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Excellent, but still not as good as Tenko, 27 June 1999

"Paradise Road" was excellent, featuring some stunning performances, but generally I would say that I couldn't care for enough of the characters to make the drama as good as Tenko.

An excellent film, with a stunning sequence where the planes attack the ship. Definitely Glenn Close's best performance I've ever seen.

Titanic (1997)
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The First sign of an excellent movie, 27 June 1999

The first sign of an Excellent movie is when over 2,000 people took time out of their day to give this movie 0/10.

Winslett and DiCaprio put in some of the best performances witnessed on TV, with a fantastic soundtrack, directing and "story".

A Perfect film, that will be treasured as one of (if not the best) film of all time ! 10 / 10

Matilda (1996)
I enjoyed this a great deal, and I'm not a kid !, 26 June 1999

What a superb film with fantastic acting from all of the cast. The story itself obviously owes it's greatness to Roald Dahl, but the film is very true to the story and does a superb job of bringing the book to the big screen.

Very funny, and I'm 20 yrs old and still thought this was good. This is a sign of a superb film when it's destined age is the young teens and young children, but me and my family all enjoyed it on the Sky channel one night.

Keep up the Roald Dahl good movies, i.e The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and now Matilda.

Mimic (1997)
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Good, but could have been better, 26 June 1999

Mimic was a good horror film, but I think the opening thirty minutes was lacking. There was too little time to get to know and like the characters, even the superb Mira Sorvino didn't have one of the most likeable characters.

The creatures were excellent in my opinion, reminded me of the superior film "Starship Troopers". When the action got going it was quite a rip-roaring ride, but it wasn't as "clever" as I expected when I bought this on video here in the UK.

However, I still feel the general score this film has on IMDB is a little too low in my opinion, I gave it between an 8/9, repeated viewing will decide whether it stays with the 8 or 9.

Nice soundtrack and I liked the lad. Why was he special ?

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Well, what more can I say. In my opinion, one of the worst films ever., 24 June 1999

I don't like War movies at the best of times, but I just couldn't see that this film served any purpose but to make the audience disturbed and deeply moved at the end of the film. The performances were O.K, but nothing special. It's films like these that in my opinion glorify war, it may have been shown to be horrific, but do we really need to see it and how are we expected to cope if it were ever to happen again when films like this exist.

If you want to see a good film, find a comedy or sci-fi, you can watch the film and either laugh or see it as a possibility of a future. A War movie is showing us events of a terrible part of our past, something that does not need to be depicted in such a manner on the big screen. We know war is a bad thing, just film simply disturbs its audience.

As you can tell, I really DIDN'T like this film. (0/10)

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A superb movie for Die-Hard fans of Babylon 5, 24 June 1999

Personally I loved "In the beginning" but I know the series off-by-heart, therefore I was able to see how important a part of the series this film was and pick up on all the clever bits in the movie that one-off watchers wouldn't pick up on.

It's not my favourite movie as generally I feel "A call to arms" was more important and more in tune for all fans of the show. But as a part of the arc and probably even for performances this one if fantastic. Mira Furlan is absolutely magnificent and you can't help but think her lack of presence in the other movies is a bad thing for them.

Very good.

One of my favourite two comedy films, 24 June 1999

Strangely, I bought 6 videos for the price of 4 in a sale, and Romy and Michele's high school reunion was the last one I decided to buy because I couldn't find another. However without any doubt it was the best of the bunch. Now almost 1yr after I originally bought and watched it, I can be sure that it definitely is one of my favourite comedies of all time, joint only with 1998's "There's something about Mary" that was absolutely hilarious.

The performances were first rate all round, Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow and Janeane Garofalo were superb. It's another kind of subtle humour rather than burst out blatant laughter (more in the league of "Austin Powers" humour, another great comedy).

The only time the movie falls flat is in the dream sequence, that just lasts too long and you can't help but feel the time could have been spent on some better moments.

With a fantastic soundtrack as well, "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" is definitely a comedy that I would recommend.

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The strongest of all the movies., 24 June 1999

Of all the movies "A call to Arms" is my favourite, "In the beginning" makes a wonderful prequel but generally only the very big fans of the show will really appreciate all the parts of the film. "A call to Arms" manages not only to please big fans of the show by featuring a very big event in the B5 universe, but also make a stunning stand-alone movie that anyone could enjoy.

I thought Dobro and Woodward were absolutely excellent as Dureen and Galen, characters I am certainly looking forward to seeing more of in JMS's crusade.

The music is...well, pretty bad on first listening. But eventually you'll get used to it and it does give the film a unique and different feeling to the rest of the B5 series. This is definetly the movie to watch if you want to watch one of the films to get into the series.

An excellent film, 24 June 1999

Well what more can be said. Austin Powers is marvellous, thanks almost entirely to Mike Myers and his talents.

Nothing against Liz Hurley because I think this is her best work I've seen her in and she is without doubt stunningly attractive. But it's Myers characters, writing e.t.c that are superb in this film and a fantastic soundtrack as well.

Haven't seen the second one yet, but it looks a blast. (10 / 10)

The Rock (1996)
Surprisingly much better than I expected, 24 June 1999

I was hoping for another film in the same league of "Con Air" and luckily I got it and with less bad language that that film.

The acting was universally good, Sean Connery was his usual excellent self and Nicolas Cage continues to prove to be one of my more popular actors.

The film dragged out too much at the end and the sudden change from Ed Harris was a bit unconvincing, but there was enough action and suspense to keep me watching all the way through. (9 / 10)

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