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Interesting enough to rent., 3 February 2000

Interesting premise; interestingly worked out; the strongest feature of this film is the emotional tension of the astronaut who knows a truth, but is unable to convey it to others. Overlook the weaknesses and just enjoy the movie, but be prepared for a certain level of suspense.

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Action, romance, and character all in one film, 15 July 1999

Good swordplay, good tension, and one thing lacking in today's films - a dedication to duty. Have your children view this, and discuss the merits of duty above personal pleasure.

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Wholesome family movie, extremely similar to first two, 9 June 1999

aka Wilderness Family, Part III: This movie is more of the same as presented in the first two. The most disturbing part to young children may be the attitude "Mom" has when she leaves to check on her ailing mother. Otherwise, if your children liked the first or second, they'll likely enjoy this one.