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Good old fashioned, hard-hitting action, 31 July 1999

If you're not already a Charles Bronson fan, this film isn't likely to change your mind. But for those of you like their action films with side-burns, bell bottoms and good old fashioned,hard-hitting action, you'll really enjoy this. Bronson does his "Dirty Harry" impression while investigating a strange ring of murders involving ex-vietnam vets and the Mob. Great car chases. The crazy car crack up inside a parking lot is this film's action highlight. One of my favorite Bronson flicks.

Death Wish (1974)
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The Father of Vigilante Movies. Quintessential Bronson., 31 July 1999

The father of vigilante movies. The quintessential Charles Bronson flick. There have been many attempts in Bronson's career to duplicate the success of this film,("10 to Midnight, "The Evil That Men Do", "Kinjite", The four "Death Wish" sequels, etc) but not one has resonated with the same impact as this cooly calculated chiller. The story is familiar. Bleeding heart liberal turns vigilante after his family is attacked and wife murdered. Despite the disturbing promotion for gun ownership and taking the law into your own hands, the filmmakers did take certain measures to imply Bronson's ill state of mind, as Bronson's character recites old Western movie cliche`s such as "Draw", when cornering a prospective mugger. Or by the film's closing when ineffectual Cop Gardenia orders Bronson to get out of town, Bronson responds, "By Sundown Sheriff?", further illustrating a Man whose sense of reality is blurred by the fantasy of the Old West, where Men protected their homes and families. A little exploitive here and there (Those graphic rape scenes are pretty tough to take), but otherwise a worthwhile venture into the mind of a once simple man pushed too far.

Lifeforce (1985)
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incomprehensible yet strangely compelling., 27 July 1999

The plot is incomprehensible yet strangely compelling in this gonzo sci-fi horror epic. And I can't help but wonder about its' curious subtext. A beautiful, nude space vampiress wanders the Earth seducing every man in sight and drains them of their life force. Sheesh! Were screenwriters Dan O'Bannon or Don Jakoby victims of a bad break up when they concocted this outer space oddity? Still, it's pretty entertaining and definitely worth a look to catch Patrick Stewart vomiting up gobs of gore.

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A veteran cast make this worth watching, 27 July 1999

A veteran cast make this update of the blaxploitation genre worth watching. Fred Williamson (Black Caesar), Jim Brown (Slaughter), Pam Grier (Coffy/Foxy Brown), Richard Roundtree (Shaft) and Ron O'Neal (Superfly) join forces to combat the newer, younger version of the same gang they formed some twenty years prior. Not enough Roundtree or O'Neal and barely enough action but a decent enough entry. For fans of the genre.

Cool World (1992)
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deliriously outrageous finale`, 16 July 1999

The only time this film really takes off is during its' deliriously outrageous finale`. The ending is wild, unpredictable and funny. Unfortunately for the viewer it takes well over an hour of flat storytelling and static direction to get there. The live action/animation combo doesn't exactly click here. The two lead characters played by Kim Bassinger and Gabriel Byrne are thoroughly unappealing. Bakshi has done better than this.

A scream for any sci-fi film geek with a sense of humor, 6 July 1999

Only "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" could possibly eclipse this offbeat venture as the quintessential cult classic of all time. Deft, dead pan delivery, zany, incoherent plot and on-target performances from all around.

Lithgow is hysterical as the Red Lectroid leader Dr.Lizardo (that heavy italian-like accent just cracks me up!)and Weller is every bit his match as the intensely laid back title character (His wit is so dry in this flick, it's possible that his performance went over both the heads of critics and mainstream audiences alike).

Admittedly not to everyone's taste (Few cult followings are, hence the term), but a scream for any sci-fi film geek with the slightest sense of humor. At least worth watching for Weller's rendition of the Skyliner's classic "Since I Don't Have You".

Heathers (1988)
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Like a CBS AfterSchool Special directed by Wes Craven., 6 July 1999

"Heathers" is a dark, hip comedy that will emerge as one of the best remembered films of its' decade. Alternately hilarious and disturbing, the film details the exploits of a young couple knee deep in high school politics and murder. Slater's Nicholson persona originated here and only adds to the offbeat charm. Smart and filled with more heart than anyone ever gave it credit for. It's like a CBS Afterschool special as directed by Wes Craven.

Freaked (1993)
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a wild, hyperkinetic-comedy smorgasbord. Original, 6 July 1999

1993 was a year of computer enhanced dinosaurs, heavily- laytexed comedians in drag and a multiple Oscar winning WWII film about another guy named Oscar. Which left one gonzo masterpiece unfortunately dumped off to the wayside. Of course I'm talking about 1993's cult-classic-to-be "Freaked", a wild, hyperkinetic comedy-smorgasbord bursting with gut busting gags and good old fashioned originality. I have never seen a movie like this before and probably never will again. "Freaked" wasn't just some typical parody opus with multiple past and present film references, it was a roisterous, no holds barred send up of itself and all the more refreshing for it. FOX didn't know what they had when they swept this gem under the rug. Sadler and Quaid in particular are stand-outs. Bring back Alex Winter!

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I may not have understood it but I loved it., 6 July 1999

The film is a hypnotic nightmare come to life. A surrealistic celluloid masterpiece that left me spellbound. It's Lynch at his best with scenes that both provoke laughter and creep under your skin. That tailgating scene with Robert Loggia is a gas. I can't honestly say I "got" most of this movie but I don't think I was meant to. So I guess what I'm trying to say is although I may not have understood it,I loved it. Does that make sense? Just see the movie.