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Just plain weird, 23 June 1999

This movie is just a strange plot.Imagine a german a japanese person and an american named Chappy who all have planes from their country during WW2.No this isn't a joke its the movie Iron Eagles 3 Aces .This flick does have its moments though.If you're looking for a good war movie id recommend Top Gun or Iron Eagle and Iron eagle 4.This is only for Iron Eagle buffs.

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Best Series on Earth, 22 June 1999

This show has become a tradition with me and my brother.Every saturday i watch and i get upset if i fall asleep in the middle of it.Most of the movies are good or are classics,but every once in a while they show a cheese flick or two.On a scale of * being horrid and ***** being great id give it a ****************

"So Weird" (1999)
A great show, 22 June 1999

A mix of the X-files and Twilight zone only with real facts about paranormal backing it up.A truly great show.More Shows like this should be made.