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Epsilon (1997)
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A good film..., 16 August 1999

Epsilon is the story setting in the outback Australian. "She" is naked, lost when accidentally lands on earth from her planet, Epsilon. Then, she meets "the man" who is camping in the bush. She learns from the man that she is on earth which she has heard that it is the worst planet in the universe. In the conversation, she tries to show the man that why the earth is not a good planet to live. Their relationship develops quite quickly during their journey. They try to find their common to live together. Finally, she decides to live on earth with the man although she did not like living on this dirty earth at first.

The film is very rich in the cinematography. I think Australian nature is already beautiful and this film makes it more wonderful. And I really love the plot that does not directly teach people how to treat the earth good. The writer uses an old woman to tell the story of "she" and "the man" to two little girls. I know that this film is teaching me something but I do not feel like I am taking a lesson. I also like this film because of the well done story-line leading by just two main characters and three story tellers.

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Just perfect!!!, 8 August 1999

I've seen this Japanese movie on the 48th Melbourne International Film Festival. It is such one of the great films I have seen. I think the novel should be a good starting point of this film. It is the story about Japanese business, development, money and high technology to a far far away village in Yunnan, China. Certainly, some people argue that pure nature would be destroy and they can do anything to against the project of development. The researcher team difficultly get there. When they finally are in the village, people there are very nice. The villagers believe that their ancestor could fly. What is the truth that the team discover? Go to watch this movie. You are going to know then.

Anyway, I wouldn't love this film if the end wasn't like this. You need to see this perfect end by yourself. There is no word to explain. As well, you need to go to listen to the theme song. It makes me mad about the sadness of the character.

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Sorry not to laugh at all..., 4 August 1999

I don't give any rate for this movie. I can't stand watching students bother and cheat on their teachers. What is wrong with their teachers? The writer seems to blame the study system that is too strict. There are too many rules. People do want to have freedom. However, are the ways the characters do in this film right? So I almost turn on the TV before the students help to solve the problem. The enemy of Mr. President tries hard to ashamed Mr. President. The plane to destroy Mr. President is exposed by the students. That seems to be good ending. Finally, the film concludes the end of each character. Not many of them have good jobs of lives. Is this film good for someone to watch if we know that film has a big influence on people, especially teenagers who are the target group of this film? Or that doesn't matter in American culture. But certainly, it is too dark for me to accept. I don't laugh at all.

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Should we celebrate Wally?, 1 August 1999

In my opinion, Mr. Reliable has a great production. I do not feel any disturbing mistake in the production for the whole film. I also think that all actors do good jobs. I normally like McKenzie, especially in Under the Lighthourse Dancing, Romper Stomper and Angel Baby. So I enjoy watching her role.

It is a story of Wally who gets involved with a single mother. He takes the mother and also the kid to a (poor) renovated house. The conflict happens because he wants new decoration for his house. He then steals the figures of car. Polices come along to arrest him but he tell the polices that he has a baby hostage. The situation is bigger becasue Sydney police commissioners try to control the situation. People are also interested in the case as well as media.

This disturbs me too much. People think that Wally is a great guy. They act against police's violence. Actually, police is not really violent becasue they want to help the baby who is not really a hostage. People also support and celebrate the loser Wally. I do not think of the reason why I would do that if I was in the situation. For me, Wally is not a hero at all. And he should repay for what he has done. The ending is too happy. He should get a lesson or even penal.

No Worries (1993)
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Best children's film in Berlin 1994 prize, 25 July 1999

No rain. No crops. No money. The family has to move to the city. A 11-year-old daughter of Ben and Ellen Bell, namely Matilda, is suffered to leave the Australian outback where her parents face the reduction of wool price, the death of sheep by starvation, and a powerful dust storm that almost claims their lives. In the busy city, Matilda live with no words from her mouth. The situation is bad. But "No Worries" because everything is ending fine.

In my opinion, this film illustrates the Aussie spirit in the outback area. I feel sad with the characters when they leave the land. They smile, then cry, and finally smile again. I do follow this story line. Thus, it is no doubt that this movie hits my mind.

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Not bad, 25 July 1999

I don't think that I like the plot of this film. I normally can guess what will happen next. When Mick joins an all-female band as Michelle, the situation has to be as some films of the past used to be produced. Mick, certainly, falls in love with a band member. And finally, she figures out that Mick is a liar. That's it.

However, I sit comfortably, relax and try to enjoy the film. It's not bad because the production doesn't disturb me much.

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Tara Morice, 25 July 1999

I picked "Hotel Sorrento" from a video shop because I saw the name "Tara Morice". I like her performance as Fran in Strictly Ballroom. Later, I bought this wonderful film. And I wonder if there is the real Sorrento in Australia. I want to go there because the film shows me how beautiful the place is.

Hotel Sorrento is the story of three sisters who grew up together in a small town. However, they went on their ways and have their own success. One is a writer in London, the other lives in New York as a business woman, while the third stays at their family home. One day, the family reunion is held. That causes the change of their lives which will never be the same again.

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Oh..., 3 July 1999

I went to watch this cartoon because I'm Thai. I wanted to see how it is. And I found that it's too terrible for me. I mean I couldn't accept some lines in the story. It's not true for the magic. I don't want to see western children think that Thailand is a mysterious country which "Kla-holm" used magic to harm people. And we haven't had that kind of animal in the sea, look like a dragon, I'm really sure. All I say doesn't mean that I don't accept in the story which Anna wrote for long long time ago. The Western didn't know about our culture. And the story is just Anna's view point which no one knows that it's all true or something she made from her own idea. That's what I can accept. However, I can't believe the director and script writer of this globalization period do this with Thai culture. Magic and love story of our Prince Chulalongkorn with Tubtim are not true at all. Do you know that Thai people love and respect our royal family, especially Prince Chulalongkorn was our King Rama V who did many good things for Thailand? Do you feel ashamed to do like this? (I just wanna ask the director and script writer.) Thus, I think I can accept the classic one more than this cartoon. And I hope the film which Jo-yun Fat performes will be better. Please don't "play" with my history in the film. The director of the next film, at least, please do what Anna wrote. Or it will be better to do the research of Thai history.

And I think this cartoon isn't good. I don't have bias but I don't think the picture is really beautiful. Many cartoons are much better.

Hope you all understand my English.