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ok for nut case fans, 1 October 2001

The reviews are up and down for this one, and it may be because of the psycho scenes. As the first reviewer noted, it does a good job of getting the viewer inside the psycho's head, but if you aren't into strange scenes with psychotic visions, confusing sequences, etc you might find it tedious. These aren't the crisp psycho scene like in The Cell, but more like visions. The plot is good, and the supporting acting is adequate. But watching this nut stumble around trying to catch a crook might be too off the wall for some people. I'd give it a 6.5/10.

On the Beach (2000) (TV)
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average TV movie, 20 August 2001

First a warning for the guys, don't be seduced by the nuclear sub on the box, this is a chick flick. It's after the war, and there is nothing more to shoot at. It's long, but moves along alright, although you can FF through the mood scenes. It's lots of relationship stuff and crying, and a little suspense as they try to locate life in another area of the world. There are tons of cliches and platitudes, and the plot is straight formula. The acting is adequate, and if all you want is a tear-jerker with an adequate story, this might be enough for you. If you're looking for action, this isn't it. -Bob

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mediocre heist flick, 19 August 2001

Two aspects of this movie had the chance to make it a good flick, the psychos in the gang, and the plot twists, mostly betrayals. But it gets bogged down in a lot of banter, and the pace gets too slow, not as slow as "High Art", but close. There is also a little too much over-acting, sort of like a high school play. The beginning sets things up fairly well, and the ending has all the plot twists, but you have to bear with the middle scenes. The psychos were well thought out, but not well executed, rather shallowly done. Better caper/heist flicks to rent would be Phoenix, Route 9, or Judas Kiss, and a better psycho movie would be In Dreams, but it might be worth a couple bucks if you don't get your hopes up too high. -Bob

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"Dumb and Dumber" clone, 13 August 2001

This is another movie in the dumb-crook genre, and to be honest this is a review of half the movie, because we turned it off halfway through. We just couldn't take any more tedious arguing and bickering between these 3 morons. We were expecting something like "A Simple Plan", or maybe even "Fargo", but instead it was shallow, irritating, and boring. But if you just loved "Dumb and Dumber" you'll probably like this one. -Bob

Onegin (1999)
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Dr. Zhivago meets Wuthering Heights, 12 August 2001

Set in 19th century Russia, the movie has elements of the two in the summary line, but not the depth of either. The viewer has to accept that love can happen even though the 2 people have never touched, kissed, or even had more than a few words together, rather like love at first sight. The wonderful Russian scenery and architecture lend beautiful texture to the story. It's rather slow moving, but if you're in the mood for a very visually appealing, melancholy story, this might fit the bill. And as with Zhivago, bad timing is everything. -Bob

not bad except for the cast, 6 August 2001

I agree with most of the positive reviews on this one, it's a pretty good Alien clone. A minor complaint was the jerky camera work, it didn't add to the mood, and a bigger complaint is about the shallow characters. You'll find yourself not caring much who gets killed next, but see if you can guess who will survive and who will get eaten, it's a surprise. -Bob

I Want You (1998/I)
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alternative, 3 July 2000

I agree with most of the other reviewers comments, but the viewer should know that this is not mainstream stuff, it's alternative, sort of like "High Art". If you like standard slick Hollywood stuff, this won't be your bag. Scenes change quickly, and at other times dawdle over a mood. The sex is alternative too, no standard love here. The acting is adequate, and the cinamatography is rural grundge UK, nothing pretty, not one nice English garden anywhere, mostly mud and weeds. If you've got broad tastes, give it a try. -Bob

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mediocre, 14 May 2000

This film is bearable but that's about it, similar to a good TV ep of "Space: Above and Beyond". It's a step up from the sci-fi gagger "Escape Velocity", which had even less action and more cliches. FF through all scenes of him with his girl friend, it's banal drivel, and that part isn't even tied up at the end. And forget the plot holes too. -Bob

Implicated (1999)
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poor effort, 30 April 2000

This movie has a pretty good plot idea, a fake kidnapping similar to Fargo, but the rest is poor. The acting is overacting half the time and very thin, forced and phoney half the time, even from Amy, not even equal to a decent TV network movie. The cops on the side actually do a better job of acting. A better suspense yarn on the rental shelves would be Best Laid Plans. The IMDB vote rating of 3.x is right on. Some of those voters should have posted reviews too :-) -Bob

Revenge (2000)
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equal to network TV movies, 12 April 2000

Reviewer Chris had it about right, it's ok but about the level of a network TV movie. It's about being double-crossed by your spouse, and moves along ok, without any real plot twists. If you're usually happy with TV movies you'll probably like this, but if you're looking for more, skip it. -Bob

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