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Lighten up!, 24 April 2001

OK, I admit to being a teenage girl, and therefore my opinion is obviously unworthy. However, I didn't think this movie was as bad as some of you are saying, and I usually don't go for "teenybopper" movies. Yes, the jokes were lame, the plot was thin, bla bla bla.... If you wanted a great movie why on earth would you go to see something called "Josie and the Pussycats" ?! The product placement did get annoying but that was the whole point. And without dispute, the soundtrack rocked. (Some of you cynics should read the closing credits more carefully, the actors DID actually do a lot of the music.) On another note, I really didn't appreciate the comments that "all people who liked this are mindless idiots" This wasn't supposed to be a masterpiece, those people who went into the theater expecting it to be need their heads examined. So for all of you "film critics" who sat there picking apart every single aspect of the movie, lighten up.

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overacted, but fun, 5 August 1999

While I'm not a strong believer in jack Klugman's acting talents, I do enjoy this series. The plots are even believable every 4 0r 5 episodes. (Atlhough you sometimes feel as if they're trying too pull a fast one over you with all the medical mumbo-jumbo that they use to fill the holes and impossibilities of the plots) anyway, I diverse. Basically, if you're looking for a fun, relatively light hearted mystery-drama-medical show (which I'm not sure anyone would be), this is a fine show to watch.

Magic Island (1995) (V)
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stupid kid's movie, 8 July 1999

Not really much I can say. I laughed a lot, but not the way I was meant to. I almost died when the mermaid saved Jack

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Anne Heche is no Meg Ryan!, 5 July 1999

While Anne Heche is an okay actress, she IS NOT Meg Ryan. I have heard people compare her facial expressions to that of Ryan's, but to me they seem fake and contrived. (I know what you're thinking, I am not some middle-aged woman who's obsessed with Meg Ryan, the comparison simply aggravates me.) In both this and Volcano, Heche simply manages to annoy me. The rest of this movie is alright I guess. Yes it's VERY predictable and the writing is not particularly good, but one must remember that this is the case in almost every romcom-action movie. Rent this movie if you're just looking for a night of lighthearted fun, but don't expect anything too deep.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwww, ain't it cute?, 4 July 1999

Okay, I'll admit that the panda is cute, (although most of the time it's mechanical) but that's about all that this movie has. The story line is STUPID and the kid is really, really abrasive. I was hoping that the poachers would get him. I am a pre-teen (oh god, no!) and I still see several holes in the logic of this story. For example, why is it that the dad is climbing the mountain only a few hours after he got shot in the leg! Basically, no one over the age of three should be ALLOWED to watch this movie. It's demeaning to the entire population.