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"Rescue 90210", 6 July 1999

Spelling productions, shame on you! "Rescue 77" was an absolute insult to all in the EMS community! Thank God, "Emergency" is being run on multiple affiliates to show people what a "real" show on Fire/EMS is about other than("Rescue 77's")pathetic compilation of boring, exaggerated stories which show complete disregard for the truth about prehospital medicine and the personnel who administer it. A paramedic doing a handstand on a defibrillator with a patient in water and in an explosive environment?!? Come ON! Did anyone there ever consult a technical advisor? "Rescue 77" always seemed to see how far they could push the limits with all of their calls, with paramedics mouthing off to online medical control, and performing "heroic", incorrect procedures in the field. Did you guys(at Spelling) ever set foot in an ambulance, or what? I don't think so, and neither do thousands of others who work or have worked in Fire/EMS. At least "Emergency" always strived to show patient care, etc. being done with honesty, realism, and respect. So, THANK YOU, to Johnny & Roy...for giving much-deserved dignity for an honorable profession that Spelling productions clearly had zero concern for. By now, I hope "77" has met its "86"!