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Tough times faced by independent truckers., 21 June 1999

My dad took me to see this movie in the theater in 1975. I was around 7 years old. I guess I remember it most because it was one of the first movies my dad took me to see. It is definitely a tough guys movie. The violence portrayed in the film stayed with me for years. Especially the scene where Slim Pickens is thrown in front of a speeding semi truck. I've seen the movie many times on television since 1975 and have grown to appreciate it more. Not being close to the trucking industry, I don't know how accurate a picture it paints for today, but I believe it hits pretty close for 1975.

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Fun Fun Fun Film, 21 June 1999

I've seen this movie countless times. A great and hilarious romp through what could have really been Albert Einstein's youth (in another realm perhaps!) Highly recommended.

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A real eye-opener, 21 June 1999

Wow....Was all of this real?? Noah Wyle was great as Stephen Jobs and perhaps stole too much of the spotlight. I found Anthony Michael Hall believable as Bill Gates mostly because I never really saw Anthony Michael Hall in the character. He played a believable part but didn't get the airtime that Wyle got. Most people have heard the story about how Apple computer got its start in a garage before dominating and then nearly falling completely out of the computer industry. This movie gives us all of that and more. For the multitude of people who know of Gates and Microsoft, and Jobs and Apple, but little else, this is a movie great for filling in the missing parts. Overall, a pretty good job TNT.

Brigadoon (1954)
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Very enjoyable, despite the other criticism here, 19 June 1999

Other commentors have criticized this movie up and down for its casting, props, stage, singing and dancing. I don't profess to be an expert on any of those things. I enjoy movies and I enjoyed this one. It is the story line that gets me most. That an entire village appears for just one day every 100 years may be far fetched but is great fantasy. I'll have to admit that I've enjoyed this story more in live theater than the movie version, but the movie version is much easier to pop in the VCR for anytime viewing. I think its a great movie and might make a great remake if someone was willing to address the criticisms left here by other commentors.

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True Nostalgia...& harness racing too!!, 15 June 1999

I grew up in a harness racing family. We spent summers racing at county fairs in the northeast. It seems that often harness racing doesn't get nearly the attention and credit that thoroughbred racing gets. And yet, harness racing is where it all started in this country. A true American Breed for a true American Sport. Thanks Ma and Pa Kettle for keeping harness racing in the public's eye; at least during the few times a year this film is broadcast.

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A return to youth!, 15 June 1999

I was not quite junior-high age when this film was released. I was a huge KISS fan though, the make up for halloween and other special occasions, etc. I owned most of the KISS records and later on even made it to a few concerts. I believe I bought "Phantom" on video about ten years ago and used to pop it in the machine every once in a while. Recently my children, ages 5 and 2 stumbled upon it and absolutely love it. We often travel long distances by car and have a TV/VCR that plugs into the cigarette lighter. "Phantom" makes regular showings during our trips around the country. This video and my kids' reaction takes me back to my younger days. Truly one of my favorites.

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The idea of vanishing from society thrills many!, 15 June 1999

This is probably my all-time favorite movie. I can't explain why in terms to satisfy most people though. It's just one of those things. I love the music and have been to see John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band many times since the release of this movie. The idea that a prominent celebrity could vanish from society is a thrilling storyline for this movie. Its movies like these that help people whose loved ones are missing to keep the faith. It also breeds fantasy that stars like Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive. I could write more but I'd rather go watch this movie!!!