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Hilarious, 7 July 2001

Scary Movie 2 is hilarious. There's one thing that I can't seem to understand, if someone didn't like Scary Movie then why would they go see Scary Movie 2. They couldn't have thought that Marlon and Shawn Wayans were going to change the writing style they used on a movie that grossed well over 200 million dollars. Anyway, the movie was funny. I must say that I did like the first better, but I still thought this one was hilarious. Marlon Wayans is my favorite actor and I am a huge fan of the entire Wayans family. Although I don't believe that any type of comedy is better than another, if I were to follow these beliefs then I would have to conclude that Keenan, Marlon, and Shawn are just very versatile. Keenan Ivory Wayans wrote and produced I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, a spoof of blaxploitation films. This movie received rave reviews and didn't have "toilet humor" as many people like to call it. Marlon and Shawn wrote and produced Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, which critically was not as successful as Keenan's spoof, but was a huge hit with fans and had very little "toilet humor." Last summer the brothers Wayans wrote Scary Movie and mastered gross-out humor in the spoof. They did it again this summer. Perhaps many of the jokes in Scary Movie 2 are taken from scenes or even movies that many people might not remember, but the movie is still hilarious. Straight up, if you didn't like the first one, don't go see the sequel expecting something totally different. If you liked the first one and didn't enjoy the second, I supposed I can understand. I give it a 10 because it did its job which was to make me laugh. One final note, to anyone who says Marlon Wayans isn't talented, go out and rent Requiem for a Dream.

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Great Show, 5 April 2001

"My Wife and Kids" is an excellent show. It has a great cast and is very funny. I read an article where Damon Wayans said that he wanted to bring back to television what Bill Cosby did and he is certainly doing just that. The show will hopefully be on for years and be very high in the Nielsens Ratings. I give this show a 10.

Finding Forrester, 31 January 2001

I commented on this movie once before right after I saw it a few weeks ago. At that point, I had not seen "Good Will Hunting." Reading some of the comments of other people on IMDB prompted me to want to see it so I borrowed it from a friend. I loved it. However, I like Finding Forrester better and found no real similarities between the two movies other than a few. How many people called this movie formulaic is beyond me because frankly they were totally different.

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Excellent Show, 25 January 2001

This show is excellent. I think that it tops the movie. All of the actors are great and the storyline keeps me interested. Now in its second season, Soul Food is proving that the great writing, acting, directing, and everything else of th first season wasn't a fluke. I hope to see this show around for a long time.

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This Movie is Great!, 20 January 2001

Double Take is a great movie. I laughed a lot and had a great time in the theater. Eddie Griffen and Orlando Jones both gave excellent performances as did the rest of the cast. The storyline was cool and I liked the plot twists a lot. The trailer made the story seem way different, so you were surprised and I like that. All in all, the movie did it's job. It gets a 10 from me.

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Excellent Film, 18 January 2001

I just saw Save the Last Dance and I loved it. Julia Stiles is now one of my favorite actresses. She and Sean Patrick Thomas share a chemistry that makes every scene seem so real. I also enjoyed the performances of Fredro Starr and the rest of the cast. I am definately going to buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. Despite what others might say and have said, MTV makes great films(The Wood is one of my top three, and I loved Varsity Blues and Can't Hardly Wait). Anyway, I recommend this movie. 10 out of 10.

Excellent Movie, 10 January 2001

I think "Finding Forrester" is an excellent film. I have not seen "Good Will Hunting", which is surprising as I am a big movie person, but had I seen it, I doubt that it would change my view on this movie. I loved it. I think that Robert Brown did an excellent job, especially for his first acting endeaver. He and Sean Connery share a chemistry that is indescribable. I'd like to see them together again sometime. Also, I think that Gus Van Sant is an excellent director. I found nothing wrong with this movie. Despite what others may say, I recommend seeing the movie as soon as possible. 10 out of 10.

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You Think You Know, 6 January 2001

I have already posted a comment praising this movie. This comment is directed toward all who have commented negatively about the film. I am the first to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, as I believe this is true. However, many people have said that this is a bad movie because the cinematography is unoriginal. In case you all have not looked at the trivia section of this movie, it contains over 2000 cuts, as the average movie contains around 700. Also, some people said this movie is unrealistic. I am willing to put my life on the line and bet that 99 percent of those who said that have never been a heroin addict, let alone tried the drug. I have never used drugs, but I have friends who have(Even one who lost his life this summer because he jumped out of a car under the influence of speed). None of us know what it is like to be drug addicts. And in case some of you don't know, screenwriters do usually research things before they write about them, as do actors before they portray something. With this said, I would like to say once more that I respect everyone's opinion, but the reasons for those opinions may not be solid.

Excellent Movie, 2 January 2001

I had anticipated seeing this movie about a year and a half ago when I found out about it because Marlon Wayans,my favorite actor, is in it. Not to say that he gave the top performance of the movie, as to me Mrs. Burstyn did that, but I have always respected him as an actual actor as opposed to just a funny guy used for comic relief. I'm really glad to see that maybe now others will respect him as an actor as I do. Now that I've given props to my man Marlon, I would like to say that Requiem for a Dream is one of the best, if not the best movie I have ever seen and it is now one of my favorites. I had read so much about how graphic the movie was before I saw it that it really didn't seem too graphic to me other than the last Connelly scene. She gets major respect as an actress for what she did as do all the actors of the cast. I will stop here because I think my point has been made. Great director. Great cast. Great movie. Check it out. 10 out of 10.

The Wood (1999)
One of my favorite movies, 15 August 2000

I have three favorite movies: Senseless, The Wood, and How To Be A Player. I love The Wood because even though I didn't grow up in as rough a place as Inglewood, CA, I can still relate to the situations in this movie. I am only 16 but I have experienced almost everything that Mike, Roland, and Slim went through as teenagers. I am an aspiring actor and movies like this make me look forward to the experience of acting on the big screen even more. I idolize all three of the main characters(Epps, Diggs, and Jones). I really enjoyed the actors who played the younger versions. They were all great. This is an excellent film that can be loved by all. I give it a 10.

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