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What a WOMAN!, 10 November 2008

Anna Malle was one of the most "REAL" actresses in the world of Adult Films. She always managed to have authentic orgasms, and when she did not feel up to it, she made sure the viewer could not tell the difference.

Just look at the ways her eyes roll back up into her beautiful head. Classic. Wonderful, Amazing. Her acting was superb, even during a time when the scripts were lame and the writers wrote one handed. If she were still alive today, I know she would be producing, directing or still starring in some of the best Adult Films in the industry today.

She is, has and will always be missed.

Anna, if you can read this, we all LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!!! PLEASE CUM BACK.. ;)

We hope you are just as Happy wherever you are now, as you were when you were here among us on Earth.

Greendale (2003)
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I saw this on Sundance last night, 10 July 2007

At first, I had no farkin idea WTH I was watching, but the music sounded familiar. The channel Guide on Comcast is freakin USELESS ever since TV Guideless took it over, since 9 out of 10 descriptions are WRONG, so I just watched for awhile and I was hooked. The way that the film just ambles along until you expect something crazy to happen is great. It has a home-made licker feel to it, you know, Corn-licker. I loved the way it made me feel. Not many flicks make you feel anything anymore. Not so with Greendale. This is an addictive film, and I think Neil made it that way. I just hope it hooks the rest of this lost nation of Apathetic Zombies that call themselves........'Merkins....

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Should be #1, 21 December 2006

not #8 as it currently is. This is one of the all time best scripts ever put to celluloid in a long time, and I am sure someday it will eclipse the current first place holder. The only reason the godfather is voted #1 is because of the multi-millions of dollars that they spent on that movie. There should be a rating system where you can figure in the cost of production into the ratings. Pulp Fiction would truly be #1 in BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK on any list! I cannot believe how many of today's young people have never even heard of this film. Ask a twenty something who directed Pulp Fiction and I bet they come back with Pulp What? It is a shame that today's youngster are being fed all kinds of garbage from the Hollywood film factories that are nothing but badly made remakes of films that should never have been made in the first place. I really hate it when they do remakes, and then never even mention that it is a remake. This should be illegal. By not giving credit to the original, is that not a form of copyright infringement? If you have never seen Pulp Fiction, you owe it to yourself to see it IMMEDIATELY!

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What a piece of typical Hollywood garbage!, 19 September 2005

There is no spoiler alert here, since the movie come out of the can already spoiled rotten, smelling like spoiled garbage. All I can say is this movie has been done umpteen times before, is totally predictable, stupid, moronic, corny and just plain AWFUL! I've already wasted too many bytes on this review. Save your CA$H and rent a movie you have already seen. I guarantee it will be better than heaven. I will tell you that the performance of the actors, if you can call it a "performance", are all sub par, even for actors of this low caliber. Witherspoon is her usual dumb blonde self and Ruffalo the Buffalo can hardly be classified as an actor anyhow, so I guess this film suits them both just fine. Let's see if my review is now long enough to submit.

License to Kill (1984) (TV)
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An excellent movie showing the SICKNESS of DUI!, 13 January 2004

DUI, Driving Under the Influence and killing someone is MURDER!!! Premeditated MURDER! This film portrays the choices we make when we make the decision to drink and drive; and it does it well. ANYONE that has EVER had a drink, and then driven a motor vehicle should watch this film.

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See how the new movie Rat Race was made!!!, 20 August 2001

I hope more people will experience this great flick now that Hollywood has shown they lack new ideas once again, by releasing the movie, Rat Race in 2001. RR is just a cheap remake of MMMMW, and it doesn't even give credit where credit is due. This is a great classic comedy. If you havent seen it yet, see it now. If you've already seen it, view it again, perhaps with someone that was disappointed with RR.