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Good show for wrestling fans., 29 July 2001

I have been watching this show from the start. First I was reluctant to see how the show would go, but after the first show, I was hooked.

With the 13 contestants trying to win a WWF contract and real WWF wrestlers either teaching the contestants or other big name WWF stars stopping in for pep talks and the occasional "reality check" is a very good mix for the show.

For any wrestling fan, I suggest watching this show, because it shows the type of expectations they require their [the WWF's] wrestlers to go through. It is a nice behind the scenes mix of the WWF.

This film could have been better., 16 January 2000

I am sorry. As much as I try I cannot like this movie. I saw it once and I am not going to forgive myself. This could have been something. A movie. I consider this a waste of money. The writing and the acting and the story was not the best, it wasn't even worth a second look. Please avoid this film at all costs. it will haunt you inside.

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Hypnotic., 16 January 2000

This film was one of those that you will watch because there is nothing better on the television and it just draws your attention. I saw this movie during a free Showtime weekend. I enjoyed this film very much. It was amusing, funny, and had a good storyline on how a boyfriend goes from Minnesota to St. Louis to get a hold of a revenge package that he sent her, with the help of a new friend. I suggest that if you have the chance watch this movie. It will end making you happy.

Better then others, 1 November 1999

I am not much for the scary haunted house movies, but I would have to say that this movie was quite good.

Geoffrey Rush playing Steven Price was very much like that of Vincent Price's character in the original.

The movie had great effects and the occasional spookiness.


Go (1999)
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To me, one of the best., 18 October 1999

To me this movie is one of the best that I have seen in a long time. For a reason, that is unknown to me, I love this movie. I have seen it seven time since I got it for DVD [I got it 6 weeks ago]. This movie as a unique style. They way that all the characters tied into each other was great. From Adam and Zack to Todd Gaines and Simon. I can't really explain how much this movie means to me but I can saw it will be on my top ten for the longest time.

Excellent, 18 October 1999

This film is excellent. It just had the unfortunate timing of following ‘The Sixth Sense'. Despite many people disagreement this movie was new to me. It had a feel that might have been overdone but not in this manner. The slow decent into madness was slowly building up throughout the movie. Kevin Bacon did a great job of searching for the thing that bugs him. The movie does have some special meanings. They are not climatic but they are scary overall. I suggest you see this movie because you will not be disappointed.

The Beauty Of American Beauty, 18 October 1999

This film is excellent from start to finish. This film has a unique characteristic that I have never seen before. It actually shows the darker side of a film that can easily be switched to a more happy-go-lucky feel. The entire cast from any which you look at it can be expressed in three words. Extraordinary, realistic and honest. Brutally honest even. The role of Kevin Spacey's character is straight forward from a lifeless heap to a man who refinds the meaning of family. Annette Benning's character is determined and even realistic. She seems to be the most realistic out of everyone, determined to succeed and be above. The writing and cinematography should be up for awards and if not then the respect will be worth it alone. Go see this film and you will never look at things the same way again.

Fight Club (1999)
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Fight Club, 18 October 1999

Forget about the first two rules about fight club, I will talk about it. This film was a breath of fresh air for many. The style was unique and gave it a new a definite definition for itself. David Fincher made this film different from all others, this reason alone will make it known. From beginning to end this film was different. To the quick splices in the film or the hidden messages within itself are unique. The acting of insomniac Ed Norton and careless tendencies of Brad Pitt will make this film one of those that you can see over and over. The violence is realistic but string. Many people have been saying the fights will do what ‘Natural Born Killers' did for violence with guns. I suggest for all to see this film. But be warned you won't look at things the same.

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Just Give It A Chance., 11 August 1999

Just Give It A Chance. The show is good. Just take it for what it is worth. yes, sure there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of questionable antics that this show does. But do not compare it to The Simpsons. There is only on, and will always be on of The Simpsons.

But the Family Guy is one of the unique shows that come out during the 98-99 season that does not copy other shows. This will cause a lot of attention for them. And a lot for the wrong reasons. It is like The Simpsons and the controversy it had when it first premiered.

The baby, Stewie, is a character that will be a hit.

The writing is original, controversial, but original.

So please, just give this show a chance. We need more original shows like this on the air.

One of the best movies I have seen in a while., 9 August 1999

This movie is excellent. It is well done even on a small budget [compared to others]. This movie does have it all. Violence, done really well and just enough. The dialogue was great. The plot was good. The soundtrack is excellent. I only wish you can buy it. It is one of those movies you will not get sick of. I highly suggest you rent this movie at some point. But do not try to compare it to other movies. Just take it for what it is and you will not be disappointed.

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