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I'm British, so this from the outside looking in. The list is in no particular order of preference.
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After listening to yet another moan from someone that "they don't make any good films anymore", I thought I'd check back to 2000 (coincidentally when I joined IMDB) and see what films I'd given the ultimate accolade to, and quite frankly I was a bit shocked! There was only 12 of them and fully a third were animated, neither of which I would have credited before starting this list. Now I pretty much see everything eventually, so it isn't for the lack of exposure and I don't retrospectively change a rating once given unless I re-watch the film, so I'm not constantly downgrading titles, the 10 was given because that's what I felt immediately following a viewing. Also, I have rated a total of 5,267 titles, whilst I'm sure nowhere near any record, a figure not to be sniffed at. So for your all too brief delectation I give you my list - in no particular order of favoritism.
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Appearing in no particular order, and it doesn't mean I hate the movie, or even dislike it, just that I don't think it's good enough to be in the "Top 250". I have seen them all.
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My all-time favourite movies from from the decade that started with a whisper and ended with a bang.