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Avalanche (1978)
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Why Mia? WHHYYYY!, 3 March 2007

I love disaster films, even the bad ones, but this one is completely horrible. From the acting to the special effects this one is crap. The script is laughable and the whole affair is absolutely boring. The "Avalanche" doesn't happen till around the hour mark and all we get till then is totally blinding boredom. Mia and Rock barely have anything to do (god knows why they actually did the movie), Robert Forester is hot but the character is bland, and Jeanette Nolan is under used in the only entertaining role in the flick. The rest of the cast are forgettable and not all that all-star. The action is contrived and "special effects" are for the most part low-budget 70's-ish.

This movie would make a great sleep aid. It's bad, not enjoyably bad, just bad. It's bland and pointless. Skip if at all possible.

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If you thought Sleepaway Camp was stupid, this will make your head explode., 25 February 2006

This film is slow. This film is cheap. This film makes Friday the 13th look like a Best Picture nominee. The acting is crap. The special effects are crap. No one dies for like 40 minutes and all the people do is act badly. The only thing that saves it is it's ability to make you laugh at all the stupidity going on. The funniest part is watching the heroine "fight off" the attacker. She supposed to be trained but she fights like a 70 year old. They spend pointless scenes on people who don't die and no scenes on people who do die to the point where you don't even know why they are dieing. I love slashers but this is just crap.

Daredevil (2003)
Good with a few glitches, 15 February 2003

Daredevil has many good things about it. The DARKNESS of the movie was refreshing. The emotions shared between the characters really helped the story move along. The acting was quite good, especially Affleck, who gave a subtle performance which really clicked with the character. I thought Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, and Michael Clark Duncan did decent but unspectacular jobs in their roles. The Radar vision was cool. There were only two things I didn't like about this movie.

#1 Although, SOME of the songs were good, none of them belonged in this movie. They seemed cheesy in some places and just out of place in others. It should have been a more orchestral score.

#2 The CGI characters really sucked! Rarely, if ever was I fooled by these preposterous computer stunt doubles. They often interrupted decent fight scenes.

Through the good and the bad I enjoyed myself. It had tones of spider-man but was original at the same time. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Good bond film except one scene, 24 November 2002

This was a good outing for James Bond. The action was quite well done except one disastrous CGI effects scene in which bond surfs with the parachute. Did the special effects supervisor go blind while doing this scene? Every part of the scene looked incredibly bad. It could have come out of a straight to video movie for goodness sake. The rest was well done. Halle Berry was underused but still better than most. She could actually think and kick ass at the same time. Rosamund Pike was good as well especially during the girl on girl sword/dagger fight. Toby Stephens is a fabulously evil villain which bond really needed after Robert Carlyles weak villain. The action/fight scenes were really done well this time. My favorites include the hovercraft opening (I've been wanting to see hovercrafts in a bond film for a while now and was glad they were in the opening sequence), the amazing swordfight between Gustav and James, and the car battle between Zao and James. A lot better collectively then TND and a lot better then TWINE. 8 out of 10.

Scooby-Doo (2002)
Just plain fun!, 15 June 2002

The movie is not a masterpiece and it never was meant to. It is just plain fun. I grew up on Scooby-Doo and the movie does just as good a job of entertaining as the cartoon. The plot isn't that important. All you need is a fairly impossible mystery, and an villain that could never have really pulled it off. For people who hated Scrappy this is the best way possible for him to appear in the movie. The characters were well played accept Fred. Freddie Prinze Jr. just wasn't right for the part. When you get out of theater you will have had a good time and that's it. No serious revelation to think deeply about just a good film for kids and other scooby fans.

"Rose Red" (2002)
Best King Miniseries in a long time., 31 January 2002

This was the best king miniseries since "The Stand". It wasn't horribly original but it did great work with what it was given. The characters were somewhat one note but the actors that played them were fantastic. It was creepy and full of tension. I just had one problem with this movie. I didn't like what happened to Nancy Travis's character. The actress who played the little girl was good and Emery was the best character in there. He was the most original. He was great comic relief. I give this one an 8 out of 10.

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good, 11 August 2001

This movie may not be the best thing out there, but it sure is better than a lot of crap I've seen lately. Sure, William Hurt gives a bad performance but it was funny and thrilling. The little girl was excellent although she didn't have to speak. It was GOOD entertainment and I will stand by that!

Hollow Man (2000)
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thrilling, 4 August 2000

The Hollow Man was a great film. It was scary and an on the edge of your seat thriller. Kevin did a great job as the scientist with a god complex and Elizabeth Shue also did a good job as the big breasted bimbo who had brains. Yes a bimbo! Most of the clothes she wears are tight and meant to show breasts. The beginning is good, with more character development in it then usual for this kind of film. While the end turns into a fantabulous horror film with blood galore. Mix in some female (some women) and male (Kevin Bacon) nudity we got ourselves a great film. The only bad thing was that the highly touted special F/X where Kevin turns invisible were only good not great and for the hype they should have been better. The movement of the character was good but it just didn't look real enough for me but don't worry about it because the rest of the special effects are very good and the action is excellent. I give this film 3* out of 4*.

funny as hell, 14 July 2000

This was a very funny movie. You can't judge it on plot. You have to judge it on its jokes and the way the actors pull off those jokes and both were good. Sure there were some bad unfunny jokes but there was way more funny jokes then bad ones. It isn't that gross in my opinion. I mean it was the grossest thing on the screen I'd ever seen but wasn't really as gross as the buzz said it was. It was outragous and not afraid to make fun of people which was definately good. Keenan Ivory Wayans did an excellent job!

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Great but different, 27 May 2000

This was a very good movie. The action plus the romance just seemed to mix together. It helps that John Woo is directing but Tom, Dougray, and Thandie do a fantastic job too. It is very different than Mission Impossible. There is more action and an edgier feel to it. The music is great and story is simpler. I liked Mission Impossible but I love Mission Impossible 2. Replacing Vanessa Redgrave as the big star in a small role in Anthony Hopkins who does a fine job. 31/2* out of 4*

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