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I'm going to be seasick, 2 February 2001

What an extremely dumb slapstick! I know that slapsticks usually arent't very advanced but this is just messed up. Stupid jokes, bad acting, annoying characters, and want to be crude humor is what you can expect to find if you rent this movie. Beware, watching may lower your IQ.

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Waste of my time, 2 February 2001

I liked the original, it was zany but it kept itself from becoming too cartoonish. This on the other hand is more cartoon/comic than movie, and would of been better if it was done as a cartoon. This movie is a shameless piece of crap with a bad plot, so it just tries to fill up as much as it can with lame jokes.

Moonwalker (1988)
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Scuse me while I horf, 2 February 2001

Whose idea was it to make a movie with Michael Jackson as the star? Because whenever I find that person, he's going down. A reason why I always carry my baseball bat with me. Story's dumb, visuals dumber, and that music makes me want to crash into a wall. Love that claymation bunny though. LONG LIVE THE BUNNY!

Kids (1995)
Very Disturbing, 2 February 2001

Hi, I'm 14 and live in a small town. So that probably means I am nothing like the kids in this movie. I still find it disturbing that people around my age do this kind of stuff with no remorse. The majority of the hicks in my town are sex fiends so I can sort of relate to this film, I know a girl who's 14 and has already had 2 abortions, and I can't help but think what's becoming of society, and this film reassures my disgust.

Down with sequels, 2 February 2001

Ok, good acting, never thought I would ever see a Kilmer performance I actually liked. Great visuals, the gothic effect was really done well, and the soundtrack was superb, one of my favorites in my collection. So... why didn't I like this? Because there is only so much you can milk a cash cow before it becomes bland, I'm tired of the franchise, and there's really nothing that hasn't been done yet in this movie that wasn't done better before.

Mumford (1999)
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Sleep Inducing, 2 February 2001

I shall start off by saying, if you want to see this film, be sure to down ALOT of caffine before begining it. I enjoy an easy going film now and then, but this was just plain cheesy, so cheesy that it had no substance to it, and caused me to fall asleep halfway. For the light hearted only.

Showcase of the freak, 2 February 2001

A classic 90's comedy that I saw before I even knew who Jim Carrey was. Jim Carrey shows no shame through out the entire movie, and manages to keep it afloat despite the messed up script, and a bunch of uninspired performances by other cast members. Starts out great but loses interest towards the end.

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As the name says, 2 February 2001

This is one of the few movies I can actually say I really really hated. I tried to like it, but it was just so corny and full of dumb jokes that it couldn't be saved. The acting is even worse, and I can't believe that crap like this has a huge following while smarter and funnier movies go unnoticed.

In simple terms, IT SUCKED, 2 February 2001

I never really liked MTV, except for Daria, it just always seemed so commercial and phoney and anything for a good time. BUT NOW I REALLY HATE MTV! Guess what kids, MTV is only in it for the money, and they don't care how they get it. So what they did was mix a sappy unreal story, some dancing, and hot young stories, to make what they knew would be a success. Got to remember, big brother MTV always knows what's right.

The Mask (1994)
Wacked out special effects (SORTA SPOILERS), 2 February 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't care much for Jim Carrey, since his acting itself seems like his own personal mask, but I was able to sit all the way through this with out throwing anything at the television. Overall an average movie with a couple of highs like the dog, and the extravagant dance numbers. Good for a boring day.

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