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The Toaster Need Not Be Brave, 2 October 2000

The movie as a whole was mildly entertaining until . . . the toaster goes into the woods and the nonsense begins. This movie implies that the toaster, a fairly common household appliance, has natural predators. In my years as a wildlife biologist, I have had the opportunity to observe several taosters in nature and it is abundantly clear that it, as the loon, has no enemies in the wild. This movie gives children a false, negative impression of forest dwelling animals which is completely unfair. Children the world over will be led to lives of big game hunting and generally slandering the good names of these animals. As a rule of thumb, I never underestimate something which has the ability to turn bread into warm, crunchy, and often dark brown bread.

not for kids!, 4 July 1999

This movie had excessive swearing, offensive comments and plenty of potty humor. It was great. I'm positive I would have hated it if it would have been just like a 2 hour episode of the show because while I think the show is funny, it's not good enough to go and pay theater prices to see it. The movie however, exceeded the shows limits in probably every single way! Go and see it if you like the show or have a really open mind, but otherwise, you might want to steer clear and see something less risky.

Vendetta (1999) (TV)
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should have been in theaters, 4 July 1999

This seemed like a really good movie. Now I'm not sure if that's because I worked as an extra in it and the sight of myself in an HBO movie just overwelmed me or if it was good by itself. It has some great courtroom drama if you like that sort of thing.