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Zenon: The Zequel (2001) (TV)
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Disappointment Major!, 18 January 2001

The first Zenon movie was hilariously kitschy. This "zequel" however is not only unfunny, but unremarkable. Greg is written out of the whole movie by having him break up with Zenon at the beginning, mistake #1. Zenon's parents and Nebula are portrayed by different actors, mistake #2. The movie is almost saved when Margie (the hilarious anti-hero of the first film) arrives on the scene and makes Zenon's life a nightmare...unfortunately she becomes Zenon's friend, mistake #3. Then we have this horrible subplot with aliens (rainbow colored specks), mistake #4. And that's basically the movie. And oh yeah, they rip off the ending of the first movie, having Protozoa and his band Microbe play a new song, Galaxy is Ours which is alright but weak compared to Supernova Girl. This is painful major. The novelty has worn off. The first movie was creative and cheesy. Chelsea Clinton was president, everyone drove VW Bugs, people played games with spinning milk cartons, everyone liked to hack and kids had funny lines like "it was never you he liked it was the car!" Let me be the first to ask, why was this "zequel" ever made?

Paper Moon (1973)
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They don't make movies like this anymore., 22 July 2000

This was a wonderful movie. When I first saw it, I was like "aww man, not a black and white movie." But after watching it for awhile, it seemed to capture me. I think it works better as a black and white movie in fact. For being made in 1973, none of the charm has worn off. It is still a classic screwball comedy. And remember, "Her name ain't sweetheart!"

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Zoom Zoom Zoom!, 29 June 2000

The best original Disney Channel movie hands down! A hilarious romp! Kirsten Storms is excellent in a break-through performance. However, the character that steals the show is the diabolical Margie, who was played by Lauren Maltby. Margie always is trying to woo Greg, and dis Zenon. It's so funny! And remember, it wasn't you he liked. It was the car!

***** 5 Stars!

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Very unique film, if somewhat flawed, 28 June 2000

This movie was a neat experience. It gave a surreal look into both character's views and left a smile on my face. Also, a great cameo from the girl who played Margie in Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. I liked how it went back in time, to show how the Yukon's population was low and that weird kid who "skated" down the hill. While it's script was a bit flawed, it had a great payoff. Fun movie!

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Greatest movie of all time., 24 July 1999

When I first saw this, I was amazed. It was hilarious, touching, creative and a milestone in Hollywood. Nothing was ever made like this, and nothing ever will be like it. A true American classic.

The Shaggy Dog (1994) (TV)
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Harmless Disney family film., 12 July 1999

Pretty mediocre movie shown on Disney. Not very bad, but not very good either. Jokes are either boring or ridiculous. However, the leads have enough pep to keep movie partially entertaining. All in all, an okay film.