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I wish Hollywood would put the "Man" back into Superman., 5 January 2007

I would like to thank the producers and "director" of this film for perverting one of my child hood heroes. There is no fire between the two leads, gee I wonder why. (sigh) I know that Hollywood does not care about regular people outside of their circle and lost touch of audiences my age, which is why me or my family never go to see movies at the theater any more. Why pay to see trash. Network TV is even worst. But I guess no one in Hollywood never really cared about making real family entertainment or for anyone but themselves. Anyway, who cares about regular people these days. By the way, why is Suoperman wearing a speedo? I'm finished with movies and Hollywood. Not that it matters They've got mindless teens and twenty-something audiences buying they're perverted junk. Anyone wanna start up a production company for regular people?

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One of the better sci-fi shows of the 80's!, 27 July 2005

This is one of those shows that never make it pass their first season but is far better than the rubbish now. With great guest directors/writers like Star Trek veterans Leonard Nimoy and Walter Koenig this underrated gem from the early 1980's is a treat for fans looking to take a break from the Trek universe or just fans of great sci-fi TV. It also has a enjoyable cast, which for me is becoming harder to find in TV or film these days. Even the lovely Julie Newmar makes a small guest appearance in a episode. Granted it may not be the best sci-fi show ever, but The Powers Of Matthew Starr is a fun and entertaining show that you could watch with the family. It truly deserves to be on DVD.

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The BEST animated Hulk period!, 16 February 2005

I grew up with Spider-Man, Hulk and the other wonderful Marvel characters and I really love this version of the Hulk! This show and "Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends" are my two favorite cartoon series of all-time! It is not silly like the muck that we have on TV today. Also, as with all SunBow shows the animation and stories are top notch! The voice work is amazing as well. Michael Bell is the perfect choice for role of Bruce Banner other than Bill Bixby. There was a new Hulk series in the 1990's but it could not capture the sense of drama that this series has. I really wish that Disney would get cracking and release this great show on DVD in season sets, along with Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends!

"S.W.A.T." (1975)
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One of the better shows of the 70's!, 12 June 2003

I wish that they would make shows like this today. I don't know about everyone else my age but I'm sick of these shows today like CSI, Cops, N.Y.P.D. BLUE etc. We see that on the news every night. I'm ready for shows to become fun again! And who wants to see blood and guts during dinner? But anyway S.W.A.T. has a wonderful cast, great action and is worth a look for fans of Starsky & Hutch and The Rookies.