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Timecode (2000)
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Film school geek gone mad, 25 May 2002

Too much. Too bad.

Screen split into four sections. Some seem connected. Some don't. Woooooooo.

It's got the "video" look. Glassy. Too bright. Too far away or too close. Shaky at times. Woooooooo.

The dialogue is hushed in three screens. Loud in one. Loud screen changes often. Draws your attention. Woooooooo.

All this can't cover up the fact that this film is essentially crap. Boring dialogue. Stilted acting. Pointless drivel. Boooooooo.

Too much. Way too bad to watch more than a few minutes.

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Good family fare, 3 January 2000

This movies is based on a true story. Pete Gray, son of a poor immigrant coal miner in Pennsylvania, loses an arm during childhood. He learns to overcome his disability and to play baseball with just one arm. When he grows up, he pursues the dream of playing in the majors during the '40s.

It's an inspiring story. For instance, to field a ball, Gray would catch it in his glove (which was smaller than the standard), toss the ball back up in the air long enough to allow him to toss off the glove, then catch the ball in the bare hand and throw it again. It's incredible to think about someone being able to do that well enough to play with the pros, but he did.

I think any child or person that might be worrying about whether their personal limitations might keep them from trying to fulfill a dream should watch this movie.

Carradine is very convincing as Gray; I suppose there might be moments when you could catch a glimpse of his "extra" arm stuffed in his shirt, but I don't remember any.

"Married with Children" fans can have fun with the scenes with Ed O'Neill as Carradine's older brother.

FYI: I worked as an extra on this movie in some scenes filmed near Chattanooga, Tenn. (in nearby Marion County). It is amazing what the crew did with what they had to work with.

You won't be disappointed if you can find this on video or catch a broadcast. It's not one of those all-time great movies, but it's several notches above standard TV movie fare.