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Ultimate Horror
9 November 2001
This is one of the best horrors I have seen in a long time. It completely breaks away from the popular (especially with the critics) "teen slasher" movies. This one follows the model of the old classics like the older Stephen King movies or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

If you're looking for a good scare, ignore what the movie reviews say and watch this movie. It is great. Some people sat that the end is a little bit of a letdown, but I disagree. This movie's worth every cent.
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30 October 2000
This is the most amazing animated series on TV at the moment. It's not just the humor, but the characters are ones that you can identify with and the animation is amazing. The surroundings are completely static (black and white and unmoving). The people are the only animations that move. It's like their outlines are permanently set to "vibrate". This is annoying to some people, but I think it's really great. Laura HAS to be the most amazing receptionist EVER! WATCH THIS SHOW!
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Mind blowing
19 October 2000
Wow! That's pretty much all that can be said about this film. This film is a trully amazing depiction of an oddball reporter and his "lawyer" friend who drive through the desert in their red convertible with more narcotics than you can even imagine! This is a must-see film with amazing special effects and many parts that will have you either cringing or rolling in the aisles!
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Barbarella (1968)
Very seventies
5 August 2000
This HAS to be the most stereotypical 70's "futuristic" film EVER! Characters walk around with huge 70's hair with long white plastic boots and mini-dresses, and this is set in the 41st Century!

I LOVED this film, not only for it's content and story line, but the oddities, like having characters called "Duran Duran" and "Barbarella", while the pop group "Duran Duran" has released a song called "Electric Barbarella". Coincidence?

The opening scene is an eye-opener with Jane Fonda doing her patented anti-gravity strip-tease. I just HAD to mention it...

For it's time the film must have been quite brilliant, but as good as it is today, I'd class it as more of a satire than an adventure film.

Give it a try, it's worth watching! If not for the adventurous antics of a semi-nymphomaniac, then at least for a laugh!
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Brilliant for it's genre
18 November 1999
A typical 80's film-noir crime film. If that's the type of film you enjoy, you're in for a treat. This film does move kind of slowly, but the twists and turns are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Joe Montegna is excellent in his role as well as Lindsay Crouse. Together they make the ultimate con team.
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Rain Man (1988)
16 November 1999
I don't usually watch this type of film (why, I don't know), but I though that this film was amazing. I watched it and felt inspired.

The role played by Dustin Hoffman (Ray Babbitt) was unbelievable. He captures autism in such a way that you could actually believe in his performance.

Tom Cruise's role was equally as brilliant. His gradual understanding of his brother's disability (and extra abilities) lead to the grasping of a strong relationship with his brother.

I feel that the trip across the country was the start in the relationship (because of the scene at the airport) and also the real start of the film.

This is a film that everyone can watch because everyone can understand and enjoy it.
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Not bad
15 November 1999
I have read comments on this film and heard from others that this film is a major flop. I disagree. Generally I am not really a Will Smith fan (acting OR singing) but he seemed to do the trick with the strangely catchy song "Wild Wild West". I agree that some of the actors could have been better cast (Will Smith included), but I have to admit that I enjoyed this film. It's simply not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I would definately watch it again. Maybe everyone out there should see the original 60's series "The Wild Wild West" with Rob Conrad and Ross Martin to fully appreciate the story. This was actually a film worth watching.
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The Shining (1997)
15 November 1999
I saw this version of the Shining and was enthralled. It is the most amazing version of this story that I have ever seen. I have seen Stanley Kubrick's version with Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall (who was AMAZING) and I enjoyed that version too. But the TV series was utterly astounding. I don't usually do this (praising TV over film), but I was amazed. Especially Steven Weber in his role as Jack Torrance. The lady in room (I think 217) was completely horrific. This version of the film was perfect right down to the last detail. I would actually recommend it over the film version.
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Hak hap (1996)
Not as good as most people think...
15 November 1999
"Hak Hap", or "Black Mask" (in english) was a disappointment. I was told that it was a sort of "Japanese version of the Matrix". Imagine my disappointment. The film was either badly dubbed or the soundtrack didn't time well with the film. Another thing is that the dialogue was pretty much bad. There was very little thought put into the English version of this film and it appeals only to the "senseless action" genre. Not a film I would want to see again.
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Really good for a sequel
15 November 1999
I give this film a pretty good rating. I prefer the original movie, but that's usually the way it is with sequels. I think that this film was pretty good. The late (yet BRILLIANT) Chris Farley was back in his role and the old cast is all pretty much there. I still prefer the original, but this film is definately worth watching.

The main soundtrack is again done by the astounding Tia Carrere (who also plays the role of Wayne's girlfriend/fiance). This is a film I recommend to all die-hard Wayne's world fans.
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Wayne's World (1992)
Brilliant comedy
15 November 1999
This film is one of the classics along the line of "Bill and Ted's...". A true classic 'sequelled' by another. This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. The amazing Chris Farley along with Tia Carrere, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are a winning combination.

I think that the humour in this film is from the fact that this film is supposed to take place in every day life, so the things that happen in this film, COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!!

This is a true comedy. I suggest you watch it. NOW!
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Animal House (1978)
Divine Comedy
15 November 1999
I have seen this film about 4 times. And it keeps getting funnier. John Belushi was amazing as the completely disgusting "Bluto" and Donald Sutherland in his "job" was brilliant. I think that this is a classic of slapstick, disgusting hilarity that you just can't get anymore. I thoroughly recommend this film to ANYONE!
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The Haunting (1999)
Could have been a little bit better
2 November 1999
Warning: Spoilers
This film relied a lot on visual effects (which were amazingly brilliant) and the house itself, which was a sort of "Citizen Kane meets the Munsters". The house itself was awe-inspiringly immense and ornate beyond description - it cannot be put into mere words the size and decor of this place.

The beginning of the film was quite boring. For the first 5 minutes I had no idea where the film was going. I think it was just there to tie up what the rest of the film was about.

The film itself started off with a good storyline which it kept almost until the end. Having a main character become one with the door (and therefore, of course, the afterlife) was, I think, a bit of a let down. They could have done something else with her.

I think overall the imagery in the film made it the hit that it is, but it is still definately worth a see.
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Bloodmoon (1997)
Pretty Negative
2 November 1999
Wow! If there is one word to describe this film, it would probably be "cr@p".

I sat throught this film from beginning to end in the hope that it would get better, but it didn't. I think that the worst part was the end. REALLY! People rigged to a bomb which turns out to be a tape recorder saying "I don't kill women and children - no slaughter of the innocent - hahaha" and it "exploded" letting loose a mirage of colourful ribbons.

And the hero rescuing them after falling 4 storeys with no support other than a rope tied around his waist. Sorry. He should've been dead after that. In fact, that would have been the highlight of the film.

I didn't rate this film. There isn't a score low enough for it.
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Not as bad as you think
27 October 1999
I didn't vote on this movie because I wouldn't know what rating to give it. I was surprised at the number of lousy comments for this film. I think the film was actually quite good. I saw most people thought of it as a SNL (Saturday Night Live) spinoff, but the only thing that it has in common with SNL is the fact that there are 2 humorous people in it.

This film about 2 eccentricly close brothers (who AREN'T gay) who are just trying to be cool and fit in with the almost unobtainable upper class of clubbers is a must for all die-hard 80's people out there.

This film isn't as bad as most people think. If I were looking to rent a movie, I would definately give this one a try.
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Cult Classic
27 October 1999
A true cult classic. I don't know what makes a cult classic, but judging from this movie the list has to contain a shallow 2 dimensional main character, a completely unbelievable plotline and strange special effects.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film as I do any B-grade movies (not that this IS one...). Even the second and third time I watched it I enjoyed it.

Here's a thought: How did the army of darkness (skeletons) run, talk, pick things up, shout, or for that matter, even move if they had NO muscles or internal organs whatsoever?
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Deep Blue Sea (1999)
25 October 1999
This is definately one of the best films of '99. I watched it in a cinema with loud stereo speakers and it was completely riveting. I couldn't take my eyes for the screen for a second. The cast is brilliant, the story and effects are amazing and I recommend this film to anyone of any age who wants a good scare.
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The Sting (1973)
18 October 1999
This is undoubtedly one of Redford's best movies. I found everything about this movie spellbounding. The twists, the suspense and the sheer brilliance and plotting of the sting itself. The plot, the storyline, everything is amazing. Something else about the movie is watching Robert Redford. He was a lot younger then and a lot faster, but he hasn't changed all that much.

If you haven't seen this movie, watch it. It will keep you riveted!
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Funny Bones (1995)
A very multi-faceted film
13 October 1999
When I first saw this film I thought that it was brilliant. At first it seemed to have an amateurish quality about it, but this turned out not to be true. What I thought was amateurish about it turned out to be the sound. The ever present ocean seems to add to the sound quality as if the viewer were really there, experiencing what actually happened.

This is undoubtedly one of Oliver Platt's best roles. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the intriguing Mr.Fawkes. Lee Evans was also unbelievably riveting in his portrayal as the mentally disturbed young man.

This film is very representative of the small town in Britain with it's quiet undisturbed population that seems to be frozen in time, in contrast to Fawkes's father's life in America, which is busy and ever-changing, where the most important thing in life is money, as opposed to memories being just as important back in the small British town.

The best part of the film is watching (in small parts) the unravelling of the horrific event that had happened so many years before and turned the young man (played by Lee Evans) into the person he is today.

A riveting watch. See it.
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F/X (1986)
28 September 1999
This must be one of the best films of all time. I know that it is a typically eighties movie (which you can see by the style of it), but nevertheless I think that everyone will enjoy it. With the following of the equally brilliant F/X 2 in 1991, I really enjoyed that too. The series (and the pilot for the series) doesn't do the film justice. It was, nowhere nearly as good as the original. There is no replacement for Bryan Brown or Brian Dennehy as Rollie and Leo.
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The Shining (1980)
Brilliant portrayal by Jack Nicholson
14 September 1999
I recently saw the movie and thought it was brilliant. Jack Nicholson's portrayal of Jack Torrance was brilliant. I have also seen the 1997 version of the film which was actually made for TV but was later adapted to film. I think that the "graphicalness" of it is quite a bit better and has more of an effect as a horror film. I recommend seeing the 1997 version as well as this one.
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Entrapment (1999)
Great movie with talented actors
9 September 1999
Although I have heard comments about the movie being "a good excuse to see Catherine Zeta Jones in tight leather", I think that the movie was a masterpiece. With Catherine and Sean Connery, two VERY talented British actors and a plotline that kept me riveted, I think that this movie deserves lots of praise.
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Leprechaun (1993)
Fun to watch
9 September 1999
Most people with good taste wouldn't appreciate this film for what it is. As someone who loves b-grade horror/thriller movies, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I strongly recommend it for anyone seeking this type of film...
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The Matrix (1999)
28 June 1999
The Matrix HAS to be the best movie of 1999. No question about it. I have seen the movie 3 times and never got tired of it. In fact it keeps getting better every time you see it. If any of you out there haven't seen it, GO NOW! SEE IT!!

I would recommend this movie to EVERYONE.

Who knows, maybe what the movie says is true...
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Good comments for brilliant film
28 June 1999
This is the classic 90's horror movie. I saw it when it first came out, and then again on video. Unfortunately when watching it on video it loses part of it's effect. It is still REALLY good, but it just had that extra something on the big screen.
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