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Appealing entertainment, 25 October 1999

The Best Man is a very entertaining romantic comedy. The ensemble cast clicks and clashes with one another at just the right moments. Taye Diggs's character, Harper, is charming and charismatic, but WHY would he write a book that causes pain to those close to him? Is it to enlighten his friends or to reveal his own frailties? Perhaps, a little of both.

There is a good mix of very funny and also intense emotional moments and the audience is captured; cheering some of the cast and hissing others. It's quite uncanny that transformation occurs for certain characters especially when it's needed. Terrence Howard's character, Quentin, is a prime example. At the beginning of the film Quentin is basically a guy who lacks direction and propriety in his behavior. Over the course of the film, he becomes the voice of wisdom and the glue that holds it together for those closest to him.

Malcolm Lee's directorial debut is quite admirable in this well paced, universally appealing film. Don't miss it.

This is musically expressive., 13 September 1999

"Red Violin" is a musically expressive film. The history of the main character, the "Red Violin", flashes back and forward, spanning years and centuries. I liked the fact that a character from the old past foretells the instrument's future. The compelling violin music heard and played throughout the film strongly communicates the passion, pain and obsession associated with the instrument and its owners.

Because of the vivid flashback sequences, the audience has to sense that the instrument cannot wind up in inappropriate hands; otherwise the spirit guiding its journey would be betrayed. The film's imaginative ending fits.

The Wood (1999)
This a delightful coming-of-age film, 18 July 1999

This is a delightful coming-of-age film. It's urban based but I think all young people can relate to something in the flashbacks told in this film. The ensemble cast is very charming and while you should dislike some of the characters, you just can't. The fast forward to the reluctant bridegroom and the bond that he has with his buddies is another plus. Go see this film.

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I expected more, 3 July 1999

Wild, Wild West was a bit of a disappointment. I expected more. Will Smith usually has such good chemistry with his fellow actors and perfect comic timing, but not in this film. The film lacked focus and humor. It just seemed to be stunts and special effects with nothing to bring the film together. Script writers, did you look at the old TV show before hand? That was good entertainment.

Tarzan (1999)
This is a film for the entire family., 26 June 1999

This is a film for the entire family. The animation is exquisite. The story is presented in such a way that the very young and the very old are completely engrossed. The music fit perfectly. Tarzan and Jane take note. Your audience cannot wait for the sequel.