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WOW. An incredibly bad movie., 9 May 2007

This is a movie I nominate as one of the worst movies of all time (and I even liked Ishtar). I've usually liked McDermott's work in the past and I'm a big snoop fan but I was shocked at how woodenly everyone in this movie delivered their lines. If I closed my eyes I could easily have been convinced I was hearing a preproduction meeting where everyone sat around and read the script out loud, having never seen it before. I can only assume that the director, in his directing debut, (after many, many, assistant second director jobs) had a bit too much of the chronic. The camera work is boring, plodding and depressing to watch. I can not believe that anyone involved in this movie allowed it to be put out without getting their names removed from the credits.

The only good thing about this movie is that if I have friends over to watch movies and I get tired, I pop this in the DVD player and in a matter of minutes everyone decides it's time to go....

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Garry Cooper + great script = Classic film, 19 August 2002

How does one define a classic film? It has been over 50 years since Sergeant York was made and It is still a joy to watch. Gary Cooper is, well, Gary Cooper. A Hollywood Icon and arguably one of the best actors ever. He gives a memorable, true to life portrayal of this simple back woods man thrust into a situation seemingly beyond his ability to comprehend. Alvin York was not an educated man, not a worldly man and not a great student of philosophy. Armed only with his dog-eared Bible and his own beliefs of right and wrong he must somehow balance his religious faith, his patriotic duty and his duty to his comrades. The script is well written. The performances are superb. This movie has action and humor and a warmth that touches one and all. Sergeant York stands the test of time. Whatever your definition, this is a classic.

Ishtar (1987)
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You either get it or you dont. I got it., 25 September 1999

It constantly amazes me that some consider Ishtar as one of the worst movies ever. It is not citizen Kane nor was it meant to be. It made me chuckle, grin and laugh out loud. Silly me, I thought that was what a comedy was supposed to do. I have heard others criticize the music, *HELLO* it was supposed to be bad. If you want great music listen to Mozart. If you are amused by farce listen to the words from the songs in Ishtar. They make me smile just thinking about them now. I think the thing that really stuck with me about this movie was the fact that Hoffman and Beatty really seemed to be having a good time making it and it shows. If you don't watch many comedies or are easily swayed by others comments, don't bother watching this movie. If you have a sense of humor and can think for yourself, do not rent this movie... Buy it.