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The BEST Indie this year! Great writing, acting, everything, 2 July 1999

I saw MEN IN SCORING POSITION in Chicago at the festival, and truly thought it was the Best of the Fest.

I will not go into detail about the technical beauty of this film, except to say that for a true Indie, as I'm told this one is (not like current Altman releases called "Indies", etc.) it looks and sounds great. Post production sound editing, and scene structure and pacing should be looked upon by all as classic perfection.

The acting was simply right on, to say the least, and wonderfully touching, active, poignant and absolutely believable, unlike many other indie projects I've seen, to say a little more.

The script, is where this movie, and any good movie, begins its greatness, and the movie making execution thereof is where it succeeds for all to see. MISP is a modern tragedy in the classic sense as MACBETH or GONE WITH THE WIND, and takes the witness on a journey with one possible outcome, failure, while he roots to the last moment for a happy ending. That's where the film's strength is undeniable.

Congrats to writer/producer/director Tim Rhys for a job magnificently done, to actors Eric Liddell and Alan Gelfant for realizing his vision, and bringing their own voices to it, they're both great actors and will do much more, I am sure, and to the rest of the cast and crew for coming together to make a truly great movie.

Check this one out, seek it out, and see it. You will not be disappointed, in fact you will be glad you saw it. Very glad!