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Mindbender (1996) (TV)
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True story twisted beyond recognition, 22 June 2001

I was under the impression that Uri Geller was illusionist using simple parlor tricks to impress his gullible audience. After watching this movie however, I realized that I was misinformed. It turns out that Geller is a superhero on the run from the military, that wants to use his powers for evil. Yes, it's that stupid.

Endorsed by Geller himself this is a lame, selfserving piece of crap. Is it drama, comedy, or sci-fi thriller? Who knows? It appears the director couldn't decide, and made it a little bit of everything, none of which has any redeeming qualities.

As a reasonably intelligent person this movie made me want to beat myself in the head with a shovel.

Somewhat confusing, but not bad..., 5 December 1999

This film seems to not be able to make up it's mind whether to be comedy, drama, or both. It switches between them without clear transition. The plot is comedic, and sometimes just plain silly. Despite this however, I felt compelled to watch, without using the fast forward button. So I liked it, for that little bizarre quality it has.