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Fair, but not great movie, 10 July 2013

Perhaps it is because I grew up watching Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels on TV, but I am not all that satisfied with this version. The scenery was good and some of the action was great, but the storyline was a flop. I think Gore Verbinski went over the top trying to make a different and somewhat confrontational link between Hammer and Depp in their characters. Give me the traditional version where The Lone Ranger and Tonto worked together better than portrayed in this movie.

I also preferred the "Legend of the Lone Ranger" with Klinton Spilsbury better than this version. It developed the character of the Lone Ranger better with his mask, silver bullet and his horse "Silver".

At least they did include the Lone Ranger Theme music in part of the movie, otherwise, did not find the soundtrack all that interesting either.

Also interesting although perhaps could have been used more was the character portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter.

In short another version of a classic comic hero that falls short, similar to the new "Man of Steel" movie.

I wonder what Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert would have said about this film.

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Not as good as the Christopher Reeve Superman I and II, 2 July 2013

This movie was entertaining, but the story was not as interesting to me as in Superman I and II with Christopher Reeve. I also think Superman's personality was captured better by Reeve than in this one.

I will say that I think this film was better than Superman III and IV that Reeve starred in, and also the "Superman Returns" version which was too over the top and not credible.

Rather than a straight line from the decaying Planet Krypton to his adult life, I found the flash backs to his youth more distracting than enlightening. Kind of broke up the storyline in my opinion.

Another thing this version lacks is the stirring musical score that John Williams composed for the Reeve versions of Superman.

To sum up, decent but not a block buster.

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Why was this movie necessary?, 10 April 2012

Maybe I just "don't "get it", but in this time of school shootings such as Columbine, Virginia Tech and others, why is this movie even created? It almost seems to glamorize "kids killing other kids", although that is usually the case in any war or war movies where most of the combatants are young adults.

I did not know anything about the books, and still have not read them, nor do I intend to. My grand-daughters 10 and 12 said that "Hunger Games" is what they wanted to see during Spring break. They have both read the book. They both liked the movie, but I feel that the theme of this movie is better for older teens and adults.

As for the acting, okay, but not outstanding.

I agree that the shaky hand-held camera is a terrible effect. I don't know who started the trend, but remember that Steven Spielberg used that technique in "Saving Private Ryan" and I did not like it then or any of the following movies I have seen where it is used The most recent James Bond movie was perhaps the worst for this technique.

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Only half as good as the original, 5 October 2010

Watching this movie left me fairly cold compared to the compassion and interest I had in the original movie with Ralph Macchio and Pat Norita.

The main characters were less interesting. I feel Pat Morita was much better as the tutor to young Danielsan, than Jackie Chan is to Jada.

The life lessons were not as thoughtful and well done as in the first.

Martin Kove as the teacher of the Dojo that Danielsan had to go up against was also a more interesting and threatening character than the leader in this latest version of Karate Kid. I did think the bully in the new version was the equal or better than the bully in the first version of this movie.

To me, the only thing that was more appealing in this movie than the original was the young girl who played the love interest of Jada Pinkett Smith. I felt Elisabeth Shue was a sweet girl, but the young girl in this version was even more delightful and beguiling to me.

When I voted for the original version, I gave it a "7". This version was only worth a "4" in my view.

Quantum of Solace (2008) (VG)
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Worst Bond flick of all, 12 December 2008

Excluding the original "Casino Royale" with David Niven and I discount, since it was not one of the Broccoli/Saltzmann films, this film has to be the worst Bond Film yet. The plot was so confusing, that I still have no idea what he was looking for or whom the real bad guys were.

The chase scenes were not that exciting although the one with the DC-3 was a little different, but in all the cases the camera work was so jiggly that it was hard to figure who was being chased and who the chasers were. I think that when Spielberg did it for D-Day it made sense, but now it seems everything making a movie seems to think it is the trendy thing to do. Well I disagree. When one can not figure out where the action is going, and who is who, then it has lost its intent.

Not only that it seemed as though the idea was "hey its about time we had another chase" just for the gratuitousness of it rather than leading up to it like most other Bond movies.

The title song has to be the worst yet for these movies and was a real turnoff for me, in fact I turned off my hearing aids about a quarter of the way into it to try and not hear it.

The acting certainly was nothing to talk about either. I think Daniel Craig was fine in his first movie, but this one he seemed about as wooden as Jean Claude Van Damme was in his movies, and George Lazenby in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". The women were totally forgettable also whoever they were.

It looks to me like the Bond franchise has run out of ideas and steam and that it is time to retire this series. Doubt that I will go to another one even though I am a big fan of James Bond, but the movies have slowly declined in quality and interest over the years since "From Russia With Love", and "Goldfinger". I will be content watching DVDs of the better Bond films and re-reading the original stories from Ian Fleming.

Final comment is that this movie was so exciting that wife went to sleep part way thru it.

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Music made this movie, 6 January 2006

The music made this movie. What a pleasure to listen to a haunting, and emotional soundtrack throughout the movie with such talented solos as Yo-Yo Ma on the cello and Itzhak Perlman on the violin, and of course the impeccable composing by John Williams. Without this class of music and some very stimulating cinematography, this movie would have been worth only a "3" or "4".

Story was slow to develop and sometimes hard to understand the dialogue, but did have an interesting twist towards the end. Basically, another love story but with the background of a geisha being developed from a young girl. Always a pleasure to see Ziyi Zhang, but felt she was better in her action movies "Hero", "Crocuhing Tiger...", and "House of Flying Daggers".

What kept me awake through the movie was the entrancing music.

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Good middle, but begin and ending are flat, 18 February 2005

The middle part of this film is good; however, the first 20-30 minutes and the last 10-15 minutes made little sense and left me cold. Kevin Spacey is a decent actor, but this movie seemed a bit of stretch, not from his acting, but his writing and producing.

I also question why one of his top 40 hits "If I Were A Carpenter..." had no mention at all, yet we get a glimpse at what inspired "Dream Lover" and a few other songs.

I never liked "Mack the Knife", because the lyrics made little sense, and this movie did nothing to give me a clue as to why that song was written or how it came about with those lyrics. I think a better script would have explained this to some degree since it was one of his signature songs.

All in all a couple of grades below a contemporary bio-pic "Ray" which is deserving of its award nominations.

Miracle (2004)
Exciting, 23 February 2004

Wow! A good action sports movie. Nice camera work during the practices and games. Watched that game in 1980 and remember Al Michael's "Do you believe in miracles? YES!!" Along with the scene of Jim Craig searching out his father after the game with the flag draped on his shoulder.

Despite knowing the outcome of the game, this movie still grabbed me and drew me into it as if I did not know what happened (reminiscent of "Apollo 13"). Nice to see the movie show how hard team USA had to work and practice and how Herb Brooks chose the players to represent the U.S. in the Olympics.

The supporting cast also was quite good with their performances, collectively might be worth a mention as best supporting actors when next years awards season comes around.

1 Reason to See this movie, 17 November 2003

Main reason to see this movie is to watch the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones; otherwise, not worth the time or money to go to the movie theater. Better to wait until it comes out on video. Certainly lacked the charisma and inventiveness of "Fargo".

Interesting, but not as good as Terminator 2, 26 July 2003

While this film was interesting, and imaginative with the large crane in the chase scene, I felt that it went a little over the top a few times and was not as engaging or spellbinding as Terminator 2.

Hopefully this will be the last of this series, since it is unlikely that any improvement will occur in any future sequels. I think the story line has reached its conclusion unlike the James Bond series which seems to keep on rolling along.

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