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Some I've liked for decades, others far more recently. A few qualify as "fantasy crushes," but most are just the gals that make me happiest when I see them on TV or in movies or concerts.

I'm doing this because I think there's still a place on the Internet for positive fans.

It's a shame that the IMDB moderators have all but given up. The reader comments sections here, which years ago were actually useful, have become cesspools where mostly trolls and morons play.

Now the trolls are making lists as well. A list that claims that thousands of actors are all really ugly but that there's some vast conspiracy to convince us they're not can only be the work of a psychopath or troll. But apparently, no one on the IMDB staff cares to exercise their power to eliminate such nonsense.

So, I'm keeping this one positive and if you don't like it, shove it.

This list is and likely will remain always "under construction." After the top 4, the order is meaningless.

I'm an American but I've been watching a lot of British TV and movies lately, so the list is starting to fill up with UK actresses. I've always been a sucker for English, Scots and Irish accents. You'll also see many beautiful Spanish-speaking actresses here. I'm trying to learn that language and watching movies with gorgeous women is a painless way to learn.