops, yet they don't need Scientists or Engineers, they need farmers, which makes no sense.

If the Earth was starving then the crop fields would be fenced off, taken away from farmers and it would be a controlled process. Scientists and Engineers would be the most valued members of society. If the crops were so valuable they wouldn't be exposed to the elements and the dust. They would be covered and protected. Everyone is so worried about the food shortages, they don't take any notice of it. Instead they drive around in huge petrol driven SUV's from 2014 (where's the Google cars or electric cars?).

Here's an idea. You now have the ability to hibernate on spaceships, so apply that to the population of Earth and reduce the need for food. Anyway let's move on.

They go into space, arrive at some place and immediately land in some water. Do they survey the area first, check out the planet and landing area first in detail, nope they just land. Now I know there is time pressure, but why haven't NASA sent numerous robots into space to visit these planets and send back information.

Anyway this drags on a bit, they visit another place, which is another disaster and then we get to the point of the film (only after about 2 and a half hours). Cooper flies into a black hole, where he would normally be crushed and killed instantly, but survives in some kind of advanced framework, where he very predictably sends the already sent messages back to his daughter. After this there is a very silly ending. Even though he is outside of time, as it were and he can send messages to any point, he can't for some reason stay in the same time as his daughter

And how stupid was the 1970's Minecraft designed robot.

In the end the visuals and atmospheric music was great, but the plot, soul and charm of the film was completely missing, unfortunately like all Nolan movies.

John Wick (2014)
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Best action movie since Raid 2 and about 10 years before that., 16 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Of course the plot is nothing new, it's your usual revenge story. However the delivery of this well-trodden path is told in such a quirky, interesting and stylish manner, it makes all the difference.

First off, the camera work and fights scene are superb. Please any director making Bourne, James Bond or the awful Inception, keep the bloody camera on and at a distance. This stupid jumping, cutting every 2 nanoseconds with a camera 5 centimeters from the nose of the actor, is awful. It ruins any action movie.

We know the story is cliché, so the director presents the story in a very chic and interesting way, which doesn't leave you bored. There is also this tongue-in-cheek criminal world with its own rules and quirks, which adds to the interest.

I notice from other reviews there is a lot of focus on the revenue story, being boring and routine. There are almost no original plots these days, most stories are based around a simple plot of love or revenge. This is no different, but what elevates it above so many other actions films is the style, pacing and brilliant fighting scenes. It doesn't dwell on the obvious, it treats the viewer with some intelligence.

There is very little unnecessary obvious join-the-dots dialog. Everything is keep lean, fast and minimal. It doesn't hide the inevitable story, it embraces and celebrates it.

Before someone accuses me of being someone with no film experience, I am in my 40's and have seen way too many movies, I find nearly everything predictable and dull. This one was a very pleasant surprise in a sea of mediocrity.

Shell (2012/I)
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Slow but well made, 3 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Obviously its very hard to give this massively high marks, as the subject matter is not the most interesting. However I did enjoy it, it is slow paced, but has that knack of using silences to convey much more than dialog can.

One thing however is that I didn't see any review getting what I got from the story. I will come straight out with it, for me this was her being rejected by a father who had been molesting her since a young age. It was clear to me that now she was older, she was being rejected by her father. Her mother had perhaps left because of the situation or her leaving caused it.

There is a clear scene where a young girl wanders into the place and the mother is worried, as is the daughter, thinking he would go after a young girl again.

She has mixed emotions of loving her father as a father, but feeling rejected by father sexual love, so she goes of with some local boy briefly. In the end she is released and can move on.

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Unrealistic immoral claptrap., 4 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow, how bad was this. How did this nonsense ever get funding.

You have a policeman that actually acts more like a criminal than anyone else, he is cruel, nasty, a bully and a murderer yet is somehow portrayed as the hero of the piece.

He wouldn't have lasted a minute and would have been arrested, shamed and put in prison. You cannot just drive a car into a crime scene, without identifying yourself clearly or actually reading people their rights. Anyone arrested by this ragtag bunch of thugs would have got off in 10 second and sued the police station for brutality.

The arrest of the chap at his farmhouse, for doing nothing wrong, was ridiculous, wrongful arrest, police harassment and brutality, totally unbelievable.

At the end I was so appalled by the actions of Regan/Carter I wanted them and his whole crew to be killed. I was routing for the criminals, which were more victims than any of the police were.

Oh and apparently if you don't like a colleague in the police, you just verbally abuse him and then try to strangle him, which is acceptable behaviour.

On top of this claptrap, you then have gun fights where no one hits anyone and apparently wood has the same strength as steel.


Super 8 (2011)
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Goones 2 & really, no really, its rubbish, 8 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of those movies that comes along, where I was waiting for the punch line or the twist. I was waiting for some great leap to really explain why such cheesy, corny and really quite poor plot up to this point had been taking place. I expected some great sci-fi plot to have occurred around these events. Maybe they were all in some computer experiment, maybe the main character invents all the events in his head as a representation of reality, maybe they had all died in the train crash and this was the children's version of purgatory, but no, this was it.

What a really bad, pointless, soppy movie. How on earth did it get such good commercial reviews? I am pleased to see quite a degree of what I would call genuine reviews more recently on IMDb.

It's basically Goonies 2, as it would have been made in 1980, really a very bad film, avoid.

We just need to get Inception down from top 10 to about top 500 and that's being generous.

Inception (2010)
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Insipid – The pointless film., 26 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say to make such an impressive trailer and such an uninteresting film, takes some doing.

Here you have most of the elements that would make a very good film. You have great special effects, a sci-fi conundrum, beautiful visuals and good sound. Yet the most important part of the film is missing. There is no plot, character or soul to this film. It's like having a beautiful building on the outside with no paint or decoration on the inside.

It's an empty shell of a film. There is no tension; you couldn't care less about any of the characters, why were they even motivated to do what they did. Helping a corporation get "one over" on another corporation is hardly saving the human race.

When you operate in a dream environment, where you can't die or be injured really it means there is nothing to worry about, who cares what happens. All the explosions and actions sequences are just meaningless. By the way, why does Hollywood still keep filming action scene's an inch away from every characters nose? It's impossible to see what's going on, so many films are ruined by this. Watch and learn from the Matrix, take the camera backwards a couple of feet and we can actually work out what's going on.

So 2 and half hours of looking at my watch waiting for the very predictable ending, is a million miles from being a good film. How anyone in their right mind can give this 10/10, it's boring and pointless. A film has stir the soul, has to grab you, you need to feel for the characters. Can anyone, honestly say, they cared about anyone on show here.

By the way, here's an idea, why don't you bring the children (who haven't aged a minutes since you last saw them) to you, if you can't go to the US.

I know the end scene was trying to be ambiguous, but the fact his father, who lives in Paris, is bizarrely there in the US to meet him (how did he know) and the children look identical to every dream sequence they appeared in, means there wasn't much doubt.

In the end there is nothing at stake for anyone, so a pointless movie. I suspect Nolan will continue to get praise, but I can't really say I've got excited about any of his movies. They all leave me cold. They are not terrible, just there's nothing really there, no substance.

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Nice style, but weak, predictable and typical overlong., 28 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have never quite understood the status that Scorcesse enjoys amongst fans, but nevertheless he has made some good movies, well two to be precise, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. Everything else he has done has been between OK and awful. Gangs of NY and Casino were both toilet water.

However this seemed a change of direction and even started quite well. However I found myself guessing the ending after about 10 minutes and hoping it couldn't possibly be that simple and obvious. I really wanted there to be more, but the film stumbled along, ramming home the now obvious plot the subtlety of the BP deep sea oil platform.

I am a great believer in being fair and I try much harder to admit that others have a valid point of view, yet when I read things about what an ending or it was a suspenseful, I cannot do anything but insult the these reviewers. It was a bloody mental institution and the doctor said in the first 10 minutes that he liked to play out patient fantasies. How hard was it to make the connection?

Did anyone else notice the invisible glass, when the woman went to drink she had nothing in her hand, but a glass was there when she put it down, was this deliberate?

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Very disappointing, 4 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It seems, like quite a few who have already commented on this film, I have been a big fan of Ricky G's works, especially Animals and his radio show.

I didn't think Ghost Town was that bad and was looking forward to watching this movie. The concept of the film, actually sounds quite interesting, but unfortunately in reality just really doesn't work.

There are many problems; now I know it's a comedy, so I shouldn't over- analyse it, but even with comedy there must be some credible idea. The premise that a society could exist by only telling the truth, is very hard to imagine and the fact it is the same as our current society is just pushing it too far. Basically it is too hard to believe it could even be possible. You would have no war, no exams, no salesman, no court cases, lawyers or judges, as everyone would tell the truth.

The world isn't just that people tell the truth; it's also that they elaborate in every situation. I mean as a waiter, I might hate my job, but I don't need to tell anyone, unless they ask. You could even reply I don't want to say (which would be true). There is no speculation or imagination of anything. Inventing a God or thinking about it isn't lying. How would disputes be settled, if everyone believes what they are saying is true.

Anyway I am going off a bit here. In the end the movies is a poor vehicle to Ricky, he just isn't right as a caring, loving, romantic man. He is so much better as a bitter, sarcastic and mean character. The jokes are very few and far between. The very boring and predictable love story is a yawn-fest and dull. You are not Hugh Grant Mr G, so don't try and be.

As an atheist there are not nearly enough films making fun of religion, but even this doesn't really do it effectively.

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No plot - Just mindless violence and gore, 10 December 2009

This film has no plot of any real substance it's just a few scenes strung together to bore and then shock the viewer.

In fact this is a theme with Mr QT, who, in my opinion, hasn't made one good movie. The best movie he was involved with was True Romance, an excellent film, which actually had a story. Fortunately QT never directed it; otherwise it would have been a mess.

Pulp Fiction is one of the most overrated films of all time. It was new, shocking, unusual and quirky, but it wasn't actually that good.

The plot for this awful film:

Scene 1

Bore the audience with some drawn out painful conversation.

Kill everyone in an unpleasant way.

Scene 2

Bore the audience with some drawn out painful conversation.

Kill everyone in an unpleasant way.


There is nothing pleasant or redeeming about this film. It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, mindless over-the-top gore and cruelty, which has now become blasé and acceptable.

A distasteful and pointless film, 1/10.

2012 (2009/I)
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Worst film I have seen for some time, 4 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where to start.

Basically in summary this isn't really a film, it's a collection of many poor over-the-top CGI images and sequences that aren't realistic in any way or believable. Added to that is the most corny, pointless, dull, cliché ridden soap opera scenes the world has ever been exposed to. This film is completely devoid of any realism or emotion; it's over long and completely boring and pointless.

I will give just some small example of pure nonsense:

- Aircraft taking off just before the whole airport and area is about to be destroyed, yet the tower keeps telling the plane they are no authorised to take off!!! 2 seconds later the tower is destroy, why would they be in the tower and why would they try stopping the flight.

- Mobiles phone work all the time even with no land, towers or electricity for miles around.

- The wife, who has just been stuck on a boat for x weeks/months still has lovely make-up and new clothes on, even on a packed ship.

- Animals are flown in one by one, by helicopter in the open air. Not in boxes and not on trucks and not well in advance, hours before departure.

- Why do all planes fly 1 inch off the ground at all times, rather than bothering to actually climb over any danger.

I could go on and on, this film is simply brain dead nonsense with no redeeming qualities. Even the green screen FX are awful and poorly done.

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