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Ronin (1998)
A classy exotic thriller, 14 December 1999

The old Master Frankenheimer dips into his bag of tricks from the sixties and delivers an intelligent thriller. The teaming of De Niro and Reno is perfect. The best part of this film is the european backdrop. It makes this classy thriller stand out from the rest. It reminded me of The Day of the Jackal, with Edward Fox. Frankenheimer delivers one of the best car chases ever put on film.

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A thrilling topical film, 14 December 1999

This is an extraordinary topical thriller. Fonda and Douglas are good, but Lemmon blows them away. He plays a man who must go against everything he thought was right. Bridges paces the film very well with a lot of tension. The last of the seventies expose films.

Tycoon (1947)
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An entertaining film, 14 December 1999

Tycoon is a nice John Wayne film which looks splendid in color. Wayne plays a different character than usual. For the first part of the film he plays his standard All-American man, but during the second half he turns to a heel. Day looks fabulous. A negative point of this film is the dreary character of Hardwicke. The story and the exotic locale makes this an entertaining film.

Body Heat (1981)
Old-fashioned thriller, 7 December 1999

Body Heat is one of the few modern thrillers which captures the spirit of the golden age of film noir. Lawrence Kasdan completely engulfs the viewer with an old time feel. Body Heat is filled with double crosses, sexuality, and scheming. This film is well worth watching by anyone interested in film noir or thrillers.

Victim (1961)
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A unique, intelligent film., 7 December 1999

This is a powerful drama\thriller about the pursuit of truth, no matter the cost. Still interesting after nearly 40 years. Bogarde, as the noble lawyer, with a past, is excellent. Victim is an intelligently written film which will keep you watching until the end.

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A good look at athletic pressures., 30 November 1999

Spike Lee explores the difficulty of making life defining decisions. Denzel Washington, as usual is brilliant. Ray Allen is a real find. The best part of this film is the great score by Public Enemy. A good look at the pressures on a young athlete.

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A glorious black comedy, 22 November 1999

Sharks is a top notch black comedy about office politics. The endless stream of insults and putdowns is captivating. As usual, Kevin Spacey is sensational. If you're into the darker side of the human psyche give this movie a look.

Casino (1995)
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A gangster classic, 22 November 1999

Scorcese follows up his brilliant Goodfellas with an equally aggressive gangster saga. He captivates the viewer from start to finish with a dynamic plot and characters. No one but Scorcese can make such scummy people so interesting. Peschi is like James Cagney, ready to explode at any minute. Casino is a violent, spellbinding and brilliant film.

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Another John Woo masterpiece, 16 November 1999

This is the best of the Better Tomorrow series. John Woo manages to meld a strong male bonding drama with unbelievable action sequences. Leslie Cheung, Chow Yun-Fat, and Ti Lung work magic together. The climax is one of the best action sequences ever filmed. The is must viewing for any action film lover.

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An intense masterpiece, 9 November 1999

This is an emotional and intense masterpiece. This story of the trial of Joan of Arc is spellbinding. This is amazing because its essentially a collection of close ups. Dreyer's direction and editing is unbelievable. To make this bunch of close ups compelling is an astonishing feat. The editing reminded me a lot of Eisenstein, with his intercutting intensity. The performance of Falconetti is astonishing. She is compelling just by a tear or a slight tilt of her head. This cinema class staple which easily holds up today. Watch this to to witness the power of silent drama.

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