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Anybody seen an English dubbed/subtitled print?, 24 June 2001

There isn't an english dubbed or subtitled print to be had of this film.That is too bad because it is a creepy little number.Having watched the Spanish language print a few times I have gleaned a little understanding of what is going on.But full comprehension would be helped if the dialogue could be followed.

Dr M runs an insane asylum with Dr Gonzalez and a third doctor.Dr M makes a pact with the third doctor.Whichever of the two dies first will come back to explain death to the survivor.Well the other doctor dies.He not only comes back but he tells Dr M that he too will join him in death in 3 months(?).

Things aren't going well at the asylum.One of the most violent patients escapes.She then throws a bottle of acid into the orderly Elmer's face.She is subdued but Elmer is horribly burned via the acid.

A young woman comes into Dr M's life.Since I don't speak Spanish I have no clue as to who she is.She also falls in love with a young man even though Dr M is in love with her.He plays the violin for her often( and yes this figures in).There is also the other doctor's ghost hanging around causing a few problems.

Elmer has his bandages removed and goes ape$*** when he sees how disfigured he is.He plots to kill the woman who disfigured him.Well that night the doc is playing the violin for the young girl (who is waiting for the young man).The lunatic escapes(helped by the ghost)and the grounds are in an uproar.Elmer finds her and aided by the ghost stabs her to death.Elmer takes off and Dr M finds the dead lunatic.Dr M is arrested for her murder.

Dr M is jailed for the murder of the lunatic.After hearing of this Elmer writes a confession.But on his way to turn himself in he either dies of a heart attack or the ghost kills him.The ghost causes the note to blow away in the wind.

Will Dr M pay the ultimate price?There is still a lot of movie left for you to find out.

There are some absolutely creepy and stunning shots in this movie.The asylum is creepy and is fog shrouded.The scene where Dr M is stopped in front of the hanging platform is back lit and chilling.There is a graveyard scene that is very well done also.

Again I really wish I could understand the dialogue as it would explain who the juvenile leads are.But it is certainly worth a look in any language.

Terrified (1963)
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Being buried in wet cement can make you...Terrified!, 15 June 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** After searching high and low for this obscure movie I was able to finally locate a copy.This was made in 1962 but not released by Crown International until late 1963 or early 1964.A lot of exposition comes from the dialogue.A shorter version (66 minutes) used to be in general release.The 81 minute version adds a little more depth to the hows and whys of the main characters.

The film has a very spooky opening scene.A black masked maniac is torturing a young man in a graveyard.He's doing this by burying him alive in wet cement.While this is going on there are some very spooky and weird background noises.

We then meet some of the leads.Marge works at a bar as a hostess for Wesley Blake.Marge is with Dave (called Steve in all of the credits I've seen until here at imdb;maybe because he is played by Steve Drexel?). Ken (Rod Lauren)comes in.He is a college student (& one of Marge's boyfriends)and is writing a mid term paper on terror.We also find out that the young man who was buried in cement is not dead,just comatose from shock.But he is Marge's brother Joey.

Marge wants to go out to the ghost town and talk to Wild Bill, the local drunk.Since the graveyard where Joey was assaulted is there she feels that maybe he may know something about it.Dave agrees to go but Ken prefers not to.

When Steve and Marge get out to the very creepy ghost town they feel that they are not alone.And it isn't wild Bill.They do find Bill.But old Bill has been brutally murdered.Ken arrives as the other two are about to head back into town for the sheriff.Ken stubbornly decides to stay.

Ken is menaced by the hooded maniac.He's locked in a room full of

spiders.Then he is tortured by a drowning attempt.The maniac sadistically toys with Ken.Rather than give away too much I'll stop with the plot here.

On the downside admittedly this is one of those early to mid 1960's Psycho wannabes.Some of the lines are pretty stupid but most of the quibbles are minor.

There are a few unconventional things about this movie.The burial in wet cement is pretty brutal.So is another scene of another person being buried alive.The ghost town sets are pretty effective.There are some weird sounds going on in the background to set you on edge.The maniac is pretty twisted and there is a real sense of isolation about this film.

The night photography seems to actually have been shot at night instead of the cheesy day for night method often employed in low budget films.This gives it an added unsettling edge of desolation and helplessness.It moves pretty well and is better than average.

As a side note it is the last film directed by Lew Landers.He also directed pictures from the silent era to the 60's.He directed the 1935 The Raven with Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff.

Yes this is a minor film.While it is no classic I'm glad to have been able to see it.It is best viewed late at night with the lights low or

off.But it probably won't show upon tv or dvd at all.

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Murder can be pretty and colorful, 12 June 2001

Sadly I haven't been a big Mario Bava fan.For a long time I only thought Bay Of Blood (Antifetto)was his only movie of merit.Then I happened to pick up the dvd of Blood And Black Lace.

The plot is simple enough.A fashion model on her way to work at a fashion house is brutally beaten and strangled.Another model later gets her face gorily bashed in via an armored glove with spikes in it. A third is beaten and has her face shoved into a hot wood stove.A fourth is smothered and a fifth is drowned.

We are led to discover that the first model had a diary that detailed the less than savory goings on at the fashion house.Drugs,abortions murder and other tidbits all kept in the little red book that the killer wants.There are many suspects and red herrings abound.

The plot isn't the thing here.The look is.And that look is absolutely stunning.The use of colors and lighting is fantastic.The photography is stunning, which is a Bava trademark.Everything is so darn pretty you can almost overlook the sounds of the model's face sizzling on the stove.

The musical score is a sleazy jazz air that will leave you humming it long after the movie is over.

This movie looks and sounds gorgeous.Even if it is murder...

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Being invisible means never having to say you're ugly, 10 June 2001

This is the fourth in the 1960 west German Dr Mabuse series.While it is above average for the series it does mean that it is a cut above most other thrillers of the time.

A young actress (Karin Dor as Liane)in a Grand Guigonol/circus troupe seems to be haunted by a ghost.A government operative is investigating the troupe and meets his end via a killer clown.The FBI sends in Joe Como(Lex Barker from the 2nd in the series,The Return of Dr Mabuse).Joe and Liane cross paths.

Liane's former boyfriend had created an invisibilty gadget.But he presumably was killed in a car accident.Dr Mabuse and his gang think that Liane knows the whereabouts of the invisibilty device.The boyfriend is in fact not dead but horribly mangled due to the crash.He is using the gadget to stay near his love.

Mabuse & Joe Como both attempt to wrest the gadget from the boyfriend.But it looks like Mabuse may have the upper hand and chaos will reign supreme.An invisible gang of super criminals would be hard to beat.

In the series of Mabuse thrillers this one grades out at #5 of the 6 but way above the stinker Death Ray Of Dr Mabuse.It would be nice to see this film get the dvd treatment.

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Boris gives us his all, 6 June 2001

AIP decided to try cashing in on Lovecraft rather than Poe this time around.What we get is an above average movie that is hampered by its budget.

Nick Adams plays Stephen Reinhart who arrives in the small english town of Arkham.When he tries various means to travel to the Witley estate he is rebuffed by the townsfolk and has to walk.We're treated to some decent matte shots of a desolate countryside.

Arriving at the estate the young man is met by Nahum Witley (Boris Karloff).He is pointedly told to leave.Sticking to his guns Steve informs the man that he was invited by Mrs Witley.Of course Susan (Witley's daughter) rushes down to clear up some confusion.

Here we learn that there are some weird goings on involving everyone at the house. A maid has disappeared,weird screams are heard at night and Mrs Witley hides behind curtains.A real miasma lurks in this house. Nahum has a strange secret in the basement that seems to be killing everyone who comes in contact with it.

Rather than go further into the plot which is really basic there are a few things that lift this above your standard haunted (for lack of a better word) house story.This movie just reeks with atmosphere.It is very opressive and claustrophobic.The sets are wonderful and nicely done on the cheap.Boris Karloff gives his usual wonderful performance. Nick Adams actually holds his own here.

On the downside the special effects are very limited due to the budget. A minor quibble.Patrick Magee shows up for a role that will leave you scratching your head wondering what that was all about.

Definitely worth a look if you catch it on AMC or find the dvd cheaply.

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Old droopy drawers is back in the wax museum yet!, 6 June 2001

I have a fondness for most south of the border horror movies.This really isn't one of them.Masked wrestlers were very popular in Mexico from the mid fifties to the mid eighties.Santo was the most popular of them.Only three movies were imported and dubbed into English.This sad one, the much better Samson And The Vampire Women and Invasion Of The Zombies (which I haven't seen).

Okay for some reason Santo is called Samson in this movie.What is goofy is when he is in the wrestling arena (which is too often) the crowd is chanting"Santo!Santo!Santo!"Samson battles for the good of mankind when he isn't wrestling with other sweaty guys.Everybody has to have a hobby.

The plot boils down(if I may pun)to this:The mad Dr Karol runs a wax museum.With some sort of mad scientist formula he has live exhibits that obey his commands. There is a Frankenstein type monster, a werewolf, a pig man and a caveman.Karol was disfigured in an explosion(but only his hands). Therefore he wants to make the world feel pain and ugliness.(Maybe he should make them watch this movie, eh?)Well he kills a friend of Samson's and makes it look like someone is also out to kill him.So old droopy drawers, I mean Samson is on the case.

Now we have to fill 90 minutes here kids.So we get endless wrestling scenes not to mention the endless mad scientist chortling over his helpless victims scenes.Samson takes nearly the whole film to figure things out.He has to face Dr Karol's army of wax zombie/critters.Will anyone survive?

You won't care.While this movie is better than the absolute bottom of garbage heap films (say New York Ripper for instance)it is well below average.So if you have 90 minutes to kill and want to inflict pain and suffering onto yourself or share that agony with others, this film may do it for you.

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South of the border fang fun!, 3 June 2001

Ahh youth.I remember struggling to stay up to see this at 1:30am on a friday night back in the late 1960's.Needless to say when the first vampire attack happened I shot up to my room for the night.

This recently came out on dvd after being bootlegged for years.So it was nice to see a print that while a bit speckled was superior to the tapes.

The plot boils down to the evil Count and his plans of revenge against the Colman family.There has been much blood spilled between the two and this night may prove to be the end of the line for the Colman family (a man and his two nieces).

Count Subotay (Subotai?) plays an organ made of human bones and skulls in his misty underground lair. He summons his minions to help him carry out his plot against the Colmans.His female vampires are pretty hot looking.The male vampires are blind, hairy handed(a self abuse warning perhaps?) and quite ugly.Of course this way the Count can keep the women for himself.

A young couple is viciously attacked to begin the evening.Then the Count moseys over to the Colmans to join a party.One of my faults with this movie lies in the fact that if your family has been decimated by vampires don't you think you'd do what you could to learn the name of the vamp?Especially after some strange pale dude in a tuxedo and cape shows up in your neighborhood?

We meet the hero (Rudy) and learn that vampires can be killed by a certain tune.He plays it on the piano and the Count does everything but wet his pants in screaming agony.He slams down the piano key cover on Rudy's hands(a la Tom & Jerry)to make him stop.

The Count leaves but he vampirizes one of the girls who in turn vampirizes Rudy.Rudy begins to grow hair on his hands and his eyesight begins to dim.Mr Colman vanishes and Rudy finally adds up that Subotay is a vampire and responsible for the attacks.

The film becomes a race against time.Rudy is captured and the other niece is prepared for vampiric sacrifice. Can Rudy defeat the Count before he turns into a mindless vampire creature?Will the Colman family be destroyed forever?

There is a lot of atmosphere and an oppressive mood in this film.It is better than most of the Mexican vampire films(Bloody Vampire,Invasion Of The Vampires or the Nostradamus series).But it does fall short of El Vampiro (then again so do most vampire films).

Worth picking up if you can find it cheap.

Creepy & claustrophobic, 25 May 2001

One of the common threads with this movie is that if you saw it when you were a kid it scared the heck out of you.No doubt you caught it on a creature features afternoon show back in the 60's or 70's.And the movie stayed with you.

The basic plot is simple enough.A town basically made up of a coven of 300 year old witches are looking for human sacrifices.(Ergo the classier title City Of The Dead).A young student is guided to Whitewood for research and well anything else would just spoil it for you.Just expect the unexpected.

I love showing this movie to people and then telling them it was filmed in England with a British cast.The cast does an outstanding job with their accents.

This is a film that relies on mood and suspense rather than cheap shocks.But it does contain its share of shocking moments that aren't uncalled for.It is also one of the foggiest films I've ever seen but that just adds to the atmosphere.Great black and white photography and a director that got the most out of a limited budget but stellar cast.

Pick up the dvd if you can and skip the bootleg tapes.

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Great finale, 18 May 2001

This is probably the best horror comedy ever made.While it doesn't make fun of the monsters it does have some fun with them.Just love the Frankenstein monster's initial reaction to Lou Costello.

Lugosi truly shows how wrong Universal was to treat him so badly over the years.He gives a wonderful perfomance with nice comedic touches.Chaney is excellent in "his baby" the Wolf Man.Strange is given a bit more to do as the monster rather than just lie around until the last five minutes.

Great fun for everybody!

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Evilly influenced by...Uranus!!!, 2 May 2001

Ol skip had seen several cool looking lobby cards for this Italian sword & sandal/muscle flick.Walking rock monsters and a lead villain I dubbed The Aluminum Foil Man.Okay he looks like a refugee from an Easy Bake Oven.Having never seen one of these epics I was overjoyed to find a copy for a little over 100 pennies.Maybe some cheesy fun at worst.So I settled in to watch.... ....AUUUGGGHHH!When will the hurting stop????

Peasants are being sacrificed to the Lunar Men at the Mountain Of Death. A rebellion is to be led against the evil queen.Hercules is the outside "muscle" called to ride in and save the day.

The queen is tied in with the Lunar Men who want to make the earth over on the image of the moon.Via some really horsebleep dubbing we're told that when the planets are aligned just right we'll have earthquakes,floods and other catastrophic events.Somehow this is evilly influenced by Uranus.You got that right Bubba.

We also are given mind numbing lingering shots of Hercules' sweaty chest and armpits.Let's not forget the sandstorm that drags on and on and on and on....

Unfortunately we're not given enough screen time of the Lunar Man and his rock monster minions.They are the only saving grace this pitiful flick has.

So if you really want to hurt yourself try and find this movie.And watch out for Uranus.

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