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Shameless (2011– )
Showtime ruins Shameless
18 December 2012
The first season was enjoyable but like every Showtime series goes down hill in the second season.

Like "Californication" and "United States of Tara" this series is missing something that I just can't put my finger on. The presentation style is the same in all three programs and its lacking something I can't define. Each program presents the material is some quasi hip annoying manner. -.- Another program from Showtime to stop watching after the first season. Do yourself a favor and stick to the UK version which is available on YouTube. -.- The first season just copied the UK version and did so well. The second diverges and lacks any comedic or dramatic appeal. -.- Avoid the rest of this series. I rented the full second season and regretted it. From now on I will only rent Showtime series a disc at a time to prevent wasting a queue. -.- Screw me once Showtime - shame on you, screw me twice - shame on me. To avoid future shame I will avoid Showtime's poor production attempts. In that way, I can be Shameless.
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On the Beach (2000 TV Movie)
Brilliant, Moving, Stirring, Haunting!
10 June 2000
They still make movies like they use too.

Armand Assante's performance as Dwight Towers is convincing. Suspension of disbelief - the goal of art - is achieved. The intersection and interaction of the main characters, Assante, Ward, Brown and McKenzie, was sheer mastery. And, maybe I'm just a sucker for this kind of stuff, but the romantic elements enhance the movie immensely. The movie translates to recent times more than the original which demonstrates the enduring qualities and contemporary currency of this classic movie.

Every politician on the planet must see this movie.
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The Crossing (2000 TV Movie)
Great blood and guts war flick!
2 February 2000
This movie is a great blood and guts war flick as well as a good historical drama. The director creates a realistic setting at the original location, Trenton, NJ. The movie explores difficulties Washington overcame to keep the Revolutionary Army together. There is some graphic violence, however, it is brief. A movie that you can enjoy if you watch it ten times over.
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Deep Rising (1998)
Really bad!
3 December 1999
Famke Janssen is the only redeeming quality this horrible B-flick has. It is so predictable and lame. Don't waste two hours of your life watching this film. What were the producers thinking? I suppose they made their money back.
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Pet Sematary (1989)
Puts the horror in horror film.
15 July 1999
One of Stephen King's greatest films. So disturbing, I was upset for three days after viewing it. It should be ranked among his greatest movies: "Delores Claiborne" and "Shawshank Redemption." A must see!
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Star Search (1983–2004)
A great format for young talent.
15 July 1999
The stand up was always great. I believe even a young Conan O'Brien got his start there. I wish they would list all the actors/singers who appeared and became famous later.
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