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As a big fan of the A&E version, I was extremely satisfied!, 14 November 2005

I'm a huge fan of the mini-series since it aired on A&E 10 years ago. I had doubts about the movie version, first, how can any man redo Colin Firth's celebrated performance? And secondly, would Keira Knightly do justice to Eliza Bennet? And most importantly, how can you enjoy the film without comparing it to the mini-series!? Answer to the first question, is Matthew McFayden did a fantastic job, he's a great and passionate actor. Keira Knightly fit perfectly as Eliza Bennet (and believe me I had doubts), but her performance was outstanding. And lastly: the mini-series. For the first 20 minutes of the film, all I could do was compare every actor, every movement to the mini-series. But then I became so wrapped up with the sensuality of the film, something the A&E/BBC miniseries lacked. Granted, the A&E version is more true to the novel, it also has more room for intelligent banter and novel preservation because it's 5 hours long. Although what the mini-series did lack, was the PASSION! Which this movie exceeds. It is not just a great novel, but it's a love story which the film portrays beautifully. The passion in Eliza's heart and love for Mr. Darcy after realizing his goodness is something that is quite reserved in the mini-series.

The film made a great approach in making miniseries fans satisfied by being able to see the passionate and sensual side of Jane Austen and the story.

The director's choices were fantastic. We got to almost feel Eliza's character the part where we see the sunlight Eliza sees with her eyes closed. It was a great choice in trying to connect the audience almost anatomically with our protagonist.

If you are a big fan of the mini-series, don't be stubborn - you will be pleasantly surprised to see a new side to our favorite Jane Austen couple.

FILM: 10/10 DIRECTING: 10/10 PERFORMANCES: 10/10 (although I wasn't really happy with the casting of the Binglys) WRITING: 9/10 ADVERTISING: 0/10 (Consider this movie poorly advertised, especially 2 months before Oscar announcements; shame shame shame)

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Gross & Yucky..., 5 September 2003

I who never was in NY during the early 90s, do not know what the rave scene used to be like. According to my friend, this movie is "on-point" to the underground rave scenes. (Yuck, ew, yuck, sick)

I love Seth Green and I think he's a wonderful actor; this role proves it. But Macaulay on the other hand... well I guess it would be hard to play a deranged, delusional, and psychopathic snob, with killer pun intended. But it was a horrible performance. Is it to late to ask him to go take acting lessons? The small cameos throughout this film cannot save this movie. Although I did amuse myself by playing "spot the celeb" b/c the story itself made me want to puke manually. The highlight of this film was seeing Culkin in a naughty nurse outfit... I got a huge kick out of that. I stopped watching it after an hour, cus the movie wasn't going anywhere except for Hollywood Hell for being very very bad.

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Chris Rock for President!, 30 March 2003

Chris Rock is the funniest man I have ever known. He is ON POINT, in everything he says. He brings up political, health, and social issues, from gun control to race, that really makes you think and laugh because it's so true. His speech on gun control can be seen in Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine." Rock is intelligent and funny, and we see this in this HBO special.

There is a scene in his current film, "Head of State" that shows the views of Chris Rock that we find in "Bigger and Blacker." I also recommend "The Best of Chris Rock."

"There isn't any money in the cure, the money is in the medicine. That's how a drug dealer makes his money, on the cutbacks. . . They got metal on the space shuttle that can go around the moon that can withstand temp. of 25,000 degrees; you mean to tell me they can't make an El Dorado that bumper don't fall off?" (on finding the cure for AIDS)

Rock writes and performs with pure genius and clarity. He says things that everyone has thought about but couldn't put into words. For those who didn't have HBO, RENT IT!! I give this 10/10!

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Could've been better, 19 February 2003

Terrible. Jessica Lange was her superb self and Jason Biggs was at his best. But I didn't buy Ricci's struggle. She didn't seem like she was suffering at all. Ricci's character was portrayed like a brat and a pathetic whiny loser. I'd think about putting a sock in her mouth before an anti-depressant.

The Guru (2002)
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Absolutely great!! Bollywood hits Gotham!, 9 February 2003

This is a great film. It's great to see a big studio take on a film that has few concepts that are unfamiliar to Hollywood.

"The Guru" is absolutely hilarious and cute. Some scenes were absolutely hilarious. But aside from the comedy, there is also the part where we understand the main character because we all know what it is like to dream.

The whole theater clapped after the film ended. I guess we all felt the same good energy from this film.

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The sweet life becomes bitter for Marcello. . ., 27 December 2002

Federico Fellini as the writer and director who creates a thematic masterpiece about a man's search for answers, value, substance, and a taste of the sweet life.

As it was quoted in Fellini's IMDB biography, he once said "you exist only in what you do." This is a definite underlying theme in this movie. This film gave birth to the word Paparazzi. And what do the paparazzi do for a living? They follow celebrities and watch their every move....if "you exist only in what you do," then the paparazzi exist only through other people; a very existential tone in this film.

Indeed Marcello, the unfortunate hero of this la-la citta fairytale, who plays a celebrity/socialite gossip columnist, falls into the trap of "other people." Hence the symbolic theme of imprisonment in the last party scene, in which everyone seems to be behind bars.

I would not know about most La Dolce Vita fans, but I thought that Steiner was the real tragic hero of this film. Here is a man at the top of the intellectual ya yas and the elite in this "organized society, where everything is planned, everything is perfect," who fears nothing but his children, who valued nothing but the sounds of nature and were content. The American version of Steiner would be Holden Caufield, who wanted to be the Catcher in the Rye and save the children from falling into society's jungle. (at least that's who he reminded me of)

If you like Fellini, I recommend watching this film. It's definitely at the top amongst the great neo-realist films.

This is a movie you can simply watch and enjoy, but if you want to appreciate it a bit more, watch it again and look for all the symbolisms. Talent such as Fellini's is one I rarely see today. There is so much love, sorrow, joy, emptiness, unredemption within the characters of this film, that you almost feel for Fellini himself.

10/10 . . . Molto Bene!

Blow-Up (1966)
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WOW! Enough said..., 27 December 2002

David Hemmings is hip and Vanessa Redgrave is stunning, but there's more to this movie than the groovy hair Hemmings sports, supermodels, trendy clothes, the psychadelic monagesque scene, and all else that glitters.

Hemmings' character, Thomas, likes to be detached and Redgrave has a secret that keeps being defined and redefined through a photo.

I loved Thomas' randomness. I never knew randomness could be so fun and amusing! And yet there is something so significant in his randomness.

The part when Thomas crashes a club looking for Jane was great. Where did Antonioni come up with a genius scene? Here we have a crowd of fans and groupie wannabes at a mini concert, who go crazy after the band's lead singer throws a guitar into the crowd. Thomas, who randomly stumbles into the crowd, fights over the guitar assuming its significance since everyone else is fighting for it. After he leaves with the guitar and realizes what a piece of junk the guitar really is, he throws it onto the ground. This scene seems random, but is the epitome of the whole film. Antonioni weaves this scene in beatifully.

The mimes in the beginning of the story seem just like a bunch of random extras (or isn't that the point?) and then at the end their role in the film starts to make sense and becomes more significant.

We may never know what the mysterious photo is trying to say... and like the woman who seems to have never existed. Was it all like a mime... a suspension of disbelief?

Redgrave's character, Jane, could be traced back to L'Aventurra's Anna...

I've heard people discuss Plato and Borges, as a way to uncover the theme of this film. There is indeed the question of reality here.

What a great film! One of Antonioni's best! 10/10

Amélie (2001)
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A New Outlook on Life, 11 January 2002

I watched Amelie and found it extremely witty and charming. I was impressed on how the script was written and how it correlated scenes together.

Amelie changes the lives of the people she would pass unnoticably throughout her daily life, for her simple devotion for passion and humanity. A cute love story as well, but truly a story in which the protagonist shows us a new perspective of life.

It's like electricity..., 6 November 2001

I never had any devotion to see this movie. All I could think was "how entertaining can a movie be about a boy discovering ballet?" Well I finally watched it and can't stop watching it!! The movie makes me laugh, cry, even after the 5th time of seeing it. Great performances!!

This movie has a key motor that keeps this movie going, that is Passion. The passion to want to do and be something so much that it can take you anywhere.

The story is written well. I liked how the conflicts between Billy's family and his passion in dancing parallels. With dancing he can escape the family troubles he can hardly understand; he can take flight. I like how the strikes and his struggle parallel and how everything comes to a close in the end. It is a beautiful movie and so close to the heart (really without sounding corny). There was a point where my friends and I got up and danced, because thats what the movie made us want to that's true entertainment.

Swordfish (2001)
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cheesy and trashy, 6 November 2001

What do you get when you pass a man's dick and the movie "Wild Things"...oh yeah Swordfish...I can see one of my college-guy friends writing the same story themselves "hmm...this hacker needs to get a code...oh and how dope would it be if we have him get a blow job while he's at it" this is where most of the adrenaline rush is focused on. The trailers made Swordfish seem like a modern thriller, but when I watched movie, I felt I was back in the eighties on some Miami beach shack.

I'm kinda disappointed that Halle Berry had to participate in such a classless movie; honestly I can't help but not see her in a respectable light anymore. As for Travolta, it seems as if he is going back to choosing tasteless movies...Oh well....what can you do. 4/10

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