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Need to stay awake for whatever reason? No need to bother with caffeine or other stimulants-- simply watch one or more of these movies! You won't be able to fall asleep (or in many cases, relax) even if you want to.

Sure, you may hear people whine about how most of these movies may have some things in common... black hair that moves around by itself, curses, female ghosts on the ceiling, characters literally being scared to death ...they all also are so scary I literally can't watch them alone in the house unless it's light out. Most of them gave me bad dreams, some nightmares, and all of them gave me --and everyone I talk to who also saw them-- such a big jump (or more than one) during the movie that they swear their entire body lost contact with their seat. I've seen good ones, terrible ones, and ones that I still can't get out of my's ten of the latter, in no order of importance.
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The industry is filled with beautiful women. There's those who are beautiful, unconventionally beautiful, those who stay sexy decade after decade with little or minimal cosmetic surgery... then there's the ones so consistently magnificent that you have to remind yourselves are human and born on planet Earth. I've talking with many, many men (and women) who agree that these are the kind of women who inspire artists to create paintings, poetry, and music. Here's ten in a class by themselves.