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Just like a television news interview, 21 July 2010

What struck me the most about this movie was how much it reminded me of a black and white television news or court room interview from the 1950's and 1960's. Several times I had to remind myself that this was NOT a pseudo-documentary in that vein. Then it occurred to me that, having been made in 1928, it was before the advent of television,so this bonus effect had not been planned. Of course seeing it on video on an actual television must have added to the effect.

The spare, largely blank gray background and closeups of Joan concentrated ones attention on her and heightened her personal pain, dread and tragedy.

For me this was a new treatmernt of with new insights into the Joan of arc story.

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intelligent love story, 21 December 2009

I bought this movie on DVD because I had seen several of the songs on another compilation DVD. As you may have guessed I loved the musical numbers.

Why have so many people dissed this movie? I understand that this is a remake of the Wedding Singer. Although I have not seen the Wedding Singer I cannot imagine Adam Sandler playing anything other than a jack ass and any movie he is in as anything but a piece of ignorant garbage. Our Man Salman took his role and made it into a reasonably intelligent and emotional character. I was especially impressed with his emotional portrayal as Prem when he lost the girls, I almost cried with him! Our Man in particular and Bollywood in general have a knack for turning Hollywood ridiculousness into something dignified. He did overdo it playing the drunk though.

Rani Mukerji was fantastic. She has the right combination of beauty, sexiness, earthiness and heart to make a great romantic love interest.

The portrayal of the close knit and loving family and neighborhood added a lot to the emotional appeal of the movie. All of the characters were people that I liked and cared about.

I did not find the movie that funny, but found it to be a good love story.

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Swords Sandals and Jazz, 30 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I rate this movie as pretty good. The action part of the plot was not bad for such fare - after all sword and sandal epics were not known for top notch plots or dialog, but the attempt at humor were simply stupid. It would have been a much better movie without them. The budget obviously left no room for retakes; I noticed three goofs: A trumpeter at the very beginning dropped his trumpet then picked it up; the queen once had to lower her head to stifle a giggle and the high priestess tripped over something.

The attack of the horse mounted freed male slaves on the Amazon city reminded me a lot of the Indian attacks on wagon trains in old television and movie westerns

I found the use of the beatnik style jazz sound track in this ancient Greece set movie kind of interesting. So was the extended avant garde dance sequence in the middle. Very "Bohemian". So bad it is good you might say.

Partner (2007)
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What is wrong with simply enjoying BOTH!!!!!!!, 6 July 2009

I just don't see how another commentator could not enjoy this movie.

I saw all five of the music numbers on music compilation DVD's and they were stupendous. So when I joined Netflix, Partner was the first movie and second title (the first was Swingtown) that I ordered.

The movie was a hearty and up beat comedy. Like I said in the summary a combination romantic comedy and buddy movie. The characters were all very likable, I had no trouble enjoying the writing, the plot was great and even had a few unexpected twists. And of course the all important music and dance numbers were well spaced and dynamite.

All of the acting performances were excellent but Our Man Sal Man, Govinda and Ali Haj as the little boy, Rohan, stood out.

Since so many people were so down on this movie and comparing it most unfavorably with Hitch - I decided to see Hitch over the weekend. I had only viewed one Bollywood remake and Hollywood original, and that was Chhodon Naa Yaar after Blair Witch Project - and I thought both were stupid.

So I decided to see Hitch after PArtner to see what all of the hoopla was about. Actually I really liked both. It is no secret that Bollywood films, shall we say, heavily borrow, from Hollywood films so when one does, why complain. I see no reason to put down one or the other, both were very good and both have their place. Why not enjoy both of them.

As has been pointed out, several scenes from Partner were directly copied from Hitch. The front of Priya's father's house is an exact copy of Allegra Cole's. I had a lot of fun looking for and watching the duplications. I also liked the way a plot element was borrowed by Partner, but given a different twist.

At he same time the movies had a lot of plot differences.

I still have to say I like Partner just a little bit better. BUT that does not count the five - seven if you count opening and ending credits - gang-buster, show-stopping musical numbers in Partner

It might not be the greatest movie ever made, but it does not claim to be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and do not need to see Hitch!!

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I want to add a couple of trivia, 1 June 2009

Morgus Bay is named for Dr Mommus Alexander Morgus, a mad scientist character who introduced horror movies on television in New Orleans for thirty years - he is still active. His side kicks are an executioner type named Chopsley and a talking skull named Eric.

The exterior for the building where the auction is held is the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, the interior is the New Orleans Museum of Art. The exterior of the museum/library where Flyn works is the New Orleans Museum of art, the interior the Old State Capitol Building!

The interior of the Capuchin monestary where the chalice is hidden is St Alphonsus Church, the exterior is St Mary's Asumption. They are across the street from each other, St Alphonsus was the Irish Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Assumption was for German Catholics. (A third one for French Catholics has been torn down.)

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goof by Lady Kitty Hampshire, 6 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the 1895 storyline, Lady Kitty Hampshire mentions that in England Cout Petofi used his hand to control people's minds. At he time Count Petoffi was supposedly thus using his hand, he did not have it, the Gypsies had cut it off. He had not gotten it back until several episodes before in Collinwood. He was in Collinwood the whole time he had his hand the second time. So he would not have been able to use the hand in the presence of Lady Kitty Hampshire in England some time before. I know this comment is a bit wordy, but it has to be ten lines long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am about to finish watch Dark Shadows on DVD.It has taken me almost two years. I hear the the first year, the pre-Barnabas portion, is to be released soon. I hope my local public library buys it so I can see that too.

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This is a correction for a goof, 25 August 2008

An error in geography goof has been posted for this title. Actually it is not a real error, Drew ends up lost when he drives North, on I-65 trying to get to Elizabethtown. In one of the lost scenes there is a sign saying he is in Indiana, Inidana is North of Louisville. He would drive through downtown Louisville and get to Indiana. There is also a scene of him going through a tunnel that is on the Waterson Expressway going East. If he really messed up he could have gone that way, driven around the east side of Louisville, and ended up in Indiana as well.

I am from Louisvile, Iought to know!!

T Diemer

China Gate (1998)
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Worth it for Chama Chama, 11 September 2007

First of all let me admit, I like Bollywood movies for the singing and dancing. So I always have a"plot" verdict and a music verdict. I rate the movie as good, there was an interesting plot, the acting was good, and the tale had a good moral.

But I must admit I would probably have never watched it if it were not for Urmilla's rendition of Chama Chama. Simply spectacular, one of the greatest things ever. I rank it up there with Dola Re Dola from Devdas, and Rhamba's Pyaar Achcha Hota Hai from the film Pyaar Diwan Hota Hai.

In fact I work for a public library and recommended the library purchase both China Gale and Pyaar Diwan Hota Hai simply because I was totally blown away after seeing them on the Chart Busters DVD from Eros Entertainment. Both movies are OK plot wise, but these two are true show stoppers. So I literally would not have seen either movie except for these two songs!

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This should go under Trivia AND movie connections, 11 September 2007

The Hindi song featured in the Indian musical within a musical at the end is Chama Chama from the Bollywood movie China Gate. Chama Chama is a show stopping song and dance number.

The second song was of course the Marily Monroe classic Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

This should be a trivia AND a movie connection, but I could not place it there, so I am putting it under comments.

Maybe IMDb could put a user submission trivia link, even links in other features for the movies.

It is also difficult to correct more than one misspelled word per submission.

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Katrina the Water Monster!!, 4 September 2007

By pure coincidence the DVD for this movie arrived and I watched it during the week of the second anniversary of hurricane Katrina. I live in Metairie, one parish upriver from New Orleans. I could not help but notice how much the apprehension over the approach of Gigantis was like that of the approach of a hurricane. Is it coming this way or isn't it? How bad will it be? etc. Few natural disasters are ad predictable and thus dreaded than a hurricane.

The devastation after the battle of the monsters reminded me of the devastation still evident in much of New Orleans. It also reminded me of the atomic bombed city in the classic twilight zone movie about the man who loved to read and broke his glasses. The similarity between an atomic bombed city and a monster destroyed post-World War II Japanese city was no accident.

I saw this movie at the drive in when I was eight years old, it sparked a life long love of dinosaurs for me. Being able to finally see it again after almost fifty years is a real treat.

All three versions - English, English with commentary and Jpanese are worth watching. The English and Japanese versions are truly different experiences.

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