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Funny and sinister whodunit at the top of its class, 6 October 1999

This has got to be one of the best murder mystery films ever made. Adapted from an Agatha Christie novel, it is by turns funny and suspenseful. What makes it more fun is that this film does not end the same way the book did (thank goodness!) It will keep you guessing until the last two or three minutes of the film. The performances by Houston and Fitzgerald are a treat, and the rest of the cast is sterling. Just when you think you know what's going on, Dame Agatha throws another wicked curve your way. Amateur sleuths, put on your thinking caps and see if you can figure this one out before it's too late! This is a great film!

Seconds (1966)
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Scary paranoid nightmare, 6 October 1999

What a way to go! This morality play about the dangers of greed and vanity leaves an indelible stamp on the minds of all who see it. The story follows a man through "death" (the end of his old life), "rebirth" (the newly redesigned man), and his ultimate fate. The last 20 minutes of this film could give Blair Witch a run for its money. The crowning horror in this film, though, is reserved for the last five minutes. I often wonder how Rock felt about acting in this film. It must have had some effect on him.

This movie is a damning indictment of modern society, as far as the worship of youth and beauty go.

Brigham (1977)
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Good historical drama about the life of Brigham Young, 6 October 1999

This film deals with the early years of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and more particularly with the life of Brigham Young. It is an accurate portrayal of his life from the time he met Joseph Smith (Richard Moll), through his leadership during the trek westward, and finishes with his last years of life as the President of the LDS Church. In these politically-correct times, many may be offended by the film's depiction of polygamy, but the subject is handled in a forthright and tasteful manner. The film also delves into some of the more profound beliefs and doctrine of the church, without resorting to sermonizing or a preachy tone. No apologies are made- only the portrayal of pioneer life among the Mormons, a "peculiar" people (by some people's standards), with a fascinating story that has yet to be told fully on the big screen.

This is good introduction to LDS Church history, albeit one of only two that exist in world of feature films.

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Atmospheric medical thriller/mystery, 5 October 1999

Would make an interesting film as a double feature with "Coma". This film impressed me with the way it used lighting and sound to cast certain parts of the hospital in a most sinister light. The scene where a trap is laid for the killer is one of the more scary and suspenseful scenes I've seen in a whodunit in some time. Alastair Sim's presence alone is reason enough to see this film. I felt the suspense was heightened by the fact that he didn't seem to have a "clue" much of the time (and you're expecting him to come to the rescue?) Will he or won't he stop the murderer before he or she kill(s) again? Watch and see! You will become a Sim devotee by the end of the film if you aren't already.

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Great Disney film!, 5 October 1999

This is one of Disney's best efforts. Beautiful scenery, great soundtrack music, and a hard-working cast add much to this compelling story of a shipwrecked family. To me this film is an exception to the less-weighty fare that Disney was wont to produce over the years. I like Disney flicks, but this is one I can go back and watch when I want to get lost in an idyllic setting (with beautiful soundtrack music to establish the mood). You've gotta love those coconut bombs!

One of my favorite films about small-town America, 5 October 1999

This is one of Gregory Peck's finest hours. It's a moving, thoughtful portrait of a rural town during the Depression years. The story is told as seen through the eyes of Scout, the daughter of a small-town lawyer (Peck). The child's narration imbues this film with a sense of wonder, adventure, love and innocence that help the story work on several levels: as an adventure and morality play for children; as an absorbing social commentary on racism; as a way for adults to rediscover the joys and wonder of those childhood years; and as a celebration of all those things that make families the bedrock of a civilized nation. Two more good things about this film are: 1) It was filmed in glorious black and white, and 2) The soundtrack music (by Alex North) is beautiful. Reminds one of Aaron Copland music. See this film and give thanks for great directors and even greater stories.

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Amusing film with good assortment of character actors, 5 October 1999

I've only seen Tom Poston in two films, this one and "Zotz". This is a funny, entertaining film that never really gives one a good scare, but does do a good job of keeping you amused. Robert Morley is always a joy to watch. The twins (Casper & Jasper) are a strange lot, as well as the other characters in this old dark house. They would probably fit in well at the Addams' home- if it weren't for the fact that they start dropping like flies. Who is the killer? Will Poston live long enough to find out? Watch this and then see "Ten Little Indians", which this film emulates in several ways.

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Scary, nightmarish film, 5 October 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one scary film! After seeing it (years ago), I wish I hadn't, mainly because several of the scenes come back to haunt me from time to time. It fills one with a sense of dread and foreboding, and hopelessness is not far behind.

One identifies with Mia Farrow right from the start. She portrays perfectly the plight of a woman who feels alienated, betrayed, and is eventually forced to join a fraternity of devil worshippers.

I would never recommend this movie to anyone, even though it is a celebrated film in many circles. I find that it has no socially redeeming value.

If I were going to present a list of the films that I never want to see again (due to their disturbing nature), this would be right up there with "Seconds", "The Exorcist", "Don't Look Now", "The Toxic Avenger", & "The Omen".

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Uplifting and timeless story, 4 October 1999

I saw this several years ago on the late, late show. My first impression of this film was that it was odd, offbeat, and sort of a downer- until the end. Then I cried. It reminded me of "Carousel", "Death Takes A Holiday", & "Here Comes Mr. Jordan".

I love movies that remind us of our own mortality, but do so in a way that also reassure us that life has more meaning than most of us can comprehend- especially when one comes to the realization that there is more to our existence than just this short time we spend on earth. We're here for such a short time, comparatively speaking, and how we choose to use that time has such an impact on those around us. Barrymore's character definitely found that out, because of the decisions he made.

One of the messages of this film seemed to be that no matter how hard we try, there are just some things we cannot change. Death is a fact of life. Another message one could take from this film is that death is not the end, but the beginning.

If one has no belief in an afterlife, this film could be looked on as a joke, or fantasy of the highest order. But to me this is just one more example of the importance of family, and love, and of believing in a higher power- a God who loves us.

Barrymore is the main reason to see this film- that and the surprise ending. I didn't think the film would go as far as it did. I still get a teary smile on my face when I think about that ending.

Well, some day I hope it shows up on TV again because I've only seen it once- and that wasn't enough. What a gem!