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frantic revisited, 6 September 1999

I surely enjoyed this movie. However, I spotted the same atmosphere as in Frantic, one of my favorite Roman Polansky movies ever. Okay, the climax is maybe predictable, but it's all great. Johnny Depp is almost an future Indiana Jones, with matching bag... I've loved the movie "leader", once again a bit the same as in Frantic.

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great movie, 12 August 1999

The best Ron Brandsteder yet! Even Grijpstra and the Gier couldn't tip to this movie. Great dialoque, fine action. Casulties of war, eat your heart out!

Chinese Theater - question, 17 June 1999

I really liked the movie. It's was for my special, because I saw the movie in Los Angeles. I flew on the 24th May early, my birthday, and I arrived (for the first time) in LA still on the 24th! and saw in the Chinese Theater the best movie of the nineties. In Holland this movie is due until 30 September!? I'm certain to see the movie for the fourth time in London on the 16th July.

You can't compare it with the "old" trilogy, you shouldn't, but the effects (Podrace scene) are great. Bravo Lucas!!!

(stupid?) Question: why is Dark Sidious not mentioned on the credits. Is this the same character as the later to become the evil Empire?

Best regards!