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It's got a beat, but you still can't dance to it., 20 July 1999

When the Bough Breaks sets an all-time record for unresolved loose ends: scars on the back, birth defects, numbers on the palms, role of the full-time ice cream clown, and on and on. Of course, there are suggestions of untold stories that parallel and bisect the story. But there's enough here to feed a decade-long TV series. (Oops. There goes my chance to make a killing on the spin-offs.)

There are signs of a heart beat in the characters of Audrey Macleah and Jordan/Jenny--but the pulse is weak.

Seconds (1966)
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Could have been a classic, but. . ., 16 July 1999

Seconds has the theme and plot line of a classic, but doesn't quite make it in presentation: "Problems" appearing after rebirth are virtually 100% anticipatable and lack focus and relevance. Anyone taking the first steps out of a customary life-style experiences similar confusion and fear.

While the cinematography is considered Academy Award quality, the overuse of special-lens shots is boring and burdensome.

Despite these flaws, Seconds is a must-see for everyone interested in ground-breaking "shockers".